How To Get Duplicate RC Book Online & Offline
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How To Get Duplicate RC Book Online & Offline

Know Your RC:

An RC or Registration Certificate is a document that is mandatory for every vehicle owner to hold. It acts as proof that a vehicle is legally registered by a specific RTO under the government of India. It is valid for 15 years and must be renewed thereafter every 5 years. However, as is the case with any document, over time the RC can get damaged or misplaced. In case an RC is lost or damaged, a duplicate one can be requested through an application process. Applying for a duplicate RC can either be done online or offline and is a rather simple procedure. Today RC’s can be had in the form of a Smart Card which makes it easier to carry and is a lot more durable. Here is the information available on an RC Smart Card or an RC Book:

RC stands for a registration certificate. It signifies that your vehicle is registered under the of Govt of India. No vehicle can be driven without an RC and things get tough if you have lost your RC. But before we tell you how to get a duplicate RC when your RC book lost, it’s important for you to know that your Registration Certificate has certain abbreviations and paperwork associated with it which you should be knowing about. So, here is what all those abbreviations and forms mean:

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Abbreviation   Definition
TO Transfer of Ownership
ALT RC update on same ownership
HPA Hypothecation Available
HPT Hypothecation Terminated
 Form 26 To apply for duplicate RC
 Form 28 To take State/RTO NOC from registering authority.
Form 29 Intimation to RTO registered owner has sold his vehicle.
Form 30 Intimation to RTO to transfer the ownership
Form 35 Provided by financier to terminate HP from RC (In case of HP)

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Details On Registration Certificate

You will find the following details on your Registration Certificate:

1. Registration Number
2. Registration Date
3. Ownership Serial
4. Chassis Number
5. Engine Number
6. Hypothecation Status
7. RC Chip
8. Vehicle Class
9. Customer Details
10. Car Details
11. RTO Details
12. Road Tax Details

RC of a car

In which cases would you require a duplicate RC?

Other than the case where you have lost your RC, there are some more scenarios where you would need to get a duplicate RC. We have listed them here for you:

  • When you have the original RC but with broken or missing chip, this RC is not valid.
  • When your RC has incorrect particulars such as HPA / HPT, Ownership serial, MFG year, etc.
  • The details/ information differs in Vahan Check from the original Registration Certificate.
  • When the CHASSIS number is not legible.
  • When you have misplaced or lost your RC.

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How to get a duplicate RC Offline?

In case you have lost your RC and are wondering how to get a duplicate RC offline, you need to submit an application at the nearest police station. To be precise, the police station of the area where you have lost the RC. You can also launch a FIR online. The purpose is to get a  Missing Registration Certificate challan for the lost RC as the challan stands as a testimony of the car RC being lost. The Challan is issued free of cost but you might have to provide the basic details like:

  • Car Owner Name
  • Car Owner Address
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Car Model
  • Car Color
  • Registration number of your car
  • Self-attested copy of ID proof
  • Self-attested copy of Address proof
  • Self-attested copy of Driving license

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If your vehicle is leased/ financed, you will need an NOC from the bank for the RTO.  This is required because the RTO  needs a proof for the status of hypothecation on the vehicle. Next, you need to submit the following to the RTO:

  • RTO Form 26. Download RTO Form 26 here
  • FIR copy
  • Bank NOC
  • Chassis imprint of the car
  • PUC copy
  • ID proofs (ID and Address)
  • Affidavit claiming the loss of RC (to ensure your RC is not seized)  

You just have to pay the duplicate RC fee that is not beyond INR 500 and the new RC is sent to your registered address in a few days.

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Can I Apply for a Duplicate RC if it isn’t Lost or Damaged?

The short answer to that question is yes. Anyone can apply for a duplicate RC given that they provide sufficient proof for the request. Here are some of the cases wherein you can apply for a duplicate RC:

  • If the original RC’s chip is broken or missing entirely.
  • If any of the information on the RC is incorrect.
  • If the information listed on the Vahan Check does not match the RC document.
  • If the number of the Chassis is not valid.
  • If the information on the RC is severely scratched and unreadable.

How to get a duplicate RC Online?

Following are the steps on how to apply for duplicate RC online. It may be noted here that the online procedure is limited only till the application stage, after which a visit to the RTO can’t be avoided .

