Form 28, 29, 30, 35 - RTO Documents Required For Sale Of Used Car

What is Form 28, 29, 30, 35 of RTO?

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What is Form 28, 29, 30, 35 of RTO?

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There are some RTO-issued forms that are required for you to sell your used car. These forms, which include Form 28, 29, 30 and 35,  can be downloaded VAHAN website or are even available offline at your local RTO. You need to submit duly filled copies of these forms to the RTO in order to complete the car sale process.

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What is Form 28?

Form 28 is required to obtain a no objection certificate (NOC) from your car’s registering authority. It is also required to prove that you don’t hold any liabilities that can prevent you from legally selling your vehicle. Also called a NOC form, Form 28 mentions that every legality that involves your car has been taken care of, which means there are no pending taxes, challans, or FIRs against your vehicle. You require three copies of Form 28 when selling your used vehicle.

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RTO Form 28Here are the steps to authenticate your Form 28:

  1. Get three copies of Form 28. You can download Form 28 here.
  2. You have to get a pencil print of your car’s chassis number on these three copies. Specifically for Maharashtra, car’s chassis number is to be imprinted on an A4 sheet and not on Form 28.
  3. If applicable, you might need police certificates to verify the authenticity of your vehicle not being involved in theft and criminal activities
  4. Xerox copies of RC, original RC, insurance, and PUC are also needed along with the above. However, this can vary from RTO to RTO
  5. All these documents then need to be deposited to the RTO with the fee that they charge  and you can visit later to get your NOC when the RTO people tell you to come

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What is Form 29?

This form is required to inform the RTO  that your car is being sold to another party. Two copies of Form 29 are required. In this form, it is clearly mentioned that the owner has surrendered all car-related documents, such as RC, insurance and PUC to the new owner. This document can be downloaded here or even collected from the local RTO.

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What is Form 30?

Form 30 is a confirmation of form 29. After informing the RTO about the sale of your vehicle, you are required to intimate the concerned RTO that the official transfer of your vehicle’s owner needs to be done at the earliest. It is written in this form that all the legal bonds and responsibilities that came from your ownership of the car are now the headache of the new buyer. It includes aspects like the consent of the financier if any. You need to submit this form to the RTO within 14 days of the sale of your vehicle. Two copies of Form 30 are required. You can either download Form 30 from here or collect it from the nearest RTO.

What is Form 35?

In case your car has been financed, you will require a NOC from the bank and Form 35 to successfully complete the vehicle ownership transferring process. This will remove ‘Hypothecation’ from your RC, which will be required to show that you have paid back the loan completely. Form 35 can be downloaded from VAHAN website and its filled copy should be submitted to the bank. The NOC and the stamped Form 35 are needed for successful sale of your vehicle. 

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