What Are The Documents Required To Sell A Car?

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Updated on: 12th June, 2024 IST

What Are The Documents Required To Sell A Car

What are the documents required to sell a car? If you are looking for an answer to this question, we have it sorted for you. So, without wasting much time, let's quickly have a look at all the necessary documents.

Documents Required To Sell A Car

Clearing the loan and getting an NOC from the bank

PAN CardOne Self-Attested Copy
Address ProofOne Self-Attested Copy
Passport Size PhotographsTwo Self-Attested Copies
Form 28Three Copies With Chassis Imprint
Form 29Two Copies
Form 30Two Copies
Form 35 and NOCOne Copy With Bank Stamp On Form 35
Sale AffidavitOne Copy
Clearance CertificateOne Copy
Application Of Insurance TransferOnly required if  insurance is to be transferred to the buyer
Invoice Of The CarOnly required if there is mismatch in the RC details
Ownership Manual-
Duplicate Car Keys-

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Now that you have an idea about all the documents that you will need while selling your car, let's deep dive into it. All the documents can broadly be classified into three categories:

  • Car Documents
  • Individual Documents
  • RTO Documents

A). Car Documents Required To Sell A Car

1. RC (Mandatory)

The registration certificate, commonly known as the RC is the proof of your vehicle being registered under the government of India. It is mandatory not just for a four-wheeler but also holds equal value for a two-wheeler. You need to have it without any defects, misprints and misspellings or else you can’t transfer the ownership of the car. In case your RC has been lost or is stolen, you would need to file a FIR. You can, however, fill the

RTO Form 26

and apply for a duplicate RC.

2. Insurance (Mandatory)

You need not have an Insurance policy while you plan to sell a car, but it is a must when you have to transfer the vehicle from one person to another. The insurance as we all know is mandatory for anyone to drive a car on the Indian roads. The importance of insurance is not just to abide by the law but it also covers the vehicle damage and provides accidental claims. 

You need to produce Insurance policy as the person or the business buying a car will offer you a better price for your car. However, you do have an option to sell your car without insurance. If you chose to sell your car without insurance, it drops down your car’s resale value by a considerable amount.”

Man Filling the RTO Forms Required To Sell A Car

3. PUC (Mandatory)

Commonly known as pollution under control certificate, it is important as it certifies that the emissions of toxic chemicals from your vehicle are under control. It is given on the basis of smoke and emission tests for petrol, diesel and CNG vehicles whereas the battery operated vehicles are exempted from this test. You can get your PUC test done at any authorized testing center or at the authorized petrol pumps. The cost for PUC is very minimal and ranges around INR 60 to 100.

You have to renew the PUC in every 12 months for the cars made after April 2010 but vehicles made before that have to renew the PUC every 3 months.”

4. Invoice Of The Car (Optional)

It is the invoice that is handed over by the outlet/ car dealership from whom you bought your car. 

It is mandatory if there is any mismatch in the RC details with the actual vehicle details.

Though it is not mandatory to have the invoice of the car, but it proves the authenticity of the seller. Also, you should always have proofs when you are doing any legal transaction.”

5. Duplicate Car Keys (Optional)

Duplicate car keys are not mandatory when it comes to selling your car. 

"If absent, they will drop the resale value of your car."

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6. Ownership Manual (Optional)

The Manual is given when you purchase a car. It is not mandatory but can be necessary as it is a proof of a registered car that you have owned. Earlier there was a separate service manual for cars. Most of the brands have now integrated it with the ownership manual itself.

7. Application Of Insurance Transfer

You have to write this application to the Insurance company to transfer the insurance policy to the buyer of the car. Here is a sample showing how you can write your application:

B). Individual Documents Required  To Sell A Car

1. One Self Attested Copy Of PAN Card (Mandatory)

One self-attested copy of PAN card is mandatory. 

"If you have never got your PAN Card made, you can anytime provide FORM 60 to the buyer".

2. One Self Attested Copy Of Address Proof  (Mandatory)

One self-attested copy of the Address Proof of the owner of the car is mandatory in most cities. For e.g. in Delhi, it is mandatory to have an address proof but in Mumbai, it is not required to produce one. The documents that can act as your address proof can be:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Any other document authorized by Govt of India.

Rent agreement and electricity bill are also allowed in some selected states.

3. Two Self Attested Photographs  (Mandatory)

You will need at least two self-attested passport size photographs. These are a few documents that you would need to sort on your own while selling a car. There are plenty of other documents required to sell a car that have been stated in the sections below.

C). RTO Forms/ Documents Required To Sell Your Car

You can download the RTO forms online or you can buy them offline too. But you need to visit the RTO to submit all the forms. This can be a time-consuming and tiring task.

