How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Chandigarh

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Chandigarh

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Chandigarh

Navigating the world of traffic challans in Chandigarh has become easier with the advent of online systems. If you’ve recently received an e-challan from the Chandigarh Traffic Police and are wondering about the steps to check and pay it, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of checking your e-challan and making the payment online. With a few clicks and some basic information, you’ll be able to manage your traffic challan conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to long queues and paperwork – it’s time to embrace the simplicity of online challan management in Chandigarh. Let’s look into the details of how you can swiftly handle your Chandigarh traffic challan with just a few minutes of your time.

How to Check Challan Status in Chandigarh?

If you want to check the status of your challan in Chandigarh, there are a few ways to go about it. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Here’s how you can quickly check your traffic challan status in Chandigarh with CARS24: 

CARS24 eChallan section
  • Enter your vehicle number 
  • Any pending challans associated with your vehicle will be displayed

If you want to view pending traffic challans using the Parivahan portal, these are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Visit the Parivahan eChallan webpage
Parivahan eChallan webpage
  1. Enter your Challan number/vehicle number/ Driving licence number
Enter your Challan number/vehicle number/ Driving licence number
  1. A list of your eChallans will be displayed
  1. Click on any challan to check its status

How to Pay Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan Online?

Once you have the details, you have three options for paying your Chandigarh traffic police challan online: through CARS24, using the Parivahan website, or through the Chandigarh Government’s official website.

Using the CARS24 E-Challan Service

Here’s how you can easily manage and settle traffic challans through CARS24:

  • Any pending traffic challans will be displayed on CARS24 once you enter your vehicle number
  • Find the challan you want to pay, and click on the “Pay Now” button, which is displayed under every pending challan 
  • And that’s it! CARS24 takes care of settling the challans on your behalf
  • You will receive a notification from CARS24 once the settlement is completed

Using the Parivahan Website

To pay your Chandigarh traffic challan online, you can utilise the Government of India’s official eChallan website, Parivahan Sewa:

  • Visit the Parivahan eChallan webpage
  • Enter your username and password, if you do not have an account, you will need to create one
  • Provide your challan number, vehicle number, or driving licence number
  • Enter the Captcha code and click on the appropriate button
  • You will see a list of eChallans; select the one you want to pay
  • Details of the offence and the pending fine will be displayed
  • Proceed with the payment
  • After completing the challan payment, you will receive a confirmation through an SMS alert, along with the transaction ID

Using Chandigarh Government’s Online Challan Portal

To pay your Chandigarh challan online, you have the option of using the Chandigarh Traffic Police Website, which is the official web portal of the Chandigarh Government.

  • Visit the Chandigarh Traffic Police website
Chandigarh Traffic Police website
  • Once there, you’ll find an automated prompt asking you to redirect to the e-challan Parivahan website
  • On the new page, enter your vehicle number
  • Fill in the Captcha code they show you
  • Choose the e-challan you want to pay from the list
  • Click on it, and pay the amount
  • After the payment, you’ll get a message confirming it, along with a transaction ID
  • Upon successful payment, you can save/print a copy of your e-challan receipt

Paying Chandigarh Traffic e-Challan Offline

If you don’t have access to online payment methods, you can still pay your Chandigarh police traffic challan offline. Here’s how: 

  1. Visit Chandigarh Traffic Police Headquarters
  • Visit the Chandigarh Police Headquarters located at PQ6W+RF4, 1512, Udyog Path, Ordnance Cable Factory Colony, Sector 29 B, Sector 29, Chandigarh, 160030
  • Make sure to carry your Driving Licence, Address and Identity Proof, and Challan Receipt/Challan Number
  • Submit the fine amount in cash at the headquarters
  1. Through a Chandigarh Traffic Police Officer
    You can also pay your traffic challan via a Chandigarh traffic police officer equipped with an eChallan machine: 
  • Provide the officer with your vehicle details, including the registration number, challan number, and driving licence number
  • Make the payment to the officer using your preferred method
  1. Demand Draft
  • Additionally, you can also courier a demand draft or cheque to the Chandigarh Traffic Police Headquarters mentioning your challan number, driving licence number, and vehicle registration number

