What happens if car owner passes away and his son has to transfer car in his name?

What happens if car owner passes away and his son has to transfer car in his name?

test123 Losing our loved ones is a loss that can’t ever be repaired. But since everything has to keep moving, many legal assets have to be handed over and passed on, once our loved ones leave us forever. Passing on other things might be easy but, many legal assets can only be transferred by a standard process. When it comes to selling the car of a deceased owner, the vehicle ownership transfer has to be done in order to transfer the car from the decedent’s name. For vehicle ownership transfer to get done, you will have to follow the steps a few steps depending on the situation.
selling car of deceased owner

Selling the car of a deceased owner is more of an emotional decision but to finish off all the paperwork is another hassle. Following are the steps that you need to check and follow for selling a deceased person’s car:

1) The letter of authority/ Succession certificate:

First of all, the heir needs to ensure that who is the rightful owner of the car according to the will of the deceased person. To sell car, one would need a letter of authority which is allotted by the regional court or the SDM

2) Clearance of loan:

After the letter of authority, you would need to clear loan if there is any on the deceased person’s car. You would need RTO Form 30  and  RTO Form 31 filled and submitted to the RTO

Also, you would need to NOC from the bank or financial institution in order to remove hypothecation form the RC.

3) Death certificate:

When the vehicle ownership has to be passed onto the first legal heir of the deceased person, it is necessary to have a valid death certificate.

You would not only need the death certificate for selling the car of a deceased person, but also for many registration transfer cases for other assets and property

4) RC of the car:

The registration certificate for the car is a mandatory asset to be submitted for the vehicle registration transfer for selling car of a deceased owner

RC of deceased owner

5) A copy of a valid insurance certificate:

An attested copy of a valid insurance certificate is required to be submitted  to the regional RTO for vehicle ownership transfer on the receiver’s name

6) Address proof of the applicant:

An attested copy of the address proof of the applicant is required to be submitted  to the regional RTO when you are selling the car of a deceased person

7) Pollution certificate:

An attested copy of a valid PUC certificate is required too. Since PUC certificate is validated in a span of months, the PUC should be up to date.

8) A copy of PAN card:

An attested copy of PAN Card of the applicant is required. If the buyer doesn’t have a PAN card, they can use RTO Form 60  and Form 61

9) Verification of vehicle:

Verfication of vehicle is done on RTO form 20, which you need to submit to the regional RTO

Apart from these documents, you should also take a note of certain things while doing all the above 

The application to the zonal officer/SDM must be submitted within 30 days of death, else a penalty of INR 100/- will be charged on a mothly basis

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