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Planning To Sell Car? Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Do It Now!

Planning To Sell Car? Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Do It Now!

A four-wheeler is considered more than just a tangible asset in India. For most citizens, owning a car is a matter of pride and showcases their social standing in the society. Selling their prized possession is also an emotional conflict, more so as a lot of memories are often attached to it. We, at CARS24, understand your emotions and that is why when you do sell your car to us, we give you the best price for it along with an all paid ride back home too. Well, if you haven’t considered selling it to us yet then here are six valid reasons as to why you should sell car now.

1. Increasing Maintenance Costs

The more you drive the car, the more the mileage goes up which eventually results in the cost of car maintenance also going up. This includes replacement of expensive parts and the general upkeep of the car. While a 2-4-year-old car will not require too much of a maintenance (apart from routine service), old cars, especially those with over 75,000km on the odometer can call for expensive repairs from time to time. This factor can be taken care of by investing into a new car and selling your used car. A new car will run trouble free for the next few years, saving you time and money.

2. Year-End Change

Every year change impacts the resale value of your car. Hence, if you are thinking of selling your current car and buying a new one, do it before the last quarter of every calendar year. Selling your old car in the last few months of the year is a tough job as both business and individual buyers will tend to reduce its value, citing the ‘year-end change’ as the reason. Sell car before the end of the year to get the best price for it.

3. Sell Car Before The Warranty Period Gets Over

A car which is under the company warranty period will also give you peace of mind. In case this period is about to get over, chances of you shelling out money from your pocket for part replacement becomes high. An extended warranty will help, if not, it’s a reason big enough for you to replace your old car with a new one. This is more important for high mileage cars.

4. Rising Income

Let’s face it – this is a valid reason. If you recently got a promotion or a good increment, why not splurge it on something that you drive every day? A new bigger car will also be a social statement for many. With lowering interest rates and attractive EMIs, selling your used car and investing into a new one further becomes easy on your pocket.

5. Transfer Of City

We have often seen our friends or relatives moving to a new city for a better career. In this scenario, it makes sense to sell the car before moving out. New legal laws will not permit you to drive the car of a different state registration regularly in the new city. To avoid police summons, you will have to transfer the registration which involves paying high state taxes. A better way is to dispose the car in the original city and buy a new one once you shift to the new place. Sell car before you plan to move out from your city.

6. Fuel Efficient Cars

Lastly, manufacturers are constantly working on how to increase the fuel economy of a car. Newer models have higher ratings as compared to older ones. For example, the 2012 Maruti Dzire petrol had a certified economy of 19.1kmpl whereas the current version comes with a figure of 20.5kmpl, an improvement of over 7%. Likewise, if you have a monthly usage of over 2,000km and currently use a petrol powered car, switching to a new diesel model will save you as much as Rs 4,000 per month or almost Rs 1.5 lakh per year. Seems like a tempting reason to sell your old petrol car and get a new diesel one?

If you have kept away from selling your car due to the market being disorganised and lack of trust from various businesses that buy used cars, let us help you out. CARS24 is the preferred destination in India for owners to sell their used cars with the least amount of hassle. We buy any car in 30 minutes including an on the spot payment transfer. We also take care of all paperwork and transfer of ownership. If that is not enough, we top up the offer with freebies and even arrange a complimentary drop back to your house. Visit any one of our 46+ branches to sell your car now.

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