Road Safety Rules and Regulations in Chandigarh 

As is the case with every other Indian State, road safety violations are taken seriously in Chandigarh, and all types of vehicles need to adhere to the traffic rules. Here are the basic traffic rules you need to follow in Chandigarh : 

  1. Keep left

Drive on the left side of the road and allow the traffic on your right to pass safely, especially in the absence of dividers or lanes

  1. Overtake from the right

When overtaking, use your indicator and overtake from the right side. Avoid overtaking on narrow lanes to ensure the safety of others

  1. Follow traffic signals

It’s crucial to respect traffic signals and not jump red lights. Wait for pedestrians to cross before proceeding

  1. No parking in prohibited zones

Avoid parking in designated No Parking zones, busy corners, or in the middle of the road. Illegally parked vehicles can cause accidents and disrupt traffic flow.

  1. Give way to emergency vehicles

When emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, or fire engines need to pass, give them the right of way. Blocking their path is a punishable offence

  1. Carry necessary documentation/identification 

Always carry the necessary documents, either in physical or electronic mode via the DigiLocker application

  1. Follow the speed limit

Adhere to the specified speed limits, both in city areas and on highways 

  1. Proper use of lights

Use indicators when changing lanes or making turns. In adverse weather conditions like rain or fog, use fog lights and emergency lights to signal other drivers and maintain a safe distance

  1. Avoid phone usage while driving

Refrain from using mobile phones while driving. If you receive an urgent call, park your vehicle on the side of the road before attending to it

  1. Don’t drink and drive

Drunk driving is a serious offence that can result in hefty fines, imprisonment, or a revoked licence 

  1. Accompany learners

Learner drivers should always be accompanied by someone with a valid driving licence sitting in the passenger seat

  1. Only one pillion rider

Two-wheelers are permitted to have only one pillion passenger along with the driver. Triple riding is not allowed

  1. Wear helmets

Both the driver and the pillion rider must wear approved safety helmets

  1. Always wear seat belts

Wear seat belts while travelling in a car. Children in the back seat should be properly secured with a harness or belt

Revised Traffic Fine and Penalties in Chandigarh 

As per the updated Motor Vehicle Amendment Act of 2019, the Chandigarh Traffic Police has introduced a revised list of offences and their corresponding penalties.

Here is the list of offences and their penalties as implemented by the Chandigarh Traffic Police:

