Sell Your Old Car: What is The Best Method For Selling your Used Car in India?

The Best Way To Sell Your Used Car in India

The Best Way To Sell Your Used Car in India

Deciding to part with your trusty old car can be a really tough decision to take. Apart from the presence of an emotional sentiment of having to bid farewell to your beloved vehicle, the more dominant factor is the numerous hassles associated with the sale process. However, the process of selling your used car can be very hassle-free if you choose the right method to do so. Here we will take a look at the various methods and platforms in our country which you can employ to sell your old car. We will take a look at each one of them in detail and along with their pros and cons and asses which one is the most viable.

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The Different Ways to Sell Your Old Car In India:

Selling Your Car to Your Relatives or Close Ones

A lot of people especially in our country always try their level best to use this method. Selling your car to your relatives or friends always seems to be very easy because of the trust factor here. Since you’ve been with them for a long time you don’t have to do any background checks or have any sort of concern if your car will go into the right hands. Moreover, you don’t feel the need to worry a lot about getting the payment from them since they won’t mysteriously disappear from your contact.

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But actually, things can go pretty wrong here. The primary issue is with the documentation. If you sell to your relatives they would often persuade you to believe the ownership transfer procedure isn’t necessary. That is a really wrong belief as no matter who that person means to you, ownership transfer is always necessary. For any mishap that occurs because of him/her, you will be held liable if the ownership is in your name as per the new government rules.  Apart from that in case your friend or relative isn’t able to pay you in full, following up for payment becomes really cumbersome. Asking them constantly to pay the remaining amount can often hamper your relationship with them permanently and if you refrain from doing that, you are not getting the money you rightfully are entitled to which is no better.

Exchanging Your Old Car for a New Car

Exchanging your car indeed sounds like a very tempting proposition. You go to any manufacturer’s showroom and get your old car inspected. Post inspection you are offered a quote for the new car with the exchange value of your old car already slashed off from it. If you are happy with the value and decide to go ahead, the remaining procedure is the same that you would follow for purchasing a new car. Above that, you also have festive exchange bonuses which will further decrease the amount you will have to pay for the new car. Sounds very convenient and easy, doesn’t it?

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So let’s take a look at the cons. Firstly, the make of your car matters a lot. If you go to a showroom with a car from a different manufacturer, you will be offered a much lesser price than what you would get if the manufacturers were the same. Next, the inspection process doesn’t really have any pre-set parameters. So the person who test-rides the car for inspection can pretty much just take the car for a run and give you an arbitrary value that will maximize the company’s profit from the deal. Even in general, the price offered is actually much lower than what your car should get. Lastly, the main problem is with the documentation and paperwork. Till your car finds a new buyer, it will be lying in their storage yard. Until another buyer decides to invest in your car, the RC is not getting transferred.

Posting on Online Classifieds

Selling your car through online classifieds has gained rapid popularity in the past 2-3 years. They have a very simple method of functioning. You as a seller post your advertisement with your car’s details and pictures. This ad is then visible for the public who can get in touch with you if they are interested in the deal and proceed forward with the transaction. Since the online world is really massive these days, you will definitely get a lot of prospective buyers. This greatly increases your chance of selling your old car very quickly.

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Online classifieds have quite a lot of cons. For starters, around 90% of the offers you will get will be low-ballers. Which means you will have to filter through a lot of messages and a lot of offers and indulge in a lot of conversations with strangers. Then the more important risk is that the person in front is a stranger. You have no clue or no idea about that person apart from probably a 10-20 message conversation and a phone number. So you will have to be really cautious. Adding to that, you have no clue if the post-sale procedure, i.e. the RC transfer and pending payment (if any) will happen smoothly. So peace of mind is a major concern here.

Selling Your Car to CARS24

CARS24 is perhaps the most innovative means through which you can sell your old car. CARS24 was created in an attempt to introduce the qualities of structure and organization into the largely unorganized used car market. With CARS24, you have umpteen advantages. You don’t need to waste several days with a plethora of buyers, patiently scanning for the most suitable offer. At CARS24, you can sell your car in precisely one visit under an hour! Unlike other showrooms, CARS24 has a highly structured price estimation procedure. First, an online quote is given based on the car details you enter. Then after you visit one of our retail centers, a thorough inspection is conducted using scientific tools. Based on the results of the inspection, the best possible price is offered for your old car. No arbitrary reasonless prices here and you don’t have to pay anything to conduct the inspection either.

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Coming to the documentation, CARS24 takes care of everything. You don’t have to unnecessarily wait in long lines at government offices or keep following up with the people you sold your car to. You can literally sit in the comfort of your home and we will ensure all the necessary paperwork is handled. Lastly, regarding the payment, we offer instant money transfer via IMPS. Again you don’t need to spend even a second following up with others for payment. At CARS24, we prioritize on giving our customers the peace of mind they can’t find anywhere else on the planet. So if you intend to sell your car, do log into our website or give us a call at 1800-258-5656 to book an appointment.  We eagerly await your visit! 😀