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How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership from One State to Another?

When people buy a car, their intent is usually to drive the vehicle in the city/state they live in. However, there are a lot of people who live in one state and wish to buy a car from another state. Some people also buy a car in the same state but move to another state later and have to change the registration details of the vehicle. In all these above-mentioned cases, transferring the vehicle ownership or registration is extremely important. If you find yourself in any of these situations, the in-depth guide provided below should help you out.

What Are The Documents Required For Vehicle Registration Transfer?

As is the case with most RTO services, there are a number of documents that must be gathered and then submitted for the transfer of a vehicle registration from one state to another in India. Please ensure that the correct documents are collected, filled, and submitted for a successful transfer.

Individual Documents RequiredPAN Card – 1 Self-Attested Copy
Address Proof – 1 Self-Attested Copy
Passport-Size Photographs – 2 Self-Attested Copies
RTO Documents RequiredForm 28 – 3 Copies
Form 29 – 2 Copies
Form 30 – 2 Copies
Form 35 & NOC – 1 Copy with Bank Stamp
Sale Affidavit – 1 Copy
Clearance Certificate – 1 Copy
Car DocumentsRC (Registration Certificate)
PUC (Pollution under Control)
InsuranceInsurance Transfer Application – In case insurance is transferred to buyer
Invoice of the car – In case of RC detail mismatch

Step-by-Step Process for Interstate Vehicle Registration Transfer

Whether you’re selling a car or a motorcycle, the transfer process for a vehicle registration remains the same. For a seller, the procedure is given below and should be followed very strictly.

Step 1: In case there is a bank loan involved in the vehicle purchase, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) has to be procured from the bank from where the loan was taken. Along with that, a NO Crime Record Certificate has to be got from the RTO from where the vehicle is registered.

Step 2: When the vehicle is purchased from another state, a NOC must be readied from the RTO from where the vehicle was first registered. Sellers should contact the RTO for more information as processes can change from RTO to RTO.

Step 3: Once the NOC is submitted, the vehicle must be re-registered in the new state’s RTO. The new Registration Certificate will have the name of the new owner and other details of the owner as well. To get this done, Forms 29 and 30 must be submitted from the RTO.

Step 4: If a vehicle is registered in one state and the Road tax has been paid there but the vehicle is transferred to another state, the owner can apply for Road Tax refund from the original RTO where the vehicle was registered.

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, the vehicle can be driven in the new state legally. These steps can be followed by both sellers and the buyers from another state. As soon the NOC for the new state is acquired, the holder must be submitted to the new RTO so that the police can verify the details. After the verification process, the new owner must register the car in the new state and then they will be free to drive in the state. The time it takes for obtaining a NOC is about five weeks whereas the documentation might take about six months to process.

While most people complete all the necessary paperwork and documentation before taking the vehicle to another state, there might be some cases where the vehicle is taken to a new state without the above-mentioned processes completed. In this case, here is what has to be done:

  • If the NOC was acquired but the vehicle could not be transferred to the new state in time, the NOC has to be cancelled by visiting the RTO and paying for the cancellation.
  • If the NOC was obtained and the vehicle was used in the new state but the Road Tax was not paid, the owner must fill and submit a Non-Migration Certificate at the RTO along with the penalty for driving the vehicle with Road Tax.
  • If the new owner wishes to sell the vehicle in the new state, a NOC must be submitted in the new state’s RTO along with the new Road Tax Receipt. Once these documents are submitted successfully, the vehicle can be sold in the state.

NMC and NOC Charges and the Validity:

DelhiRs. 5,00030 DaysRs. 5,00030 Days
MaharashtraRs. 3,0007 Days10 Days
KarnatakaRs. 6,5007 DaysRs. 12,50010 Days
Uttar PradeshRs. 10,0007 DaysRs. 7,00010 Days
HyderabadRs. 3,0007 DaysRs. 4,00010 Days
HaryanaRs. 1,5007 DaysRs. 3,00010 Days

In every state, the Road Tax differs and is made according to the price of the vehicle. The Road Tax is calculated according to the ex-Showroom price of the vehicle. Listed below is some the Road Tax amounts for some of the states in India and some of the additional charges that can be levied.

DelhiUnder 6 Lakhs – 4%
6 to 10 Lakhs – 7%
Above 10 Lakhs – 10%
Under 6 Lakhs – 5%
6 to 10 Lakhs – 8.75%
Above 10 Lakhs – 12.5%
Andhra PradeshUnder 10 Lakhs – 12%
Above 10 Lakhs – 14%
Under 10 Lakhs – 12%
Above 10 Lakhs – 14%
2% RTO Tax for the second car purchased in the state
KarnatakaUnder 5 Lakhs – 15%
5 to 10 Lakhs – 16%
10 to 20 Lakhs – 19%
Above 20 Lakhs – 20%
Under 5 Lakhs – 15%
5 to 10 Lakhs – 16%
10 to 20 Lakhs – 19%
Above 20 Lakhs – 20%
Punjab6% on all vehicles6% on all vehicles 
MaharashtraUnder 10 Lakhs – 9%
10 to 20 Lakhs – 10%
Above 20 Lakhs – 11%
Under 10 Lakhs – 11%
10 to 20 Lakhs – 12%
Above 20 Lakhs – 13%
CNG Vehicles Under 10 Lakhs – 5%
CNG Vehicles 10-20 Lakhs – 6%
HaryanaUnder 6 Lakhs – 5%
6 to 20 Lakhs – 8%
Above 20 Lakhs – 10%
Under 6 Lakhs – 5%
6 to 20 Lakhs – 8%
Above 20 Lakhs – 10%
Regional fees per village or town may apply
ChandigarhBelow 20 Lakhs – 6%
Above 20 Lakhs – 8%
Below 20 Lakhs – 6%
Above 20 Lakhs – 8%
Uttar PradeshUnder 10 Lakhs – 8%Under 10 Lakhs – 8% 

If you have a vehicle and wish to sell it to a buyer in another state, the process mentioned above could help you not only save time, but could get you a better price on your vehicle. More often than not, selling a car to a buyer out of the state it is registered in will depreciate the value but if all the paperwork is done by the seller and before the sale of the car is actually done, it could result in a better asking price. If you follow the steps mentioned here, you can be prepared and ready to sell your vehicle quicker and with limited hassle.

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