Without Helmet Challan Price - Fine for Driving without Helmet in India

Challan for Driving Without Helmet in India – Effective from Sep 2019

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Challan for Driving Without Helmet in India – Effective from Sep 2019

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Do you have a habit of leaving the entrance of your house opened before you head to bed every night? No, right? One simply doesn’t take a risk with the security of self, family members or belongings. Similarly, one shouldn’t take a risk while riding a two-wheeler. Still, there are many who often risk their safety while venturing out on the road on their two-wheelers without using a helmet. However, it’s mandatory across the country to wear a safety helmet while riding a two-wheeler. In fact, it’s compulsory for both rider and pillion to wear a helmet. As per Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the helmet should have a thickness of 20-25 mm with superior quality foam. The helmet should also have approval from ISI and follow the Bureau of Standards.

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What is the process if you are caught without helmet for driving?

In case a traffic cop catches you while you are riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, this is how the entire process will likely unfold-

  • The cops will ask you to stop the vehicle and pull over on the side of the road.
  • The traffic cop could even take hold of the handlebar and remove the key of the vehicle from the ignition to ensure that you don’t speed away
  • Next, the traffic police officer will ask you to show The officer will ask for the vehicle documents and check whether they are valid or not. They will also try to figure out if there is another offence they can charge you for apart from the one committed due to not wearing the helmet.
  • Post the entire verification process, they will give you a challan for not wearing a helmet and thereby committing a traffic offence. The challan will be issued in your name and you have to pay the amount as decided in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019. Also, unlike before, you can also be issued an e-challan.
  • Once you receive the challan, you can either pay the fine amount of Rs.1000/- online or offline. 

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For offline: In case you want to pay the challan amount offline, you need to visit the nearest police station. Over there, you need to confirm the amount you need to pay to clear the fine. Do remember to collect the receipt after payment of the fine.

For online:  In case you wish to pay the fine online, the following steps need to be followed- 

  • Visit the website of the State’s Transport Department.
  • Locate the section for the payment of e-challan. Once found, click on the required link for traffic challan payment.
  • Next, enter your vehicle’s registration number or challan number. Y
  • After that, enter the captcha code to verify that you aren’t a robot.
  • Make the required payment through your credit or debit card. You can also use PayTM.
  • Next, once the payment has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation through an e-receipt.

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Tips to refrain from getting fined without wearing helmet for driving

In the following points, we will give you tips to refrain from getting fined without wearing helmet for driving.

  • Of course, the simplest way to avoid a challan for not wearing a helmet is to, well, wear one. Not only that, you should assure that the helmet you are wearing is as per the recommended specifications, failing which, you might still get a challan.
  • Always carry an extra helmet as you might have an unplanned pillion riding with you at a later stage
  • Also, it’s a good idea to invest in a good helmet lock, which will help you ensure that your helmet doesn’t get stolen in case you plan to leave it with the parked vehicle. Doing so will reduce the chances of you being caught riding without a helmet.

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Helmet Challan Price in the Different States

While the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 clearly defines the revised fines for every traffic offence, some states have decided to not follow the guidelines issued by the revised act and have chosen to follow their own figures for penalties. In the below section, we tell you about helmet challan price in different states –

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Helmet challan price in UP

In Uttar Pradesh, the fine for riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is Rs 600.  Earlier, the penalty for this offence was pegged at Rs 300 but in 2019, the amount was increased to two times.                             

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Helmet challan price in Haryana      

In Haryana, riding without a helmet can lead to a penalty of Rs 1,000. This was Rs 500 earlier but was increased after the amended Motor Vehicle Act came into existence.  The fine remains exactly the same even when a pillion is caught riding without wearing a helmet.                

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Helmet challan price in Punjab     

In Punjab, the challan amount for riding without wearing a helmet has increased from Rs 100 in the past to Rs 1,000 now. More than that, even the licence of the offender can be suspended for 3 months.

Helmet Challan price in Delhi    

Even in Delhi, the challan amount for the rider or the pillion not wearing a helmet is Rs 1,000, which has been increased from Rs 100 earlier. Also, the licence of the rider can be suspended for 3 months.

Helmet Challan price in Maharashtra   

In Maharashtra, if a rider or a pillion is caught using a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, he or she can be fined for Rs 1000, along with the suspension of licence for 3 months. Earlier, the fine amount was Rs 200.                      

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How much is the fine for not wearing a helmet?                       

For riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, the fine has been increased Rs 100 to Rs 1,000 with the introduction of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019. Subsequent charges may lead to disqualified of the driving licence for 3 months.

Do you get fined for not wearing a helmet?                                 

Yes, regardless of whether you’re riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet or simply using it as a pillion without proper headgear, the rider will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000, while he can even face suspension of his licence for 3 months.

Can I ride a bike without helmet?                                    

In case you get caught riding a bike without helmet, you will have to pay a challan of Rs 1,000 and your licence might get suspended for a period of 3 months. The penalties are as per the Motor Vehicle Act 2019.

Can I ride a bike drunk?                     

No, drunk driving or driving a motorcycle in an intoxicated state is a punishable offence. The drunken driving penalty has been increased to 6 months imprisonment and/or Rs 10,000 fine for the first offence and 2 years imprisonment and/or fine of Rs 15,000 for the second offence.

What states have no helmet law?                    

Every state in India has mandated the use of a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. However, in December last year, the Gujarat high court made helmets temporarily optional.

Is wearing a bike helmet safer?                        

Wearing a helmet suitable for bicycle riders while riding a motorized two-wheeler is something that is not just illegal but also something that puts you at risk of suffering from serious head injuries in an event of an accident. Hence, one should wear only an ISI-approved helmet of recommended specifications while riding a motorcycle or a scooter.

What happens when you don’t wear a bike helmet?                               

In case you don’t wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler, you are not just at risk of being penalized by the traffic police but are also exposed to the danger of suffering injuries in case of an accident.