What to do in case of accident? - 5 Tips

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Updated on: 21st April, 2024 IST

What to do in case of accident? - 5 Tips

The roads can turn out to be dangerous at any moment and accidents are something we can always hope to avoid and be vigilant about. But, however hard we try, if we drive and have been on the road, then statistics indicate we will likely at least be in a minor fender bender at some point in our driving career. However minor or major an accident might be, we reckon you should know what is to be done in such a situation. Here are the five tips on what to do in case of accident on road.

What to do in case of accident on road?

#1 Seek Safety

The first and foremost thing is your own safety, this will enable you to help others and get time to analyze the complete situation with a better viewpoint. The first that might come to your mind is to assess the damages that may have occurred owing to the accident, but as mentioned, the first step should be to make sure you are in a safe zone, away from oncoming traffic. This is especially important if your car crash has occurred in a dangerous situation such as low light, slippery or icy roads, rainfall, blind turns, etc. If possible do try to go off the road to an empty space in order to get as far away from the traffic as possible. Doing this you might save a bigger accident from happening.

#2 Evaluate Yourself and Others for Injuries

Once you have reached safety, the next step is to make sure that everyone involved in the accident is safe and assess your own and their possible injuries. Do not indulge in any discussion or argument over who is responsible for the accident or try looking at your car - you should be concerned about health and safety for anyone involved. In case anyone has been hurt that requires medical assistance, call an Ambulance immediately. At this point, it is important to remember that one might not realize that they have an injury immediately. In most occasions, the extra adrenaline that pumps in during the accident might mask the degree of your injuries and the pain involved. Hence, this becomes one of the most crucial tips on what to do in case of accident on road.


#3 Police Report

Once everyone involved has been diagnosed to be safe, it is imperative that you file a police report of the accident at the earliest and in as detailed a manner as you can manage.

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#4 Take Notes

Also, in order to file a police report and for other processes like filing for insurance claims, you will need to take notes of the accident and the damages it has caused. It is always suggested that you write all these points down since over the time you might forget most of the details. While at it, never forget to note what the traffic levels were and how was the weather at the moment along with the road conditions.

#5 Photos and Sketch

Along with the notes of the accident, take as many photos of the event as possible, this will enable you or any other person in explaining and understanding all the situations related to the accident. Also, make sure, that you take documented proof of any visible injuries or bruises that you or any of the involved might have suffered.

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