How to Sell a Car: Before, While and After Selling Used Car
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How to Sell a Car: Before, While and After Selling Used Car

Team CARS24

When your car gets old or when your needs become bigger, you plan to get a new car. Considering that you would not like to keep both cars at home — well, that’s another case if you use both — it’s best to sell your old car and use the money to get a brand-new, stunning vehicle. In India, selling your car may seem to be a tough task or people say so, at the least.

Sell Car

Like many things that people say, the statement that it’s hard to sell your used car is a bit preoccupied. Actually, if you can be a bit careful and clever, selling your old car will be an incredibly easy task.

We have compiled some insights for effectively selling your car in India. We will talk about various things to take care of during different steps of car-selling. We hope it will help a lot of budget-friendly car enthusiasts.

We have broken down the whole post into three different sections that act as a chain of activities you have to follow to get your car sold, giving you a reasonable amount of money to move on. We start with the factors to take care of when you are all set for selling.

Before You Sell

An In-detail Drive 

Well, we accept the fact that you have been using your car for years — at least, some months. Yet, it does not mean that you know everything about the car when it comes to selling it. You can leave this section if you are one of those who drives all the time. If you are not, it is really advised to have a ride — if possible a long ride — in your car, before you approach the broker/ agency. During the drive, you should check if there are issues with the vehicle. The issues range from some cracking sounds to the continuous breakdowns. Let’s face the fact — you would get more money if you present the vehicle in a healthy condition. So, it’s more or less necessary to know if your car is all set to move forward, and the ride will help you for sure.

To An Expert, Right Away

Suppose you have found some major or minor issues with the car — you will, certainly, if you’ve been using the car for a longer time-period. Then, you should definitely try approaching a mechanic in your area or network. You will have checked the car from the drivers’ point of view, but now, it’s his or her turn to explore the vehicle from the expert’s point of view. An expert can let you know if there are some problems to be fixed in the car. In addition, when you make that visit, you can request that mechanic to test the purely technical aspects like engine and related things. In the long run, the expert’s involvement will help you to be quite confident when you talk about the vehicle to the buyer. By the way, there are some services that can check your vehicle and say whether it is fit for selling, as per the standards.

Get An Estimate

There might be people who have owned the same car and sold it later. If you have someone like that in your friends or family, you should ask them for some advice. Also, if you have done some major changes to the vehicle, you should get an estimate of those too. For instance, if you had upgraded a part of the vehicle, you should have an idea how much did it cost you.

If you’re all set with these, with the papers you require, you can move on to the real selling car section! Shall we?

When You Sell

Select Appropriate Medium

As you know, there are different mediums that you can use for selling your old car. Either you can approach a broker, who may know people looking for a second-hand car. Or, you have the option to depend upon companies that buy used cars from people – like CARS24. You also have the option to post an ad on online classifieds. Each of these popular car-selling methods has some drawbacks and some advantages. So, you’ve to select an appropriate medium of selling, according to your requirement and convenience.

Start the Talk, Move on With It

So, selling your car at a good price also depends upon how you talk to the buyer. Persuading buyers does not mean that you should boast about the car you own. You should rather be open about the vehicle. If you faced any issues or have replaced anything, you should talk about that to the buyer. Similarly, you should also tell the buyer about your experience with the car, and what she or he can expect from it.

Now, giving space for interaction, you will have to answer the questions that the buyer may have to ask. In the first place, answer them all to build trust and take buyer into confidence.

Let Him / Her Drive

Before you negotiate on the price, you should offer a detailed drive of the vehicle. And, make sure that you are with that person during the test drive. Meanwhile, the buyer can check various sections of the vehicle to be sure about the purchase.

If Possible, Negotiate

If the proposed amount doesn’t meet your expectation or you think the vehicle deserves more money, you have to negotiate.

After You Sell

Ownership Transfer and other legal formalities

Fixing things regarding the legality of purchase is important once you have decided to sell it to another person. You may be selling your car to a friend, colleague or an utmost stranger; but, in all cases, you must make sure that the ownership is transferred. By confirming legally that the transfer of vehicle is completed successfully, you might protect yourself to some extent in the case of any illegal activity (involving your car) by the new owner. This is important because there are some instances when the previous owner was sued for to the mistake committed by the new owner — so, legalities matter.

Likewise, you should have a thorough background check of the buyer. Given that you don’t want to be sued after, it’s good to do that.

If you want to sell your car at the best price without having to undergo any hassle, you should sell it to CARS24. We’ll take care of ownership transfer, paperwork, and all the hassle, while you sit back and relax!

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  1. Before selling a used car, you should get your used car evaluated from the professional dealers as they will give you the market value of your car and then you can move forward to selling your car.

  2. Thanks for sharin this. This is important because there are some instances when the previous owner was sued for to the mistake committed by the new owner.

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