Top 10 Highest Ground Clearance Cars in India – Hatchback, Sedan, SUV

Top 10 Highest Ground Clearance Cars in India – Hatchback, Sedan, SUV

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Top 10 Highest Ground Clearance Cars in India – Hatchback, Sedan, SUV

Team CARS24

India is a nation with an extensive road network that connects almost all parts of the world’s seventh-largest country with each other. Unfortunately, however, some of our roads are in a rather pitiable state and it often takes a really rugged vehicle to ensure trouble-free travel on these roads. Today, let’s have a look at the top 10 highest ground clearance cars in India across various segments to help you choose from vehicles that are most accomplished on the challenging Indian road conditions.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

With a ground clearance of whopping 180 mm, the Kwid is a budget-end hatchback that’s almost a mini-SUV in some aspects. The entry-level offering from Renault India also offers a spacious cabin and mini-Duster looks. It is available with both 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre engine options with the latter also getting an AMT version.

Renault Kwid New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 2.75-4.75 lakhRs 3.05-5.36 lakh
BangaloreRs 2.86-4.86 lakhRs 3.56-5.91 lakh
ChennaiRs 2.86-4.86 lakhRs 3.46-5.72 lakh
HyderabadRs 2.90-4.86 lakhRs 3.49-5.75 lakh
PuneRs 2.90-4.86 lakhRs 3.63-5.89 lakh
KolkataRs 2.86-4.86 lakhRs 3.42-5.61 lakh
KochiRs 2.86-5.00 lakhRs 3.24-5.60 lakh

Renault Kwid Used Car Prices in Delhi

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Renault Kwid RXL201637,260Rs. 2,10,000
Renault Kwid RXL1.0 EASY-R AT20176,792Rs. 3,30,000
Renault Kwid 1.0 RXT Opt201632,414Rs. 2,35,000
Renault Kwid RXT201536,038Rs. 2,30,000
Renault Kwid RXT Opt201656,973Rs. 2,35,000

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Datsun redi-GO

Datsun redi-Go

Equipped with a segment-leading ground-clearance of 185 mm, the Datsun redi-GO is the cheapest car in Nissan India’s lineup. The small car rivals the Maruti S-Presso, Alto and the Renault Kwid. The redi-GO comes with a crossover styling, a high ground clearance and is fairly easy to maintain.

Datsun redi-Go Price In Top Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 2.71-4.37 lakhRs 3.12-4.81 lakh
MumbaiRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.27-5.08 lakh
BangaloreRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.33-5.17 lakh
ChennaiRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.25-5.04 lakh
HyderabadRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.30-5.12 lakh
PuneRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.27-5.08 lakh
KolkataRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.12-4.84 lakh
KochiRs 2.8-4.37 lakhRs 3.16-4.19 lakh

Datsun redi-GO Used Car Prices in Mumbai

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Datsun Redi Go LIMITED EDITION201729,489Rs. 2,25,000
Datsun Redi Go T (O)20165,853Rs. 1,85,000
Datsun Redi Go T (O)20165,602Rs. 2,00,000
Datsun Redi Go T (O)201712,501Rs. 2,15,000
Datsun Redi Go T (O)201613,459Rs. 2,59,000

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Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

The Maruti S-Presso is the latest from the country’s highest-selling carmaker. It has a rugged look and comes with a ground clearance of 180 mm to help it take on the likes of Renault Kwid and Datsun redi-GO. Plus, its crossover-like styling gives it a mini-Brezza-look, while the plastic cladding on the lower body helps it venture on rough roads without the fear of getting the paint work scratched.

Maruti S-Presso New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 3.45-4.45 lakhRs 4.05-4.93 lakh
MumbaiRs 3.59-4.55 lakhRs 4.44-5.09 lakh
BangaloreRs 3.66-4.55 lakhRs 4.49-5.36 lakh
ChennaiRs 3.64-4.55 lakhRs 4.33-5.23 lakh
HyderabadRs 3.53-4.39 lakhRs 4.14-5.13 lakh
PuneRs 3.58-4.55 lakhRs 4.37-5.09 lakh
KolkataRs 3.64-4.55 lakhRs 3.16-5.02 lakh
KochiRs 3.67-4.55 lakhRs 4.21-5.09 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

