How to Remove Fog from Car Glass: Simple Tips to Tackle Windshield Fogging Based on the Weather

How to Remove Fogging from Your Car’s Windshield

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How to Remove Fogging from Your Car’s Windshield


When you’re driving, visibility is perhaps one of the most important aspects that shouldn’t be interfered with. The windshields used on your car have come a long way from simple glass slabs to laminated, plastic-layered sandwich sheets. Despite the rapid advancement in the field of car glass manufacturing, the one major problem they still suffer from is fogging. Fogging is a natural phenomenon which occurs when hot and cold temperature regions come into contact. Fogging straight up interferes with your vision and hence is mandatory for removal when you are driving. While we are still somewhat distant from finding a permanent solution for fog accumulation, there are several methods to remove fogging as it occurs and prevents it from occurring temporarily. So let’s commence answering the question, “ How to Remove Fog From Car Glass ?”

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How To Remove Fog From Car Glass During Winters:

The more common occurrence of fog accumulation over the windshield happens during the colder months. In the winters, the environment outside your car is colder while the interiors remain relatively warm. In such a situation, the accumulation of fogging occurs mostly on the inner surfaces. This happens when hot, humid air trapped inside comes into contact with the surface of the glass that has been chilled from the outside.

Decreasing the Temperature Inside the Car

Since fogging is caused by temperature differences between the inside of the car and the outside, lowering the temperature inside the car will immediately decrease the condensation levels. Set the fan levels to the highest for maximum air circulation. Decrease the temperature to a lower setting as well (only up until your tolerance point). Be prepared for some chills because it’s going to be pretty cold where you’ll be sitting. But again, a few minutes of shivering is any day better than an accident.

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The Defrost Vents

Your car is equipped with a dedicated defrost vent just to remove fog from the windshield. The defrost vent is located at the front edge of the dashboard and at both the corners. Put the air circulation knob into the defrost setting and the air will blow directly onto the windshield and remove the fogging.

Recirculate the Air

Another option to get rid of the fogging is to use the recirculate function. By using this, the car will pull in air from the outside and directly blow it into the car without changing the temperature. This will nullify the temperature difference. After a while, you can switch the function to recirculate the air that is already inside to sustain the anti-fogging effect.

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How to Remove Fog from Car Glass During Summers

In the summers, the fogging effect is reversed, i.e. the exterior surroundings of the car are hotter. When that hot air comes into contact with the cooler surface of the windshield, it results in the formation of condensation on the outside. In general, summer fog is much easier to remove in comparison to the winter fog.

Reduce the AC Speed

The primary source of fogging during summers is the AC of the car. When the AC is working, the temperatures inside the car are drastically reduced. Decreasing the AC’s air temperature will automatically decrease the fog. It is advisable to open the windows a little to allow some air circulation to take place and mitigate the stuffiness.

Windshield Wipers

Another simple method of eliminating summer fog is using the windshield wipers. Keep them on at a lower setting and they’ll pretty much work like they would against the rain. Give an initial spray of water in case the fogging is too much.

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Open the Windows

This is perhaps the simplest way of eliminating fog during the summers. Rolling down the windows is the easiest and quickest way of getting the temperatures inside the car and outside of it to match.

How to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up

There aren’t many sure shot methods to keep the fogging at bay at all times but there are some implements you can use to keep the humidity in control temporarily. Summer fog isn’t a big issue since it can be removed easily. It’s the winter fogging that is much more resistant and tough to prevent. So to prevent that, you can place a dehumidifier bag over the dashboard to absorb some of the moisture. They’re easily available online and now come in re-usable packs as well.

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Another method that can be used here is the application of shaving foam. Take a handful of shaving foam and use a cloth to apply it all over the windshield. Let it sit for a minute or two, then use another clean dry cloth to wipe off the foam from the windshield. This creates a physical barrier over the window surface and prevents the fog from accumulating temporarily.