Upcoming Jeep Cars in India 2020-21 - Expected Price, Launch Dates, Images, Specifications
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Upcoming Jeep Cars in India 2020-21

Jeep is an American automobile manufacturer that has quickly made a name for themselves in the Indian market as well. The brand sells cars that specialize in off-road activity and are built to take on the toughest of terrains with ease. Originally, Jeep was solely a military vehicle manufacturer but soon launched a number of SUV’s that were targeted to the common public. With the competition in the industry already so fierce, Jeep is ready to launch its newest lineup of cars into India in 2020-2021 – here is a closer look at them.

Jeep 7-Seater SUV Rs. 30.0 Lakh
Jeep Compass 2021 Rs. 22.0 Lakh

Jeep 7-Seater SUV

Expected Launch 15 July, 2021
Engine 2.0L Diesel, 2.0L Turbo Petrol
Transmission 6-Speed Manual, 9-Speed Automatic

Last year, Jeep announced its plans to introduce a number of newer models in the coming years for the Indian market, one of which included a 7-seater SUV. Although not much is known about the upcoming model, the company launched a similar car in the Chinese market called the Grand Commander and we can expect a number of features and specifications to carry over to the Indian-based variants as well. What we can also expect are the powertrain options to be similar to what is already available including the 2.0L diesel engine found on the Compass as well as the 2.0L petrol engine housed in the new Wrangler. The diesel variant will come with either a 6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic transmission whereas the petrol variant should carry a 9-speed automatic gearbox. In terms of looks, we don’t really know what this 7-seater will look like, but we can be sure of 1 thing – it will have 3 rows of seats which means it will be big. If you have a big family and are looking to get your hands on this vehicle, you might want to use a second hand car evaluation tool to help you sell your current car for a better price.

Jeep Compass 2021

Expected Launch 15 July, 2021
Engine 1.4L Turbo-Petrol, 2.0L Diesel
Transmission 6-Speed Manual, 7-Speed DCT, 9-Speed Automatic

The Compass is definitely considered as one of the most old cars from the Jeep lineup in India. The previous iteration saw interested buyers fall in love with what was on offer from the design to the performance and everything in between. The new upcoming Jeep Compass 2021 is expected to bring a lot more to the table and we are excited about it. According to Jeep, the new Compass 2021 will come in four different variants including the Longitude, the Longitude (O), the Sport Plus, and the Limited Plus. This 5-seater SUV will now house a 1.4L Turbo-petrol engine that is capable of generating 163Ps of power and 250Nm of torque and will be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard with the option for a 7-speed DCT as well. Jeep will also be releasing the Compass 2021 with a new 2.0L diesel engine that will produce 173Ps of power and 350Nm of torque. The diesel motor will be paired to the same 6-speed manual transmission as seen on the petrol variant, but will include the option for a 9-speed automatic gearbox as well. In terms of features, we expect the Compass 2021 to be fully loaded with a panoramic sunroof, an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, automatic cruise control, and 18-inch allow wheels. Safety has always been a priority for Jeep and the Compass 2021 carried a lot of it including ABS with EBD, ISOFIX child seat mounts, traction control, parking cameras, dual airbags in front, and ESP.

While Jeep has already been doing well in the country, we can expect the brand to move forward with these upcoming cars and take on bigger names in the segment like Ford and Toyota. Do these above-mentioned cars have enough to get you to prepare your RC transfer papers or are you looking for something more?

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Q: What are the upcoming Jeep cars in India 2020?

A: Currently there are two upcoming cars from Jeep set to be launched in India in 2020. The Jeep 7-Seater SUV and the Jeep Compass 2021 are expected to be ready by the middle of next year.

Q: What are the upcoming Jeep hatchback cars in India?

A: There are no upcoming hatchback cars from Jeep that are set to be launched in India in 2020.

Q: What are the upcoming Jeep sedan cars in India?

A: There are no upcoming sedan cars from Jeep that are set to be launched in India in 2020.

Q: What are the upcoming Jeep SUV cars in India?

A: Currently, Jeep has two SUV cars set to be launched in India in 2020-2021. The Jeep 7-Seater SUV and the Compass 2021 have been announced and will be launched towards the middle of 2021.

Q: What are the upcoming Jeep cars under 10 lakhs?

A: There are no Jeep cars that are priced under Rs. 10 Lakhs. The cheapest Jeep car available in India today is the current Jeep Compass which is priced between Rs. 16.49-24.99 Lakh.

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