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India’s 5 Cheapest Cars With Airbag Explained

India’s 5 Cheapest Cars With Airbag Explained

Indians are fast understanding the benefit of spending that extra amount of money on car safety aids. An increasing number of consumers are looking at purchasing a car that comes with a driver side airbag as standard – this is also important as a majority of us end up driving the car alone on most occasions. Hence we decided to come up with this article on India’s cheapest cars with an airbag.

cheapest cars with airbags

An airbag is an important safety feature. Based on the impact that is sensed by the front sensors, an airbag will deploy in a fraction of a section, thereby preventing the driver’s face from hitting the steering or the windshield – this reduces the probability of an injury by a big margin, thereby cutting down on road fatalities. Lets have a look at the most affordable airbag equipped cars:

Cars With Airbag: Maruti Alto 800

cheapest cars with airbags

Pricing: 2.52 lakh onwards
Version: STD(O) onwards

India’s largest selling car is also the most affordable when it comes to offering a driver side airbag. Maruti is offering owners to opt for this feature across all the versions. Interestingly, Tata Motors is yet to offer an airbag on the Nano yet. The airbag option is also available with the CNG version of the Alto 800. This car is very popular among all segment of buyers.

Maruti Alto K10

cheapest cars with airbags

Pricing: 3.33 lakh onwards
Version: LX(O) onwards

If you want something more stylish than the Alto 800, pick this one up for approximately INR 80,000 extra. You get a better looking hatchback with more features and most importantly, a bigger engine that gives it better performance. Like the Alto 800, the airbag option is also offered across all the versions of the Alto K10 as well. The CNG and AGS (auto gear shift) versions also get the same option. Kudos to Maruti Suzuki for this initiative.

Datsun Redi-GO

cheapest cars with airbags

Pricing: 3.37 lakh onwards
Version: S onwards

The cute little Datsun Redi-GO is among the most stylish small cars in the market. However, the company is not offering the option for an airbag in the lower version. You have to shell out Rs 3.37 for the ‘S’ version which is same as the Alto K10 in terms of value. The Redi-GO looks nice, has modern interiors but could do with a bigger engine. Nevertheless, it is the only Japanese car here.

Hyundai Eon

cheapest cars with airbags

Pricing: 3.56 lakh onwards
Version: Lite Plus (O) onwards

The Hyundai Eon has won hearts with its good design and excellent interiors. The cabin of the Eon looks from a segment above which has been its USP. In terms of safety, though the base version does not get an airbag option, the next in line, Lite Plus, gets an optional driver side airbag for Rs 3.56 lakh  – this is good value considering the Eon feels like a premium small car.

Renault KWID

cheapest cars with airbags

Pricing: 3.79 lakh onwards
Version: RXT (O) onwards

And finally, the French connection! The KWID has been a runaway success for Renault in India. We told about its new version, the CLIMBER recently. In terms of safety, Renault is not offering an optional airbag in the lower versions. It is only being offered as an option in the top end RXT manual trim and as standard in the top end RXT AMT trim. This also makes it the most expensive option here.

We at CARS24 urge buyers to shell out a few extra thousand rupees for this crucial safety feature. If you are taking the car on a loan, the extra EMI will hardly make a difference. In fact, the cost of a driver side airbag is not even 2% of the car’s value itself – a small amount, right?

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