  • After lodging an FIR, fill out an application form online at Parivahan Sewa website. The form will even require the information of the lodged FIR and vehicle insurance policy
  • Pay the required service fee online
  • The generated receipt will be required to be submitted along with the necessary documents at the RTO

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Here are the documents required for Duplicate Registration Certificate-

Application form 26 (in duplicate and one copy duly attested along with the endorsement from the financier of Hypothecated)

  • Original copy of FIR/Police certificate
  • Attested copy of Pollution under control (PUC) certificate
  • Attested copy of Valid insurance certificate*
  • Attested copy of Proof of address*
  • Challan clearance from traffic police & Enforcement wing Transport Department in case of commercial vehicles*
  • Tax clearance from Accounts Department in case of commercial vehicles*
  • Attested copy of PAN Card or form 60 & form 61 (as applicable) *
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print*
  • Signature Identification of owner*
  • Affidavit stating that RC is lost and has not been impounded*

The aforementioned copies need to be attested by an MLA/Nigam Parshad/Gazetted officer/Public Notary. Once all the documents are recieved and verified successfully, the registering authority will issue a duplicate RC.

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How to differentiate an Original RC from a FAKE RC?

Sometimes on the name of duplicate RC, you might get a fake RC from the agents. There are ways you can identify if the Registration Certificate is original or fake. Here are a few ways to verify whether the RC is original:

  • HR Number Vehicle RC always have a “Stapler Mark” on the RC.
  • Any specification mentioned above is missing from the RC.
  • Laminated RC needs to be cross-checked, Kodak papers are not used by Govt. in making RC.

Exception:  If the same spelling mistake in name is present on both the RC and Vahan Check website, then you might not require a duplicate RC.

Difference Between RC Renewal and Obtaining Duplicate One If You Have Lost Your RC

There are quite a few differences between a duplicate RC application and a renewal RC application. However, the biggest difference between the two is that a duplicate RC is made when the original RC has been misplaced or is damaged severely whereas, a renewal RC application is made when the original RC has reached its 15-year expiration date. Now that we know the process for applying for a duplicate RC, let’s take a look at the procedure for renewing a RC.

Here are the steps for RC Renewal process or re-registration of vehicle

For re-registration of vehicle or its RC renewal if it’s more than 15 years old:

  • Submit an application for RC renewal along with Form 25 to the RTO
  • Get the vehicle inspected at the RTO
  •  Pay the required fee to RTO at its cash counter
  • A new Registration Certificate is issued after the verification of all documents

For re-registration of vehicle or renewal of registration following inter-state transfer:

  • Submit a self-declaration affidavit to the RTO
  • Obtain NOC from origianl RTO by submitting 3 copies of duly-filled Form 27 and Form 28.
  • Obtain NOC from National Crime Record Bureau and the financier (if applicable)
  • The insurance policy, PUC certificate, copy of the chassis imprint, smart card copy, ID proof, and address proof should also be submitted

Procedure to convert RC book to RC Smart Card

While technology has come a long way, many people choose to hold on to their old RC Books. In these cases, most of the RC Books are extremely damaged, torn, or have the text worn away. People who are looking to convert their old RC Books into RC Smart Card’s need to follow the following pointers:

  1. Write a letter stating that you wish to convert your RC Book to a RC Smart Card and send it to the Traffic Police Superintendent in your city.
  2. Take your vehicle insurance papers and the PUC to the RTO where the vehicle was first registered.
  3. Pay the fees for converting RC Book to RC Smart Card.
  4. Submit the old RC Book and the documents required at the RTO.
  5. Once the verification process is complete, the RTO will issue and dispatch the Smart Card to the registered address.

Most of the RTOs issue smart cards instead of paper based RC book. In case you have the old type of registration certificate, you can apply for Duplicate RC in a Smart Card format by filling RTO Form 26 in two copies with either of reasons as valid for request as applicable-

  • Printing Written off
  • RC soiled
  • RC torn / mutilated

The procedure to converted RC book to RC Smart Card involves payment of a fee of roughly Rs 300, along with submission of the following documents –

  • Previous Original RC
  • ID & address proof
  • Chassis Imprint
  • Insurance and PUC Copy
  • Application for Smart Card Issuance

Documents Required for Submission When Converting RC Book to RC Smart Card

Here are the documents that are required to be submitted when converting a RC Book to a RC Smart Card at the RTO:

  • Original RC Book
  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of Address
  • Insurance and PUC Papers
  • Chassis Imprint
  • Application for Smart Card Insurance

Documents Required When Applying for a Duplicate RC

As mentioned above, there are certain documents that have to be submitted at the RTO in order for the application to go through successfully. Here are the documents needed when it comes to getting a duplicate RC prepared:

  • Form 26 – Application form for Duplicate RC
  • FIR copy in case the RC is lost
  • Original RC in case the RC is damaged
  • Tax payment details and tax token details for the last 4 quarters
  • Copy of the Motor Insurance Plan
  • NOC from the financier of the vehicle
  • Active PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate

So, the above guide should answer your question of how to get a duplicate RC in an event where your RC book lost. Also, in case your vehicle is turning old and you want to sell your car after getting the duplicate RC, CARS24 is here for you. We offer the best price and we also provide a simple hassle free way of to sell a car. Reach out to us at 1800-112233 for more 🙂

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