The Ignis is a B1-segment cross-hatch that has a ground clearance of 185 mm. Plus, its SUV-like design gives it quite a macho look. What’s even better is that its refined and peppy 1.2-litre engine and an optional AMT makes it an ideal choice for most city dwellers. Lastly, the modern HEARTECT platform ensures great dynamics.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 4.79-7.15 lakhRs 5.33-8.05 lakh
MumbaiRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.72-8.4 lakh
BangaloreRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 6.02-8.62 lakh
ChennaiRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.65-8.3 lakh
HyderabadRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.75-8.48 lakh
PuneRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.73-8.42 lakh
KolkataRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.4-7.95 lakh
KochiRs 4.87-7.23 lakhRs 5.5-8.26 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Used Car Prices in Pune

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Maruti IGNIS ZETA 1.2 K1220179,965Rs. 5,00,000 
Maruti IGNIS ZETA 1.2 K12 AMT20183,615Rs. 5,50,000
Maruti IGNIS ZETA 1.2 K12 AMT20179,909Rs. 5,50,000
Maruti IGNIS SIGMA 1.2 K1220182,554Rs. 4,20,000 
Maruti IGNIS DELTA 1.2 K12 AMT20183,918Rs. 6,30,000

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Mahindra KUV100 NXT

Mahindra KUV100 NXT

The Mahindra KUV100 is the most affordable car in its company’s portfolio and is a direct rival to the likes of Maruti Ignis. It combines the butch look of an SUV with the traditional qualities of a hatchback. Also, the small car has been around for quite some time and is readily available in the used car market.

Mahindra KUV100 NXT New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 4.88-7.94 lakhRs 6.72-9.24 lakh
MumbaiRs 4.87-7.92 lakhRs 7.15-9.51 lakh
BangaloreRs 4.89-7.95 lakhRs 7.31-9.72 lakh
ChennaiRs 4.91-7.96 lakhRs 7.04-9.35 lakh
HyderabadRs 4.90-7.95 lakhRs 7.18-9.52 lakh
PuneRs 4.87-7.92 lakhRs 7.04-9.37 lakh
KolkataRs 5.05-8.1 lakhRs 6.79-8.88 lakh
KochiRs 4.96-8.02 lakhRs 6.95-9.23 lakh

Mahindra KUV100 NXT Used Car Prices in Ahmedabad

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Mahindra Kuv100 K6 D 6 STR201677,905Rs. 3,00,000 
Mahindra Kuv100 K6+ 6 STR201668,374Rs. 4,75,000 
Mahindra Kuv100 K4 D 6 STR201766,119Rs. 3,65,000 
Mahindra Kuv100 K4+ D 6 STR201652,099Rs. 3,25,000 
Mahindra Kuv100 K8 5 STR201672,137Rs. 2,90,000 

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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Armed with a crossover-like ground clearance of 170 mm, the Maruti Ciaz is a rather comfortable and upmarket sedan that comes with adequately powerful and frugal petrol and Diesel engines. The Honda City-rivalling is very spacious and has ow running costs. It’s also very comfortable and benefits from Maruti’s wide service network.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Petrol New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 9.2-13.46 lakh
MumbaiRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 9.49-13.57 lakh
BangaloreRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 10.12-13.99 lakh
ChennaiRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 9.43-13.74 lakh
HyderabadRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 9.82-13.84 lakh
PuneRs 8.19-11.38 lakhRs 9.51-13.61 lakh
KolkataRs 8.2-11.38 lakhRs 8.99-12.54 lakh
KochiRs 8.21-11.38 lakhRs 9.34-13.27 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Used Car Prices in Chennai

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Maruti Ciaz ZDI+ SHVS201646,414Rs. 7,00,000 
Maruti Ciaz ALPHA 1.4 VVT201726,261Rs. 7,75,000 
Maruti Ciaz ZDI SHVS201692,496Rs. 7,50,000 
Maruti Ciaz ZXI PLUS201612,319Rs. 6,50,000
Maruti Ciaz ALPHA 1.3 DDIS SHVS20171,29,630Rs. 8,50,000 

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Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

Available with a ground clearance of 180 mm, the Mahindra Scorpio is easily the most rugged choice in its price segment. The true-blue ladder-frame SUV has already been very popular due to its rugged looks and powerful engine. Also, it’s not too expensive to maintain, which is something that makes it an ideal choice for our roads.

