How to Close a FASTag account?
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How to Close a FASTag account?

Team CARS24

FASTag is an innovative electronic toll collection system that works with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Toll payments can be made directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to the system. FASTags are issued by certified banks through various channels and can also be bought online. The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, you only need to recharge the tag as per your requirement.

With FASTags, you receive SMS alerts, avoid long queues at toll plazas and do away with the hassle of paying cash. You can also avail cashback on toll transactions on national highways.

Why is closing a FASTag account important when you sell the car?

In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, you should get the FASTag deactivated/closed immediately as the Toll payment will continue to be deducted from the source account to which the FASTag is linked. Till you close your FASTag account, the new buyer of your car will also not be able to get a new FASTag issued for the car as only one active FASTag can be linked to a particular vehicle.

How to close a FASTag linked account?

Various service providers have different procedures for the deactivation or the closure of the FASTag linked account or e-wallet. One of the most common ways can be reaching out to the Customer Support of your FASTag provider and raise a request for the closure/deactivation of the FASTag linked account. MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched a helpline number 1033 for addressing FASTag complaints- Customers can simply dial 1033 for any FASTag related concerns.

Below are the toll-free numbers and the process of closure/deactivation for some of the common FASTag providers:

FASTag IssuerCustomer SupportDeactivation / Closure Process
NHAI (IHMCL)1033Call the customer support number and you will be guided through the process of closure/deactivation.
PayTM180012042101. Login to the Paytm app
2. Go to the 24*7 helpdesk section
3. Select the Issue Type
4. Raise/Add your concern regarding deactivation
Axis Bank18004198585Call the customer care no. 18004198585 or email at [email protected] with your registered email id
HDFC Bank180012012431.Login to FASTag Portal with User ID / Wallet ID and Password.
2. Select the option of Service Request -> Generate Service Request.
3. Select Request Type as Closure Request to close the RIFD Tag or Wallet.
ICICI Bank18002100104Call the customer support number and you will be guided through the process of closure/deactivation.
Airtel Payments Bank8800688006You can call up the customer care number @ 400 or 8800688006 to block the FASTag account.

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