Driving Without Helmet Challan Price - Fine for Driving without Helmet in India

Challan for Driving Without a Helmet in India

Challan for Driving Without Helmet in India - Effective from 2019

In a country like India, where the roads are teeming with an array of vehicles, the importance of road safety cannot be overstated. Among the various safety measures that one must adhere to while driving or riding, the use of a helmet stands out as a paramount requirement. Despite the inherent risks and the ever-present enforcement efforts, incidents of individuals riding without a helmet continue to occur, often with dire consequences.

While riding a two-wheeler it is essential to prioritise your safety and wearing a helmet is a crucial aspect of that. In this informative article, we will shed light on the penalties and challenges associated with driving without a helmet, which leads to helmet challan. 

In this blog you will discover the potential fine for not wearing a helmet and legal implications you may face if caught without a helmet, including the possibility of your licence being suspended for up to three months. We’ll also discuss the helmet challan in States like UP and Delhi.

What is the penalty for not wearing a helmet in India?

Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act makes it illegal to operate a two-wheeler without a helmet as a serious traffic infraction in India. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 was amended in 2019 and as a result, the traffic fines have increased. 

If you are riding a two-wheeler and are in an accident, a helmet will prevent you from suffering severe brain injuries. You will be charged for not wearing a helmet. This also applies to pillion riders who don’t wear helmets because challans are sent to them as well. It’s critical to realise that not wearing a helmet puts your life in danger and leads to a helmet challan. 

Driving without a hamlet can result in a fine of up to ₹1000. The traffic police may also impound the car or suspend the driver’s licence in addition to these options. However, the punishment may differ from state to state. Driving without a helmet is also punishable by up to three months in jail in several states.

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What Happens If You Drive Without a Helmet?

Driving without a helmet in India is a violation of the traffic regulations, specifically Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The consequences for such an offence can vary depending on the state or union territory where the violation occurs. However, the following steps are generally involve:

  • Your motorbike will be stopped by the cops first.
  • The bike’s keys will be taken until the inquiry is finished if the police believe you were trying to run.
  • One of the first things the police will demand is proof that you are legally operating the vehicle. Then, in order to ensure that no additional crimes are being committed, you will be requested to provide your driver’s licence, bike papers, bike insurance policy, and other documentation that leads to a helmet fine.
  • Once the verification is done, the police will prepare a Challan in the name of the offender along with the fine amount according to the amended Motor Vehicles Act of 2019.
  • If the police officer is using updated technology, he will prepare an e-Challan that will be forwarded to your registered mobile number.
  • Once the Challan is handed over or sent to your mobile phone, you can make the payment online or offline.

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Challan for not wearing a helmet in different states

Andhra Pradesh₹1,000 and/or Disqualification of Licence for 3 months
Delhi₹1,000 and/or Disqualification of Licence for 3 months
Karnataka₹1,000 and/or Disqualification of Licence for 3 months
Maharashtra₹1,000 and/or Disqualification of Licence for 3 months
Punjab₹1,000 and/or Disqualification of Licence for 3 months
Uttar Pradesh₹600

Helmet challan price in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, the fine for riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is ₹600.  Earlier, the penalty for this offence was pegged at ₹300 but in 2019, the amount was increased to two times.

Helmet challan price in Punjab     

In Punjab, the challan amount for riding without wearing a helmet has increased from ₹100 in the past to ₹1,000 now. More than that, even the licence of the offender can be suspended for 3 months.

Helmet Challan price in Delhi    

Even in Delhi, the challan amount for the rider or the pillion not wearing a helmet is ₹1,000, which has been increased from ₹100 earlier. Also, the licence of the rider can be suspended for 3 months.

Helmet Challan price in Maharashtra   

In Maharashtra, if a rider or a pillion is caught using a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, he or she can be fined for ₹1000, along with the suspension of licence for 3 months. Earlier, the fine amount was ₹200.

Helmet challan price in Haryana

In Haryana, riding without a helmet can lead to a penalty of ₹1,000. This was ₹500 earlier but was increased after the amended Motor Vehicle Act came into existence.  The fine remains exactly the same even when a pillion is caught riding without wearing a helmet.

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Advice for Avoiding Helmet Challans

Most riders appear to be unaware that, in the event of an accident, their helmet is the only barrier between them and a potentially fatal outcome. When riding their bikes, riders are exposed to the elements, and the only kind of protection in these circumstances is their helmets. India’s government has tightened its helmet regulations in order to protect riders.

It is your obligation to safeguard yourself from harm and accidents. Being cautious can help you avoid accidents. Without warning, things can go wrong in a split second. Wearing a helmet reduces the likelihood of fatal injuries.  Not only is wearing a helmet required by law, but it also protects your safety while driving, which leads to a helmet challan.

A person should use caution and avoid endangering his own life while operating a car. Here are some suggestions to prevent traffic infractions and the challan:

  • For your own protection, put on the helmet
  • Purchase a sturdy helmet with an ISI mark and a 20–25 mm thickness
  • Keep a spare helmet on hand for the passenger
  • Get a helmet lock
  • Once every two to three years, replace the helmet
  • Ensure the helmet fits correctly

Process for Paying the Fine Offline

Here are a few procedures to follow if you want to finish this procedure offline:

Step 1 is to go to the neighbourhood traffic police station. Visit the information desk.

Step 2: Find out how much you must pay for the upcoming fine. Analyse each detail. 

Step 3: Pay the debt in full, collect the receipt, and you are released.

Online Fine Payment Process

The simpler method is to finish this process online, which you can also do. The steps are listed below:

Step 1: Go to the transport department’s website for the concerned state or visit https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan 

Step 2: There is a section for e-challans or traffic violation payments there. Once you’ve found it, click on that link.

Step 3: Type in your challan or car number and enter the captcha code.

Step 4: Information about your penalty and the cost of your payment will be shown on this screen. Use your debit or credit card to make the payment.

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Check Your Challan in Your City/State and Pay Online

Delhi traffic challan statusHaryana traffic challan status
Maharashtra traffic challan statusUttar Pradesh traffic challan status


Q. What happens if I don’t pay the helmet challan?

Your two-wheeler can be impounded and legal proceedings can be initiated against you if you fail to pay your helmet challan on time.

Q. Is it necessary to pay the challan through the State website only?

No, you can also pay it through the Parivahan website – https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/index/accused-challan.

Q. Can I check my challan if I don’t have the challan number?

Yes, you can enter your vehicle details on the Parivahan website to check your challan and pay it.