1. Form 28 (Three Copies)

This RTO form is used to take no objection certificate from the registering authority. It also proves that you don’t hold any liabilities and encumbrances that can stop you from selling your car. Commonly known as the NOC, Form 28 clearly states that all the legal part involved with your car has been taken care of (primarily there are no pending taxes, challans, the car is not blacklisted and there are no FIRs on your vehicle) hence making it important for anyone who sells a vehicle. You can download Form 28 online or you can have it from the RTO office. Here are the steps to authenticate your Form 28:

  1. Get three copies of Form 28. You can download Form 28 here.
  2. You have to get a pencil print of your car’s chassis number on these three copies. Specifically for Maharashtra, car’s chassis number is to be imprinted on an A4 sheet and not on Form 28.
  3. If applicable, you might need police certificates to verify the authenticity of your vehicle not being involved in theft and criminal activities
  4. Xerox copies of RC, original RC, insurance, and PUC are also needed along with the above. However, this can vary from RTO to RTO
  5. All these documents then need to be deposited to the RTO with the fee that they charge  and you can visit later to get your NOC when the RTO people tell you to come

2. Form 29 (Two Copies)

This RTO application is used to intimate the RTO that the vehicle has been sold by the owner.  You would be needing two copies of this form. Form 29 claims that all the car related documents such as RC, insurance, PUC have been handed over to the buyer. You can

download Form 29 here

or it can be collected from the RTO office.  The RC and insurance have to be handed over to the buyer of your car. This form needs to go to the RTO with the applicable fee which varies as per the RTO.

3. Form 30 (Two Copies)

Form 30 acts as a confirmation of form 29. After intimating the RTO about the selling, it is your responsibility to intimate the RTO that the vehicle ownership transfer needs to done. Form 30 states that all the legal bonds and responsibilities you had with your car are now being transferred to the buyer of your car including the consent of financier (if any). Generally, this has to be done in 14 days time from the date of sale of the car. You would require 2 copies of this form and it can be either collected from the RTO office or you can

download Form 30 here

and submit it to the RTO office with the applicable fee.

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4. Sale Affidavit

This is a document made in the name of the car buyer and the public notary attests it. It is an agreement of transfer of all liabilities of the vehicle to the buyer. After the date of signing this agreement and once the RC is transferred to the end buyer, all the risks associated with the vehicle are also transferred to the buyer. This document can act as a proof that you have handed over the vehicle to the buyer.

5. Clearance Certificate

This is an application on a plain sheet stating that the car has been sold with the credentials of the buyer, seller and the details of the car.

"After you apply for clearance certificate, it can take up to 15 days to get one if your car has no outstanding liability. It is much like a no objection certificate that works in the same state when your vehicle has to register in a different RTO within that state".

Here is a sample clearance certificate: This pretty much covers all the documents required to sell a car. However, there might be some special cases wherein you would need to do a bit more. Let’s take a look at these cases too if your vehicle lies in one of these categories.

Special Cases Where Additional Documents Are Required To Sell A Car

1. In case of a financed car

If you have a financed car, you would need NOC from your bank and Form 35 to get the car transferred in the name of the end buyer. This will remove the “HP” from your RC. HP here stands for hypothecation which means your car is financed. Once your car is financed, HP is written on your RC till you clear all your finances. 

"To remove hypothecation, you don’t have to hand over the RC to the bank. The document you would need here is your loan closure letter. Usually, the banks send the NOC letter to your registered address."

Form 35 can be easily downloaded from multiple websites and can be duly handed over to the bank. Each bank has its individual cost for issuing the duplicate form if you lose NOC and Form 35. Man filling RTO Form 35

2. If you are an NRI

If you are a non-resident Indian and want to sell your car, you would need an FRRO letter duly signed, filled, and registered. You can register yourself at this portal to get your FRRO letter. You can sell off your car with all these documents and save the agent fee or might hire an agent to do this for you. The only reason why people choose agents to get their work done is the hassle involved and the follow up required to complete the paperwork while selling their cars. But this costs a lot.

There is another option that offers you what your car truly deserves and takes care of all the paperwork - CARS24! You can sell your car to CARS24 at the best price and relax while we make instant payment into your account and take care of the paperwork for free.

Sounds too good to be true? It is true, you don't have to get into the hassle of this paperwork to sell your car. If you want someone to take care of your documents, you can count on CARS24We guarantee the best price for your car.

You can reach out to us at our toll-free number 1800-112233. We have taken care of all these documents for thousands of people and our authentic paperwork makes us stand strong among our customers. You can choose to sell your car and undergo all the hassle yourself or we can do it for you, free of cost! The choice is all yours.

We hope this was useful for you! Happy selling :)

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