Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon Comparison- Price, Features & Specifications

Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon Comparison- Price, Features & Specifications

creta vs nexon

Buckle up for an electrifying automotive showdown! In one corner, the suave Hyundai Creta, a true SUV titan. In the opposite corner, the tech-savvy Tata Nexon is ready to make its mark. It’s time for the epic clash — Hyundai Creta vs. Tata Nexon! Remember, these aren’t just vehicles; they’re your tickets to unforgettable road adventures.

While the Hyundai Creta exudes sophistication and commands attention, the Tata Nexon charges with dynamic energy. Think of it as comparing a luxury cruise to an adrenaline-pumping off-road escapade – both promise a breathless experience.

Join us on an expedition filled with roaring engines, futuristic tech, and a quest for automotive excellence. From engine performance to interior comfort, and safety prowess to price tag battles – get ready to be thrilled. The Hyundai Creta vs. Tata Nexon showdown is here, ready to redefine how you see SUVs!

Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon: Price and Variant Levels

Starting PriceHyundai Creta Tata Nexon 
(Ex-showroom, Delhi)₹10.87 lakh₹7.99 lakh

If you are in two minds and are having a tough time deciding between the Hyundai Creta and Tata Nexon, let us break it down for you. The Hyundai Creta kicks off at ₹10.87 lakh for the E variant, reaching up to ₹19.20 lakh for the SX Opt Knight. Meanwhile, Tata Nexon starts at ₹7.99 lakh with the XE variant and goes up to ₹14.60 lakh for the XZA Plus Lumiere.

In terms of variants, the Hyundai Creta offers 6 choices: E, S, SX, SX (O), SX (O) Knight, and SX Opt Knight. The Tata Nexon has 6 variants as well: XE, XM, XZ, XZ+, XZA, and XZA Plus.

While the Creta comes with a bit of a higher price tag, it offers more space and features. If you’re after a roomy SUV loaded with bells and whistles, the Creta could be your pick. On the other hand, the Tata Nexon is budget-friendly and more compact. It doesn’t skimp on features and offers a comfortable ride.

Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon: Engine, Gearbox, and Performance

SpecificationsHyundai CretaTata Nexon
Engine1.5L MPi Petrol,1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel1.2L Turbo Revotron Petrol, 1.5L Turbo Revotorq Diesel
Maximum Power113 bhp (1.5L P)115 bhp (1.5L D)123 bhp (Petrol)124 bhp (Diesel)
Peak Torque143.8 Nm (Petrol)250 Nm (Diesel)170 Nm (Petrol)260 Nm (Diesel)
Transmission6-Speed MT, IVT (1.5L P),6-Speed MT, 6-Speed AT (1.5L D)6-Speed MT/ 6-Speed AMT
Mileage16.76 km/l (P MT), 16.76 km/l (P AMT),21.35 km/l (D MT),18.46 km/l (D AT)17.33 km/l (P MT), 17.05 km/l (P AMT)21.19 km/l (D MT),22.07 km/l (D AMT)
Fuel Tank50L44L

Hyundai Creta boasts a formidable trio of engines. The 1.5L MPi Petrol generates an impressive 113 bhp, while the 1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel delivers a robust 115 bhp. Torque enthusiasts have options too – choose between 143.8 Nm for the Petrol variant and a whopping 250 Nm for the Diesel. Transmission choices range from the efficient 6-Speed Manual to the smooth IVT (1.5L Petrol) and the responsive 6-Speed Manual and 6-Speed AT (1.5L Diesel).

Tata Nexon, on the other hand, enters the arena with unwavering confidence. Its 1.2L Revotron Turbocharged Petrol Engine impresses at 110 bhp, while the 1.5L Revotorq Turbocharged Diesel Engine surges ahead at 124 bhp. Torque is equally compelling with 170 Nm for the Petrol and a commanding 260 Nm for the Diesel. Transmission choices encompass the engaging 6-speed Manual and the convenience of an AMT.

Both Petrol and Diesel variants ensure you’re never short on choices, offering diverse fueling options. Tata Nexon wins in efficiency, with the Petrol sipping at 24.07 km/l and the Diesel impressing at 20.51 km/l. Plus, both models generously accommodate five passengers to partake in the thrill of the ride.

