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Updated on: 18th April, 2024 IST

best website to sell used cars online

Before we delve into the main topic and answer which is the

Best Website to sell used car online

, let’s get some pertaining questions answered. There are many reasons to sell used car online and there is a time in which you would like to sell it to get the best returns. Also, where to advertise so that you can easily touch base only with genuine buyers is a genuine problems not all can tackle single-handedly.

Why sell a car? cars24 best website to sell your used car online

Buying a car is comparatively an easier task than selling a used car. There are hundreds of doubts which need to be answered. The first and foremost question to answer is whether you really need to sell your car or not.  Here are the main reasons why people sell their used cars:

  • Premiums are denting a hole in your savings
  • Gravely pained by the problems of parking
  • Fuel prices are wreaking havoc on your wallet
  • Shifting in a new city for the purpose of work
  • Long self-drives is taking a toll on your health
  • Do away with the increasing maintenance cost
  • You prefer on-going public transport to traffic jams
  • Need a bigger car with increase in family members
  • Making space for a fresh and better make car model

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Reasons to sell your used car 

When is the best time to sell used car?

CARS24 best website to sell your used car online

If your car no longer meets your requirements, it’s wise to get rid of it right away! However, there are several other factors that you would like to gauge before deciding the best time to sell used car.

  • The resale value is the first thought that comes to your mind when you contemplate about selling your used car. What you need to keep in mind is that the resale value is an aggregate of several factors, some of which are in your control. The demand and supply of your car in the market determines major share of the price of your used car. This is the reason it is important take a survey of the number of people who know about your car and think is a positive manner about your car. As you do you research you will come to realise about the best time to sell your car is when the demand for your car is the highest. Here’s how you sell your used car at the best price: Best price for your used car
  • As a used car seller, you cannot afford to skip the depreciation factor. You have to keep in mind that the moment you buy a car and it is on the roads of India, the value of your car depreciates by a large ratio. Your new car price experiences a sudden drop of 15-20% on the very first year and about 50% in the next year. Therefore, if you have it in your mind to sell your used car soon and get a good resale value for the same, then you should not wait for years before selling it off.
  • We live in a country that consists of people from all walks of life and belonging to different castes and creeds. Each one follows their own set of rituals, superstitions, and laws buying and selling of cars. Therefore, seasonality matters to a large extend. Different season,s holidays, events play a crucial role in finding the most accurate time to sell your used car. Generally, during the time of festivals or the new season, there is a wave of getting rid of old assets and replacing them with new ones. This is the time when you easily get buyers.
  • Generally, it is a tendency to get rid of old items when they are no longer functioning. Now, if you want to sell your used car and get the best price for the same you got to sell it when it is working condition. The used car market is swarmed with old car. In order to set apart you got to ensure that your car is in a good condition because buyers of second-hand cars check the functioning while buying a used car. It is here when maintaining your old car comes into the picture. There are basic things that you can get it done to maintain your old car in the best shape to reap a good resale value.
  • No point hugging debts unable to pay your EMIs. If you foresee yourself as a loan defaulter in the coming days, you should better get sell off the car and clear your dues.

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Best time to sell used car

Why selling used car online is the best decision ever?

We live in the 21


generation where you practically have everything online. Starting from clothes to kitchen appliances to food to medicine, you can buy and sell everything at the expense of a few clicks. There are many online web portals that allow you to sell your used cars. However, only CARS24 ensures that you can sell your used cars at the best price.

What documents you require to sell used car

best website to sell your used car online

The documents to sell your used car are many but not that difficult to source. Here’s the list of documents that you need to obtain and carry to get your used car sold fast and without any legal hassles.

Individual Documents required to sell an old car

  • Pan Card
  • Address Proof
  • Passport size Photographs

The copies of all the above should be self-attested.

