Aeliya Naqvi

Aeliya Naqvi


Aeliya is the Lead Editor at CARS24, where she ensures that the I’s are dotted, the T’s are crossed, and even the most mundane is made interesting. She has a keen interest in the automotive industry and her goal, with every piece of content, is to get readers to stop, smile, and click (in that order).


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Electric Vehicles 2023
10 Best EVs Showcased At Auto Expo 2023

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity, and how! They’ve been at the forefront of the Auto Expo 2023 display and have car enthusiasts raving.

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Upcoming Jeep Cars in India 2020-21
Upcoming Jeep Cars in India 2023 - Expected Price with Features & Specs

American automobile manufacturer Jeep has had a successful ride in India, with an annual year-on-year growth of 13.83% in 2022. A part of the

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Best Cars with Ventilated Seat
Best Cars with Ventilated Seats in India in 2024 - Price, Specs & Features

Let’s paint a not-so-pretty picture for you. You’ve woken up in the morning, bathed, worn your freshly laundered and ironed clothes, and sprayed a

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How to Download Driving Licence Soft Copy
How to Download Driving Licence Soft Copy Online

Imagine it’s a day like any other. You’re on your way to work, navigating traffic, driving carefully, but are stopped by the traffic police for a