Name of OffenceSection NoRegular Fine (in Rupees)Subsequent
Driving- w/o Driving Licence3/181₹5,000₹5,000
Driving with DL expired/ DL not specific3/181₹5,000₹5,000
Under age Driver w/oDL4/181₹5,000₹5,000
Allowing unauthorised people to drive vehicle5/180₹5,000₹5,000
Holding more than one DL6/177₹500₹1,500
Learner driving w/o instructor with DLr.3(1) B/ 177₹500₹1,500
Learner driving w/o displaying L Platesr.3(1)/ 177₹5,000₹5,000
W/o Registration Certificate39/192(1)₹5,000₹10,000
Road Tax not paid177₹500₹1,500
Plying transport vehicle w/o Fitness56/192 (I)₹10,000₹10,000
Plying transport vehicle w/o /expired Permit66/192A (I)CourtCourt
Tractor – Trolley put to non-agricultural commercial use66/s.192A₹10,000₹10,000
W/o Expired Third-Party Insurance146/196₹2,000₹4,000
Failure to report a change of address within the prescribed period47(5) / 177₹500₹1,500
Failure to report transfer of vehicle ownership within the prescribed period50 (3)/177₹500₹1,500
Violating air pollution standards115 (I) & 116/S.190(2)₹10,000₹10,000
Load projection violation190 (2)₹10,000₹10,000
Overloading113 (3)/ 194(1)CourtCourt
Carrying more than seating capacity on RC177₹500₹1,500
TSR/Taxi driver not adopting shortest route for journey/refusing to undertake or complete journey/charging w/o fair metre177₹500₹1,500
Carrying person/travelling on running board/top of Bonnet/Outside the body of the vehicle123/177₹500₹1,500
Obstruction of control of driver by passenger sitting/standing/placing anything in front125/177₹500₹1,500
Violation of no-entry u/s 115115/194CourtCourt
Carrying explosive/inflammable/dangerous/substance likely to cause damage/injury to vehicle/passengers/public property177₹500₹1,500
Violation of Rules for Carriage of Dangerous/Hazardous Goods190 (3)₹10,000₹20,000
Dangerous driving/abetment184/188₹5,000₹10,000
Dangerous mobile phone use while driving184₹5,000₹10,000
Driving fast/slower than national/local max/min speed limits/abetment112/183/188₹2,000₹2,000
Drunken driving/abetment185/188CourtCourt
Driver mentally/physically unfit186/188₹1,000₹2,000
Disobeying Police Orders179₹2,000₹2,000
Disobeying the signal of police officers regulating traffic22 (a)/ 177₹5,000₹10,000
Failure to stop vehicle involved in accident on directions by SI or above in uniform132(1)(a)/ 179₹2,000₹2,000
Violation of mandatory road signs119/177₹5,000₹10,000
Violation of road-makingreg. 18, reg.₹500₹1,500
Violation of Automation Traffic Control Signal Red light or Yellow(amber) light violationreg. 22/177₹5,000₹10,000
Reversing more than necessary for turning/in a manner causing danger/inconveniencereg.31/ 177₹500₹1,500
Driving a vehicle on a cycle track/footpathreg.11/ 177₹500₹1,500
Front and rear lights not switched on while driving from 1/2 hour after sunset till 1/2 hour before sunrise or whenever there is insufficient lightr.105(1)/ 177₹500₹1,500
Failing to lower the headlight beam177₹500₹1,500
Overtaking Violationsr.4-7/ 177₹5,000₹10,000
Dangerous U-turn/where U-turn prohibited/ W/o proper signalreg.12/ 177₹500₹1,500
Wrong Side Driving/Entry/Turn/Crossing divided road/central verge where no proper crossing provided177₹500₹1,500
Failing to yield right-of-wayreg.8-11,25/ 177₹500₹1,500
Lane change w/o signal/zigzag drivingreg.18/ 177₹500₹1,500
Failure to make the prescribed signalreg.13,14/177₹500₹1,500
Abrupt brake w/o sufficient reasonreg.24/ 177₹500₹1,500
Failure to keep a safe distancereg.23/ 177₹500₹1,500
Wrong parking causing danger/obstruction/undue inconveniencereg.15/ 122/177₹500₹1,500
Removed by Towing122/177/127₹500₹1,500
Obstructing the flow of traffic by failing to remove the disabled vehicle201CourtCourt
Unattended Vehicle with the engine running126/177₹500₹1,500
Driver w/o helmet or Turban/Helmet not fastened/not of BIS Standards129/177₹1,000₹1,000
Pillion Rider w/o Helmet129/177₹1,000₹1,000
Triple Riding on 2-Wheeler128(1)/ 177₹1,000₹1,000
M/Cycle w/o rear-wheel-guard/permanent hand grip/footrest for pillion riderr.123/ 177₹500₹1,500
Unauthorised use of red/blue beacon lightr.108/177₹500₹1,500
Use of dark tinted film/window glassesr.100(2)/ 190(2)₹10,000₹10,000
Unauthorised use of spotlight/searchlight/dazzling light/ unnecessary use of fog lightr.111/ 177₹500₹1,500
Smoking while driving177₹500₹1,500
Blowing pressure horn/multi-tone hornr.119/ 190(2)₹10,000₹10,000
Blowing horn needlessly /continuously or in a silence zonereg.21(i) (ii)/ 190(2)₹1,000₹2,000
Silencer non-functional/vehicle creating undue noise/playing music at high pitchreg.21/ r.120/ 190 (2)₹10,000₹10,000
Failure to keep mandatory accessoriesr.138(4)/ 177₹500₹1,500
Vehicle w/o Fire Extinguisher177₹500₹1,500
Driver not using seat beltr.138 (3)/ 177₹1,000₹1,000
Front passenger w/o seat beltr.138 (3)/ 177₹1,000₹1,000
W/o prescribed reflex reflectorsr.104/ 104A/ 190(2)₹500₹1,500
Driving W/o Number Plate39/192(1)₹500₹1,500
Number Plate not according to pattern/not legible/obscuredreg.16/ 177₹500₹1,500
Unauthorised post-registration alteration of vehicle engine/basic structure52/192₹500₹1,500
Using defective vehicles dangerous for others190(2)₹10,000₹10,000
Towing for reasons other than delivery/repair at a workshop of a disabled vehiclereg.20(1)/ 177₹500₹1,500
Improper towing of disabled vehiclereg.20/ 177₹500₹1,500
School Bus violating direction of Hon’ble High Court177₹500₹1,500
Not providing a smooth passage to the ambulance while carrying the patient₹10,000₹10,000
Carrying goods in a passenger vehicle₹2,000₹5,000
Run away from the spot₹500₹1,500
Driving HMV/MMV passengers with excess speed₹4,000₹4,000
Carrying children below 14 years without safety belt/child restraint system₹1,000₹1,000
Release of exhaust gas other than silencer₹1,000₹2,000
Unauthorised interference with vehicles₹1,000₹1,000

