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How To Keep Your Old Car Shining Like New?

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Cleaning your car every day and still not getting that lustrous shine?  Do you often get that ‘Yaar Chamka Nahi’ feeling? Do you love driving cars, looking at them, admiring them? Are you very touchy about your car?
Here are a few basic steps that you should follow:

Always Keep It Covered

A car covered standing in a parking
On a scorching summer day, the mercury levels can reach up to 50-degree celsius. Not to forget, cars run at an even greater temperature.  The heat can show its toll on your car’s paint and other exposed parts. So whenever possible, try keeping your car covered. Also, consider parking it at a nice cool spot with shade.

Wax It Every Season

A hand putting wax on a car
Waxing your car every season or within 6 months can help in retaining the shine that your car came with. Also, waxing helps in protecting the paint of your car and will also remove the minor scratches that you might have developed over a period of time.  Also, try and avoid using cheap products on your car like scratch removal pen. It can hamper the paint quality of your car.

Keep your car Rust free

A green and blue car with rust
Paint protects your car from rust. So whenever your car’s paint comes off, you should consider getting it repainted so that particular part doesn’t develop rust. Rusted parts tend to lose their rigidity and become very weak which can result into that part’s failure.  Also, a lot of car workshops are also offering anti- rust protection nowadays which will make your car rust-proof.

Use Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning Your Car

A hand cleaning a red car with a yellow cloth


What is a microfiber cloth?

A microfiber cloth is basically made up of polyester and polyamide (nylon). The small fibers are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles which basically means that microfiber cloth cleans better than anything else. Also, you should clean the area under the wipers of your car as a lot of dirt tends to settle there. This might scratch your windscreen.

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  1. Lot of car workshops are also offering anti- rust protection nowadays which will make your car rust-proof. Thanks for sharing this.

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