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Hyundai Creta vs. Tata Nexon: Design and Dimensions 

DimensionsHyundai CretaTata Nexon
Length4,300 mm3,993 mm
Width1,790 mm1,811 mm 
Height1,635 mm1,606 mm
Wheelbase2,610 mm2,498 mm
Boot Space433L350L
Seating Capacity55

When comparing the design and dimensions of the Hyundai Creta and Tata Nexon, key distinctions become evident. The Hyundai Creta boasts a longer body at 4,300 mm, while the Tata Nexon is more compact at 3,993 mm in length. However, the Nexon takes the lead in width, measuring 1,811 mm compared to the Creta’s 1,790 mm.

In terms of height, the Creta stands taller at 1,635 mm, while the Nexon maintains a slightly lower profile at 1,606 mm. The Creta’s longer wheelbase, at 2,610 mm, provides ample legroom for passengers, while the Nexon maintains a balanced compact design with a 2,498 mm wheelbase.

Additionally, the Creta offers a larger boot space at 433 litres, whereas the Nexon provides slightly less at 350 litres. Both vehicles accommodate up to five passengers comfortably. These differences in design and dimensions offer buyers a choice between a longer, taller, and more spacious Creta or a slightly more compact yet wider Tata Nexon, catering to various preferences and needs.

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Hyundai Creta vs. Tata Nexon: Interior and Features

FeaturesHyundai CretaTata Nexon
HeadlampsLED ProjectorsProjector Headlights
Keyless Entry And Push Button Start/StopYesYes
Driving ModesYes – Eco, Normal, SportYes – Eco, City, Sport
Infotainment System26.03 cm HD Infotainment System17.78 cm Floating Infotainment System
Apple CarPlay And Android AutoYes, WirelessYes
Audio System8-Speaker Sound System By Bose Audio8-Speaker Sound System By Harman
In-Built NavigationYeswhat3words
Digital Instrument ConsoleYesDigital Console
Driver Seat Adjustment8-Way Power Adjust6-Way Manual Adjustment
Seat VentilationYesYes
SunroofPanoramic Smart SunroofElectronic Sunroof
Automatic Headlamps and WipersYesYes
Surround View CameraRear-View CameraRear-View Camera
Electronically Adjustable ORVMsAdjustable And FoldableAdjustable And Foldable
Auto-dimming IRVMsYesYes
Connected Car TechAdvanced BlueLinkiRA Connected Car Tech
Voice Recognition And CommandsYesNatural Voice Command Recognition
Air PurifierYesYes
Front ArmrestYesYes
Cooled StorageYesYes
Foldable Rear Seat60:40 Split Folding60:40 Split Folding
Ambient LightsYesNo
Automatic Climate ControlYesYes
Wireless Charging PadYesYes
Cruise ControlYesYes
Rear AC VentsYesYes, Floor Mounted
Paddle ShiftersYesNo

When examining the interior and features of the Hyundai Creta and Tata Nexon, discernible differences make this contest more exciting. The Hyundai Creta offers a more extensive infotainment system with a 26.03 cm HD display compared to the Tata Nexon’s 17.78 cm floating infotainment unit. Both vehicles are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, providing seamless smartphone integration. 

In terms of audio, the Creta boasts an 8-speaker sound system by Bose Audio, while the Nexon features an equally impressive 8-speaker sound system by Harman. The Creta further enhances driver comfort with an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, whereas the Nexon offers a 6-way manual adjustment. 

Another notable difference lies in ambient lighting, where the Creta includes ambient lights to create a captivating interior atmosphere, while the Nexon does not offer this feature. Both vehicles offer practical features such as automatic climate control, cruise control, rear AC vents, and wireless charging pads, ensuring a comfortable and convenient driving experience. 

These distinctions in interior and features cater to different preferences, with the Creta emphasising advanced technology and audio quality, while the Nexon focuses on a functional and well-equipped interior.

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Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon: Safety

Safety FeaturesHyundai CretaTata Nexon
AirbagsYes, Up to 6Dual-Front Airbags (Driver and Co-Driver)
Traction Control, Electronic Stability ProgramYesYes
Hill Hold ControlYesYes
ISOFIX MountYesYes
Tyre Pressure Monitoring SystemYesYes
ADAS Safety SuiteNoNo
Speed Sensing Auto LockYesYes
Cornering LampsYesYes
Safety Ratings3-Star GNCAP (Old Protocol)5-Star GNCAP (Old Protocol)

When it comes to safety, both the Hyundai Creta and Tata Nexon offer commendable features, but some distinctions set them apart. The Hyundai Creta provides airbags, with options for up to six airbags, offering comprehensive protection for passengers. In contrast, the Tata Nexon features dual-front airbags for the driver and co-driver.