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, managing your Chandigarh traffic challan has never been more convenient. With the power of online systems, you can quickly check your challan status, pick the best method for payment, and bid adieu to hassle. No more waiting in lines or hunting for physical receipts!

Remember, road safety is a shared responsibility. Following traffic rules not only keeps you safe but also contributes to smoother journeys for everyone. So, buckle up, adhere to speed limits, and always respect the signals.

Now armed with knowledge on how to tackle those pesky challans, you’re ready to hit the road with confidence. Whether it’s online payment, visiting the police headquarters, or even contesting a fine, you’ve got the tools to handle it all. Stay safe, drive responsibly, and navigate the roads of Chandigarh with ease!


Q. How can I check my challan in Chandigarh?

You can easily check your challan status by visiting either the CARS24 eChallan section or the Parivahan eChallan webpage. Just enter your vehicle number or challan number to see if you have any pending challan.

Q. Can we pay challan online in Chandigarh?

Yes, you can pay your Chandigarh traffic challan online. There are a few methods available, like using the CARS24 E-Challan Service, the Parivahan website, or the Chandigarh Government’s online challan portal.

Q. What information do I need to check my Chandigarh traffic challan?

To check your Chandigarh traffic challan, you’ll need details like your vehicle number or challan number. These details will help you access the information about your pending challans.

Q.  Can I check my pending traffic fines using my vehicle’s registration number?

Yes, you can. By entering your vehicle’s registration number on platforms like CARS24 or the Parivahan website, you can quickly see if there are any pending traffic fines associated with your vehicle.

Q. What are the accepted modes of online payment for traffic challans in Chandigarh?

You can pay your traffic challans online using methods like debit/credit cards or net banking. Different online platforms provide these payment options for your convenience.

Q. Is there a mobile app available to pay Chandigarh traffic fines?

As of now, there might not be a dedicated app specifically for paying Chandigarh traffic fines, but you can use official websites like CARS24 and Parivahan on your mobile browser to make the payments.

Q. What should I do if I’ve lost my physical copy of the Chandigarh traffic challan?

Don’t worry. You can still retrieve your challan details by entering your vehicle number or challan number on the online platforms, even if you’ve lost the physical copy.

Q. Can I contest or dispute a Chandigarh traffic challan if I believe it’s incorrect?

Yes, if you believe a challan is incorrect, you can follow the prescribed process to contest it. Check the specific guidelines on the official traffic police website for details on how to dispute a challan.

Q. Are there any offline methods to pay my traffic challan in Chandigarh?

Yes, you can pay your Chandigarh traffic challan offline by visiting the Chandigarh Traffic Police Headquarters and submitting the fine amount in cash. You can also pay through a Chandigarh traffic police officer equipped with an eChallan machine.

Q. How long does it take for a Chandigarh traffic challan to reflect in the online system?

The time it takes for a Chandigarh traffic challan to reflect in the online system can vary. Generally, it should appear within a reasonable timeframe after the challan has been issued.

Q. Can I pay multiple Chandigarh traffic challans together in a single transaction?

Yes, if you have multiple Chandigarh traffic challans, you can often pay them together in a single transaction through online platforms like CARS24 or the Parivahan website. Just follow the payment process for each challan you wish to settle.

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