RTO (Regional Transport Office) & Driving License Forms Online

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Updated on: 3rd May, 2024 IST

RTO (Regional Transport Office) & Driving License Forms Online

RTO or Regional Transport Office is essentially a bureau of the central government that maintains a database of drivers and vehicles. There are at least four major functions of the RTO, which include-

  • Issuing the driving licence
  • Collection of vehicle excise duty
  • Sale of personalized registration
  • Examine insurance of vehicle and emission test certificate

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The Government of India has come up with an RTO form list that helps the applicant submit the required details to the RTO. The list of RTO forms is divided into two categories; one for driving licence and the other for vehicle registration. The details about the different types of forms are:

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Vehicle Registration Form List

Form 20: This form is commonly known as an 'Application for registration of motor vehicle'. It needs to be filled by any individual who wants to register his or her motor vehicle. In this form, the applicant needs to mention details of his vehicle, such as body type, vehicle type, number of cylinders of the engine, seating capacity, fuel used, and more. In case the vehicle in question doesn't have an internal combustion engine, there is a separate section in the form to mention the details. Also included in this form are the office endorsement certificate.

Form 26: Also known as ‘Application for the issue of duplicate certificate of registration’, this form is required to be filled and submitted in case a vehicle owner loses the original certificate of his or her vehicle.

Form 27: Known as the ‘Application for assignment of new registration mark to a motor vehicle, this form needs to be filled by those who need to register a vehicle again. Such a situation arises if the owner is moving to one state to other with this vehicle. The documents that are required to be submitted with this form include a no-objection certificate from the original registration authority, original RC, and a certificate of fitness of the motor vehicle.

Form 28: Also known as ‘Application and grant of no objection certificate', this form, as the name suggests, is required for granting of a no-objection certificate to the applicant.

Form 29: Also known as ‘Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle’, this form is required to be submitted by the owner of a motor vehicle if he or she wants to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to another person.

Form 30: In case a person needs to transfer the ownership of his or her vehicle to another person, a filled copy of Form 30 is required to be submitted to the RTO along with Form 29. This form is also called ‘Report of transfer of ownership of a vehicle’, and in addition to the transferor, the details of the transferee are also required to be filled in this form.

Form 31: One is required to submit a filled copy of this form if he or she wants to put a claim on the vehicle of a deceased person. For this, the applicant who wants to get the ownership of the vehicle requires to provide his details along with those of the deceased.

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Driving Licence Form List

Form 1: Also known as ‘Application-Cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness’, this form is required to be filled and submitted to the RTO to check if the applicant is suffering from any disability or disease that might affect his or her driving skills.

Form 1A: Also known as ‘Medical Certificate’, this form will include the results of a thorough examination conducted by a medical practitioner who is appointed by the state government. The information filled by the candidate in Form 1 is verified using the examination.

Form 2: Also known as ‘Application for the grant of learner’s licence’, the applicant has to fill the type of motor vehicle he or she is applying for.

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Form 4: Also known as the ‘Application for licence to drive’, this form is used to apply for a licence in the state of residence.

Form 8: Also known as ‘Application for the addition of a new class of vehicle to a driving licence’, this application is to be filled by those requiring to add a new type of vehicle to his DL.

Form 9: Form 8 is for those people who want to renew their driving licence. Along with this form, the candidate has also has to attach:

  • A document stating the applicant’s licence has not been revoked.
  • Medical fitness certificate (Form 1A)
  • Photographs of the applicant (5cmX6cm)

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RTO Form List

Form No. / LinkDescription
Form-1Application-cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness
Form-1aMedical Certificate
Form-2Application for Learner Licence
Form-3Learner's Licence
Form 4Form of Applicant for Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle
Form-8Application for the addition of a new class of vehicle to a driving licence
Form-9Application for renewal of driving licence
Form-13Application for renewing a license to engage in the business of imparting instructions in driving of motor vehicles
Form-16Application for grant or renewal of Trade Certificate
Form-20Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle
Form-25Application for Renewal of Certificate of Registration of a motor vehicle, other than a transport vehicle
Form-26Intimation of loss/damage of RC and an application for the issue of duplicate copy
Form-27Application for new RC after vehicle moves to another State
Form-28Application for NOC
Form-29Notice of transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle
Form-30Application for Intimation of transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle
Form-31Application for transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle
Form-33Intimation of change of address in RC and official records
Form-34Application for making an entry of an Agreement of Hire Purchase / Lease Hypothecation subsequent to registration
Form-35Termination Notice of an Agreement of Hire-purchase / Lease / Hypothecation
Form-36Application for fresh RC in the name of the Financier
Form-45Application for grant of permit for Tourist Vehicle
Form-47Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit
Form-48Application for National Permit
Form-54Accident Information Report
Form-L.L.D.Intimation of loss/damage of driving licence and application for a duplicate copy
Form SR-1Intimation of loss/damage of licence and application for a duplicate copy
Form SR-17Application for Temporary Registration of Motor Vehicle
Form SR-49Application for Compensation under Section 163-A

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