Both vehicles prioritise stability and control with traction control and electronic stability programs, ensuring a secure driving experience. Hill hold control is another shared safety feature that prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when starting on an incline. 

Both the Creta and Nexon cater to the safety of younger passengers with ISOFIX mounts for child seats and include a tire pressure monitoring system to help maintain optimal tire conditions. However, while the Tata Nexon has achieved a 5-star safety rating from GNCAP (Old Protocol), the Hyundai Creta holds a 3-star rating under the same standards. 

These differences in safety features highlight the varying safety priorities of each vehicle, with the Nexon excelling in GNCAP safety ratings and the Creta offering a wider range of airbag options for passengers’ protection.

Hyundai Creta vs Tata Nexon: Warranty, Reliability, and Resale

Standard Warranty Coverage
Hyundai Creta 3 Years/ Unlimited Km Standard Warranty and Roadside Assistance (RSA), Up to 5 Years Running Repair Package, Up to 5 Years Maintenance Package, Up to 7 Years Extended Warranty
Tata Nexon 3 Years/ 1,00,000 Km Standard Warranty, 3 Years/ 1,00,000 Km Roadside Assistance

In terms of warranty, the Hyundai Creta stands out with a 3-year/unlimited kilometre standard warranty and roadside assistance. It goes even further by offering options for extended coverage, including running repair packages and maintenance packages for up to 5 years, as well as an extended warranty that stretches up to 7 years. This robust warranty package enhances the Creta’s overall reliability and potential resale value.

On the other hand, the Tata Nexon provides a 3-year/1,00,000 kilometre standard warranty and 3 years/1,00,000 kilometres of roadside assistance. While the Nexon is certainly a reliable vehicle, its warranty coverage is more limited compared to the Creta’s comprehensive offerings. For buyers seeking long-term reliability and potential resale value, the Creta’s extensive warranty options and packages may be a more appealing choice.

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Our Verdict

As we bring this electrifying comparison between the Hyundai Creta and Tata Nexon to a close, the real adventure is just beginning – the adventure of making the right choice for you.

The Hyundai Creta brings elegance and power to the table, embodying a sophisticated aura that makes a statement wherever it goes. With its lavish interior and an array of features catering to your every whim, it’s like stepping into a luxury sanctuary on wheels. On the other hand, the Tata Nexon emerges as a bold and tech-savvy contender, flaunting its unique design and youthful charm.

So, which path will you take? Are you leaning towards the Creta’s refined elegance or the Nexon’s audacious spirit? While specifications and features provide valuable insights, remember that the ultimate decision is driven by how the car resonates with your lifestyle and requirements. Don’t hesitate to take them both for a spin, immersing yourself in their features, and allowing your heart  (and wallet) to guide you.

As you buckle up and prepare to undertake new journeys, whether in the Hyundai Creta or Tata Nexon, you’re not merely selecting a vehicle – you’re selecting a companion that will be a part of your adventures, turning every drive into a chapter of your unique story. So, choose wisely and get ready for an unforgettable ride ahead!


Q. Which one has better mileage: Hyundai Creta or Tata Nexon?

The Tata Nexon offers slightly better mileage compared to the Hyundai Creta, with the Nexon providing an average of 24.07 km/l for its petrol variant and 20.51 km/l for its diesel variant.

Q. Which car is cheaper: Hyundai Creta or Tata Nexon?

In terms of pricing, the Tata Nexon is generally more affordable than the Hyundai Creta, with the base variant of the Nexon starting at ₹7.99 lakh (ex-showroom), whereas the Hyundai Creta’s base variant starts at ₹10.87 lakh (ex-showroom).

Q. Which SUV offers better handling, the Hyundai Creta or the Tata Nexon?

The Tata Nexon has a slight edge in terms of handling, thanks to its compact size and sporty suspension setup. The Nexon is also lighter than the Creta, which helps it to feel more nimble on the road. However, the Creta is not a slouch in the handling department, and it offers a comfortable ride for long journeys.

Q. Does the Hyundai Creta have more advanced technology features compared to the Tata Nexon?

The Hyundai Creta does have more advanced technology features than the Tata Nexon, especially in terms of its connectivity features. The Creta comes standard with BlueLink-connected car technology, which allows you to control certain aspects of your car remotely, such as locking and unlocking the doors, starting the engine, and checking the fuel level.

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