Mahindra Scorpio New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 9.99-16.63 lakhRs 11.84-20.16 lakh
MumbaiRs 9.95-16.15 lakhRs 12.08-19.65 lakh
BangaloreRs 9.99-16.7 lakhRs 12.35-21.09 lakh
ChennaiRs 10.14-16.84 lakhRs 12.67-20.74 lakh
HyderabadRs 9.99-16.84 lakhRs 12.09-20.57 lakh
PuneRs 9.91-16.11 lakhRs 11.84-19.32 lakh
KolkataRs 10.2-16.97 lakhRs 11.52-18.87 lakh
KochiRs 10.18-16.84 lakhRs 12.18-20.78 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio Used Car Prices in Gurgaon

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS IV201164,784Rs. 4,68,000
Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS IV201167,200Rs.3,45,000
Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS IV201445,549Rs. 6,25,000
Mahindra Scorpio S6 PLUS201551,647Rs. 8,75,000
Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS IV201170,378Rs. 4,11,500

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Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

The Mahindra XUV500 has a massive ground clearance of 200 mm, which helps it take on the worst of the roads you can throw at it. The highly popular SUV comes with many features, a rugged look, potent petrol and Diesel engines and even AWD and automatic transmission options.

Mahindra XUV500 New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 12.31-19.74 lakhRs 14.27.64 lakh
MumbaiRs 12.22-19.65 lakhRs 14.97-23.83 lakh
BangaloreRs 12.28-19.71 lakhRs 15.62-24.85 lakh
ChennaiRs 12.28-19.71 lakhRs 15.34-23.91 lakh
HyderabadRs 12.23-19.66 lakhRs 15.05-19.93 lakh
PuneRs 12.22-19.67 lakhRs 14.74-23.49 lakh
KolkataRs 12.47-19.89 lakhRs 13.97-22.04 lakh
KochiRs 12.38-19.34 lakhRs 14.60-23.63 lakh

Mahindra XUV500 Used Car Prices in Bangalore

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Mahindra XUV500 W11 AT201810,244Rs. 17,00,000 
Mahindra XUV500 W6 4X2201454,068Rs. 8,50,000
Mahindra XUV500 W8 FWD20131,57,995Rs. 7,25,000
Mahindra XUV500 W8 FWD201479,806Rs. 8,50,000 
Mahindra XUV500 W8 FWD201448,718Rs. 10,20,000 

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Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa

Basically a Mahindra XUV500 rival, even the Tata Hexa has a ground clearance of 200 mm. Like the XUV, even the Hexa comes with optional automatic transmission and AWD options. The latter, coupled with the huge ground clearance, can help this SUV venture almost anywhere.  

Tata Hexa New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 13.26-18.64 lakhRs 15.89-22.20 lakh
MumbaiRs 13.26-18.8 lakhRs 16.27-22.87 lakh
BangaloreRs 13.26-18.52 lakhRs 16.86-23.36 lakh
ChennaiRs 13.26-18.54 lakhRs 16.18-22.51 lakh
HyderabadRs 13.26-18.47 lakhRs 16.14-22.35 lakh
PuneRs 13.26-18.76 lakhRs 16.05-22.59 lakh
KolkataRs 13.26-18.71 lakhRs 14.92-20.94 lakh
KochiRs 13.26-18.77 lakhRs 15.62-22.95 lakh

Tata Hexa Used Car Prices in Delhi-NCR

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Tata Hexa Varicor 320 XE20185,660Rs. 10,50,000
Tata Hexa Varicor 400 XTA201724,921Rs. 14,00,000
Tata Hexa Varicor 400 XTA201749,095Rs. 12,00,000
Tata Hexa Varicor 400 XM201731,159Rs. 8,50,000
Tata Hexa Varicor 400 XT20189,866Rs. 16,00,000

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Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

The Isuzu V-Cross has a huge ground clearance of 225 mm, which makes it easily gobble up most of the irregularities the Indian roads can offer. What makes it even more lethal is its highly capable 4×4 system and a powerful 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine that outputs 134 hp of maximum power and 320Nm of peak torque.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 20.18-24.09 lakh
MumbaiRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 19.91-23.99 lakh
BangaloreRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 20.38-24.57 lakh
ChennaiRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 20.66-24.78 lakh
HyderabadRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 19.89-24.78 lakh
PuneRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 19.91-23.99 lakh
KolkataRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 19.26-24.09 lakh
KochiRs 16.54-19.99 lakhRs 20.15-24.78 lakh

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