High Security Registration Plates Mandatory on New Cars From April 2019
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High Security Registration Plates to Come as Standard on New Vehicles from April 2019


Starting April 2019, the MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) has made it mandatory for all new vehicles to come fitted with High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) as standard. The Ministry has also passed the amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) of 1989 specifying the same.

As per the new rules, car dealers will be given the high security number plates by the manufacturers themselves. Along with the HSRP number plate, manufacturers will also have to fit a third registration mark indicating the type of fuel used in the car. The colour code for petrol and CNG vehicles will blue while diesel cars will get the orange coloured stickers. These stickers will be fitted on the windshield by the authorised dealers along with the high security registration plates before the car moves out of the showroom.

The amendment passed by the Ministry also states that car buyers won’t have to pay anything extra for the plates. The cost of the high security number plate and sticker will be included in the vehicle’s cost. They will also come with a 15-year guarantee that if the plate incurs damage or withers naturally, it will be the dealer’s responsibility to get them replaced free of cost.

What is a High Security Registration Plate?

As obvious as it is from the name, an HSRP number plate is a tamper-proof vehicle registration plate. It consists of a pre-defined design and layout that is uniform throughout every state of the country. The primary purpose of a high security number plate is to prevent theft and tampering. If your car gets stolen, the first thing a thief will do is get rid of the number plate or try to tamper with it such that the original number can’t be found out. However, with an HSRP number plate, neither of these is possible which could be a great deterrent to thieves.

High Security Registration Plates come with several unique features which a normal number plate does. The HSRP number plate is made of aluminum and consists of a chromium-based hologram hot-stamped to the top-left corner. This hologram stamp also contains a blue-coloured Ashoka Chakra. The bottom-left corner of the High Security Number Plate contains the 10-digit permanent identification number. The PIN number is laser-etched to ensure it can’t be meddled with. Hot-stamping film is applied over the numeric and alphabetical characters of the plate along with the word “India” inscribed over them at a 45-degree angle. The numbers also come with high-grade reflective sheets which make them easily visible at night along with snap locks which can’t be removed/re-used.

The third sticker will be fixed to the bottom-left of the windscreen from the inside of the car. The sticker will display the following information:

  • Registration Number
  • Registering Authority
  • Laser-Etched PIN Number
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number

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Will High Security Registration Plates Be Beneficial?

High Security Number Plates were rolled out by the Government way back in 2005 but their implementation has been very inconsistent. With these new rules, mandating their usage, both the public and the civic authorities are at a great advantage. HSRP plates with their tamper-proof nature can literally act as the biggest bane for car thieves. No one would want to risk stealing a car whose identity stays intact. They also make tracking a stolen vehicle very easy with the same qualities. It will also be beneficial for the police as they will be able to identify traffic offenders with greater ease. A lot of people currently use fancy number plates which sometimes become difficult to identify properly. However, with High Security Number Plates, this difficulty won’t exist at all.

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These High Security Registration Plates can also be placed on existing vehicles by the authorized dealers after affixing the windshield registration mark. All in all, this is a very commendable move by the Government. By implementing these rules, they are also greatly streamlining the process of acquiring a High Security Number Plate which was quite a cumbersome process earlier.

Do let us know your opinions about the implementation of this amendment in the comments section below.


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