RTO documents required to sell a used car

  • Three copies of form 28 with chassis imprint,
  • Two copies of form 29 – two copies
  • Two copies of form 30 – Two copies
  • A copy of form 30 and NOC with bank stamp on Form 35
  • A copy of the Sale Affidavit
  • A copy of the Clearance Certificate

Car documents required to sell a used car

  • RC – Compulsory
  • PUC – Compulsory
  • Insurance – Compulsory

Application of Insurance Transfer – only if, the insurance needs to be transferred to the buyer For complete details of documents required to sell a used car, please go through:

Documents Required

Why online classifieds are a big no-no when it comes to selling used car online

best website to sell your used car online

It may be a fashion and the most trending thing at the moment, yet it’s efficiency is questionable. There is more than one reason to sell your used car by advertising it through online classifieds. Here’s a few of them that will give you an understanding why you should abhor online classified:

  • While drafting an online classified advertisement, you would be asked to feed in your personal details like name and contact details. Sharing of personal details is not a wise move, especially when you can get the work done without making it available to all denizens in the cyber world.
  • Who has the time to talk to several unknown people before selling a single car online? Would not you like to talk to one genuine buyer, ready to buy your car at a more or less same price that you expect to sell it for?
  • The number of people who can see your advertisement is simply uncountable. The online platform is not taken seriously by a number of people. They take everything for granted and take it as a medium to kill or have a nice time. Therefore, you will sure start getting inquiries but what matters is the number of genuine inquiries. With online advertisements, there comes a time comes when it becomes really hard to address the increasing number of fake emails and calls. The best is to avoid them.
  • Let’s think for an instance that you have found your genuine customers/buyer and on the verge of getting your car sold. Now what, do you think your work is done? No! It’s time that you have to get the legal documentation work done. You need to get hold of a professional expert who can help you with the documentation tasks. Else, skipping the documentation process like RC transfer, means digging a pit for you to fall and get trapped.

Why CARS24 is the best website to sell your used car online

CARS24 is on a mission to streamline the used car selling market in India. We strive to ensure used car selling experience of used car sellers is an enjoyable and hassle-free one.

The USPs of CARS24

Website to sell used car online - Free RC transfer

Getting the RC transferred is one of the most important tasks after you are done signing the deal. If you don’t get the RC transferred you might just be put behind the bars for a car collion activity done by the new buyer. This is because; the registration of the car is still in your name. In the eyes of law, you are still the owner of the car. We at CARS24, understand how cumbersome this task is. Therefore, we do it for our customers.

Website to sell used car online - Instant Payment

After signing the car selling deal, you no longer to need to do any kind of follow-ups to receive your payment. At CARS24 you can avail the option of instant payment and the selling amount will be credited to your account on the very same day of selling your car. In case, you opt for deferred payment option, you will receive the payment in a span of 48 hours. In the rarest of rare occasion, our payments have been delayed. However, in case this happens with you, which we are sure won’t, you can touch base with our customer care team and the issue will be resolved on the double.

Website to sell used car online - Guaranteed best price

As mentioned above, the price of your used car depends on a number of factors. After you book an appointment with us, you can check the estimated price of your old car. We follow a transparent process of getting your car inspected and offering you the most realistic price. We don’t believe in any kind of double-dealing and there are no hidden charges that any customer has to pay. Our team consists of expert professionals in the auto industry with years of pertinent experience, capable enough to evaluate any car in the best manner possible. Over the years, we have inspected several cars and have come up with an algorithm through which we are able to know the best price of any car.

Website to sell used car online - Sell your car in a single visit

Selling a used car brings along a number of hassles. We at CARS24, make the process as simple as a walk in the park. You only need to visit any of our branches only once and you are done. We take care of the rest.

Website to sell used car online - Selling your used car at CARS24

best website to sell your used car online

This is perhaps the easiest way in which you can sell an old car at the best price and in the least amount of time required.

  • Book an appointment (choose the nearest branch and time slot)
  • Visit branch (Car inspection, get the price quote for your used car)
  • Sign the deal and that’s it!

Conclusion - Website to sell used car online

Selling a used car is not a child’s play. Therefor you should considered opting help from professionals in the domain. We at CARS24 have emerged as a master in the field of old car selling. So the next time you want to sell a used car, you by now, must have realised the benefits of contacting CARS24. To book an appointment with CARS24, visit:


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