How To Get Duplicate RC Book Online & Offline - 2024

How To Get Duplicate RC Book Online & Offline – 2024

Duplicate RC online & offline

The RC or registration certificate is an important document you must carry when driving your car. However, if you misplace it or lose it, you need to get a duplicate RC book to avoid any fine or challan that could be issued if you drive without the RC.

Whatever the case, don’t worry; you can apply for a duplicate RC book simply either online or offline. It is a quick and simple process that costs only half of what an RC issue or renewal would cost in terms of time, paperwork, and fees.

But let’s understand what’s a duplicate RC.

What Is a Duplicate RC?

Duplicate RCs are copies of the original registration certificates (RCs) issued to vehicle owners for particular vehicles registered with Regional Transport Offices (RTO). You can obtain a second RC book or smart card when you renew.

However, you must file a police report in the area where the certificate went missing to obtain a duplicate RC. You can apply for a copy of the RC online or offline with a copy of the police complaint.

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When and Why Would you Require Duplicate RC?

If a traffic officer stops you and demands that you present a legitimate copy of the car’s registration certificate, you risk getting into legal trouble, and your vehicle may be impounded if you do not have the RC.

Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a backup copy of your vehicle’s RC in case the original is destroyed, stolen, or misplaced. Applying for a duplicate RC is rather simple if all the necessary documents are in order.

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How to Apply for Duplicate RC Online?

You can apply for a duplicate RC online in the following ways:

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa official website.
  • Choose the option to submit an online application for a duplicate RC by clicking on “online services” and then on “vehicle-related services”.
  • Complete the duplicate RC application form and check the owner information that was created automatically.
  • Online service fee payment. The fee varies depending on whether it is a 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler, LCV, HCV, etc.
  • Then a receipt is generated, which must be delivered with other supporting documentation to the relevant transit authority office.

Converting RC Book to RC Smart Card

You should be aware of the RC card/book’s value if you are the vehicle owner. It is now required by the Indian government that you drive with a copy of your RC card or book. A copy of your vehicle’s registration certificate, or RC, is proof that it has been registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities.

The Superintendent of Traffic should be contacted if a paper RC book needs to be converted to an RC Smart card. The following supporting documentation must also be delivered to the RTO with the application:

  • A copy of the insurance policy
  • PUC certificate copy
  • Required payment
  • First RC book

The RC smart card can be obtained within a week of submitting the required paperwork to the RTO.

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Documents Required for Issuing Duplicate RC Online

Both online and offline applicants for duplicate RC books must present the following paperwork:

  • Police certificate or a copy of a complaint filed at the regional police station in charge of the area where the RC was misplaced or harmed
  • Form 26
  • Vehicle’s unique pollution certificate
  • Cars owner’s address verification
  • Car owner’s Form 60 or 61, or pan card
  • Owner identification by signature
  • Commercial vehicles require additional documents, such as a tax clearance certificate and a clearing challan from the Enforcement Traffic Wing
  • Engine pencil and engine chassis printed out
  • Copy of an affidavit claiming that the original RC is missing

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How to Apply for Duplicate RC Offline?

You can use the following steps to obtain a duplicate Registration Certificate in person.

  • Step 1: Go to the police station in the neighbourhood where you lost your RC book 
  • Step 2: Get the Missing Registration Certificate Challan for your missing RC book
  • Step 3: Obtain a NOC from the right bank if your car is financed or leased
  • Step 4: Send the paperwork mentioned above and the rest of the necessary paperwork to the Regional Transport Office (RTO)
  • Step 5: Pay the duplicate RC book fees in accordance with your state’s regulations

Your duplicate RC will be delivered to your registered address within a few business days after you have finished this process.

Documents Required for Issuing Duplicate RC Offline

Visit the closest office where the original RC for the vehicle was generated to obtain a duplicate registration certificate offline. Then, complete the following steps:

  • Fill up form 26A
  • Submit the form
  • Include the necessary documentation

The documents required for applying for a duplicate RC offline are the same as in the online application process. The only difference is that the documents in the offline procedure should be attached physically to the application form. In the online mode, the documents are to be uploaded online. 

However, note that verification of certain documents is physically mandatory at the RTO office, even if the application was made online. Make sure that the required documents are attested by higher authorities such as gazetted officers or Nigam Parishad.

