Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Bengaluru - DETAILS

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Updated on: 24th February, 2022 IST

Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Bengaluru - Log9 EV charging station bangaluru

That Electric Vehicles are definitely the way forward is something that can't be overlooked. Of late, there has been an increase in the buyers of these vehicles and even the authorities have been pushing for their faster adoption in order to bring down the dependency on fossil fuels and also curb air pollution. However, range anxiety and the limited charging infrastructure are among the biggest reasons for the reluctance of people to switch to these vehicles. Thankfully, things are fast changing as many new charging stations have been set up in the last year or two. Here, we have all the details of the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station in Bengaluru.

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Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Bengaluru

This charging station was d by established by Advanced battery-tech start-up Log9 Materials in late December 2021. The first InstaCharge Station in Bengaluru aims to offer fleet operators with ease of vehicle charging that is required to enhance their operating efficiency. Moreover, the company is even planning to offer 'InstaCharge-On-Demand' service through a mobile EV-charging station to offer on-demand roadside assistance in case an emergency charging facility is required by the fleet operators.

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Not just this, Log9 Materials has also launched a 'Responsible Delivery Movement' campaign from its Bengaluru headquarters. This is planned to be carried out in the long term towards a more sustainable and responsible way of doing deliveries on electric vehicles. To consolidate its EV charging ecosystem even further, the company will launch instant charging facilities across various cities, starting with Bengaluru. Finally, the company is planning to install its InstaCharge Stations at the fleet owners' base location.

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Speaking on the inauguration of the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station in Bangsalore, Akshay Singhal, founder CEO of Log9 Materials, said, "The 'Responsible Delivery Movement' is Log9's initiative to revolutionise the future of the last-mile delivery segment with Log 9's InstaCharge batteries integrated into EVs. It is unfortunate to note that as of date, EVs aren't too much commercially-viable in our country due to the significant downtime they offer to drivers."

With the RapidX battery packs developed by Log9, the fleet operators and delivery agents can replenish the batteries of their vehicles from 0-100 per cent in just 15 minutes, thereby eliminating the downtime by a huge margin. Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder, Log9 Materials said, "By creating sustainable EV batteries that are perfect for our country, we are hoping to be able to enter a large part of the delivery-fleet ecosystem. And, by achieving that, carbon reduction will be applied and endorsed on a grander scale."

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