India’s Top 10 Used Cars For Women Drivers

India’s Top 10 Used Cars For Women Drivers

We at CARS24 have started witnessing a growing trend of women drivers and car owners walking into our outlets across India to sell their used cars. With rapidly growing economy and corporate jobs, there is a big shift towards women becoming independent and investing into non public means of transportation. And then there are those young ones with big aspirations who are always on the look out for well maintained quality used cars. Though Europe and other international markets have a variety of good cars specifically for women drivers, in India, manufacturers are yet to look at this angle. Nevertheless, if you are looking at purchasing a used car for your wife, sister or daughter, here is our list of the top 10 used cars for women drivers in India.

Small Used Cars For Women Drivers

1. Renault Kwid

used car for women

Buy this for: Design!

The Kwid has been a runway success for Renault in India. It looks great, has a mini SUV appeal and comes loaded with features including segment first touch-screen infotainment system and a digital speedometer console. More than that, it also has an optional automatic (AMT) gearbox. The high seating ensures excellent visibility and the Kwid looks like a car from a segment above.

2. Hyundai Eon

used car for women

Buy this for: Interiors

If you want a small car with jazzy interiors, the Eon does the job very well. The cabin is well built and feels premium, an important factor when you are investing into a used car. Further, most Eons are sold in non conventional shades of red and blue which means this can be a perfect used car to make you get noticed when you arrive in your college parking. Its also light and nimble for first time women drivers.

3. Maruti Wagon R

used for women

Buy this for: Fuss free driving

The good old Wagon R is a recommended used car for women drivers. It may look boring but comes with spacious interiors, good all round visibility and Maruti’s peace of mind. You simply cannot go wrong with this car. There are ample places to keep your knick-knacks and even cleverly located cup holders in front of the air-con vents to cool your beverages in summers. A hidden under-seat (co-driver seat) compartment is also the best place to leave your hand bag when you go out shopping!

4. Chevrolet Beat

used for women

Buy this for: Design, easy to drive

Believe it or not, the Beat is an excellent used car for women drivers. To began with, its resale value is low in the market which means you can get a less used, well maintained 2-3 year petrol model for about INR 2.5 – 3 lakhs. Next, the Beat looks funky even today and can be something to match your personality. It is very nimble in traffic and has a light steering for low speeds. There are ample places to keep your stuff in the car and that cockpit inspired speedometer console still looks cool!

5. Honda Brio

used for women

Buy this for: Premium appeal

And how can we forget Honda? The Brio is definitely a chick looking car and like the Beat, has high depreciation which means it is good value for money. Easy to drive with a zippy engine, the Brio also offers you Honda’s premium ownership experience. It is spacious for an outing with your friends, has a powerful 1.2-litre petrol engine and Honda has fined tuned its handling capabilities for urban usage.

6. Hyundai Grand i10

used for women

Buy this for: Interiors, high seating

The Grand i10 is easily the most recommended car for women drivers and there are ample reasons for this. It looks nice, has high quality interiors and most importantly, the seating is high enough for even short drivers. This combined with a forward set gear lever makes the Grand i10 a fuss free car for urban environment. And like most Hyundai models, it offers you a smooth drive with multiple cubby holes and even rear air-con vents to impress your girl friends!

7. Volkswagen Polo

used for women

Buy this for: Premium appeal

Why do we have the Polo here? Well, it might be an expensive hatchback to maintain in the long run but we simply cannot ignore its premium image, impeccable handling and a good ride. The demand for the car is less in the market which means you can get a well maintained Polo for less. This is certainly among one of the best used cars for women drivers. If you do go for it, please pick one in red!

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