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Fee Structure to Get a Duplicate RC

You need to pay a specific fee to get the duplicate RC. The fee may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The duplicate RC application fee structure for different types of vehicles is in the table below:

S.NO.Type of VehicleDuplicate RC fee
1.Carriage (invalid)~ ₹25
2.Motorcycle~ ₹150
3.Light motor vehicle (non-transportation)~ ₹300
4.Light motor vehicle (for transportation)~ ₹500
5.Passenger motor vehicle (medium)~ ₹500
6.Goods vehicle (medium)~ ₹500
7.Passenger motor vehicle (heavy)~ ₹750
8.Goods vehicle (heavy)~ ₹750
9.Motorcycle (imported)~ ₹1,250
10.Motor vehicle (imported)~ ₹2,500
11.For any other kind of vehicle~ ₹1,500

Please remember that these charges are tentative and can vary by State. Also, you have to pay according to the type of vehicle you own. This payment is to be made after the process of registration. You can pay either online or offline.

NOTE: If the online or offline application is submitted through a third party, you may have to pay additional charges.

How to Check the Status of a Duplicate Registration Certificate?

You can visit the online Parivahan Sewa services portal to check the status of your duplicate RC application. The status can then be found under “RCDL.” To find out the status, you will need to enter your registration number.

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What Is the Processing Time for a Duplicate RC?

From the submission date, it may take 15–30 days for the duplicate RC to be issued. The duplicate RC download system will also be accessible once the application is processed.

You can easily obtain your duplicate RC from RTO without the assistance of a third party by following these simple steps. However, please always keep a copy of the original RC on hand because you can use it to request a replacement. Application form no. 26A must be filled out and include the registration number and other information.

Difference Between RC Renewal and Getting Duplicate RC, in Case You Lost It

A vehicle’s duplicate registration certificate (RC) and renewal of its registration certificate are two separate things. The RTO issues registration certificates with a 15-year expiration date. The RC must be renewed at the end of this period. This indicates that the vehicle’s owner will receive a new, authentic RC.

One may, however, request a duplicate RC in specific situations, such as when the original is missing, lost, or stolen or when the information on the RC is not legible. While making an application for a duplicate RC, having a copy of the original document may be useful. The Regional Transport Office’s procedures may move more quickly as a result.

A registration certificate is an important legal document that certifies a vehicle’s ownership. As a result, it becomes a crucial document required for the sale or transfer of vehicle ownership. Additionally, an RC is required to operate a car on public highways lawfully. Although carrying physical copies of your licence or vehicle registration certificate is no longer required, using a vehicle without an RC is still not advisable. It’s a good idea to have copies of important papers like your driver’s licence and vehicle registration certificate accessible through DigiLocker or other safe cloud services.

The registration certificate is one of the essential documents that a vehicle owner can access via DigiLocker, a platform for electronically issuing and verifying documents. Important documents like your PAN card, driver’s licence, registration certificate, Aadhaar card, insurance paperwork, etc., can be safely stored in the DigiLocker app.

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The duplicate RC will be handled within 15 to 30 days of the submission date. After processing, you can also access the duplicate RC download system.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can quickly get your duplicate RC from RTO without the need for a third party. However, if you ever need a replacement, please keep a copy of the original RC available. The registration number and other details must be included on application form no. 26A.


Q. What is the RC number of a car?

A copy of your vehicle’s registration certificate, or RC, is proof that it has been registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authorities. The RC number of the car is its registration number which is mentioned on both the RC book and the RC smart card.

Q. Is the fee structure of a duplicate RC same for all states?

Yes, all Indian states have identical pricing structures for duplicate RC.

Q. Are duplicate RC and RC renewals the same?

If you have lost your RC, the following is the difference between renewing it and getting a duplicate: The RC must be restarted after 15 years from its initial issuance by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. In contrast, a replacement RC is sent when the first one is lost or destroyed

Q. How can I download a duplicate RC from Parivahan?

-Visit the Parivahan website and select the “Download Document” menu.
-Choose the RC Print (Form 23)’ Option.
-Choose the state.
-Enter your engine, chassis, and full registration numbers now.
-When you click Validate Given Numbers, an OTP will be delivered to the registered mobile phone.
-After validating the print or download RC, enter the OTP.

Q. Is an insurance certificate necessary to apply for a duplicate RC?

No, it’s not required.