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India’s Top 5 Family Cars Explained

Team CARS24

Although increasing number of Indians are now moving to nuclear families, large cars or MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) are fast becoming popular in India. These 7-seat cars not only address the needs of expanding ‘nuclear’ families, they are also good enough to be used on a daily basis. Even a young couple ends up considering family cars after a few years to accommodate their little ones, the nanny and the family pet.

CARS24 has compiled a list of the top 5 family cars that can seat seven in comfort. Note that we haven’t taken into consideration cars like the Eeco or the Omni as they are feature stripped and do not offer good comfort or even basic safety features.

Maruti Ertiga
Price Range: Rs 6.22 – Rs 8.75 lakh
Engine Options: 1.3 diesel, 1.4 petrol
Pros: Value, ease of driving, efficient
Cons: Limited 2nd and 3rd row space
Units sold in Jan & Feb 2017: 10,703family cars
The Maruti Ertiga is the 2nd largest selling MPV in this list and remains the best choice under Rs 10 lakh. It scores very high on cabin comfort and ease of driving. The Ertiga comes with a choice of three fuel types, namely, CNG, petrol and diesel. Further, an attractive sticker price and Maruti’s peace of mind makes this one of the best family cars around. Highlights include SHVS (smart hybrid vehicle system) tech for the diesel motor and an adjustable middle row for extra leg room. It is also the most efficient MPV in this list

Mahindra TUV3OO

Price Range: Rs 7.45 – Rs 9.80 lakh
Engine Options: 1.5 diesel
Pros: Road presence, optional automatic
Cons: Last row has jump seats
Units sold in Jan & Feb 2017: 4757family cars
If you want a rugged car with proper SUV looks and one that seats 7, the TUV makes for an excellent buy. This a good car for those who usually drive alone and only need 7 seats once in a while. We say this because the last row gets jump seats and not the regular front facing bench – these are best for kids or small adults on long journeys. Apart from this, the TUV scores high marks for cabin fit and finish and even an optional automatic with the diesel engine.

Tata Hexa
Price Range: Rs 11.99 – Rs 17.49 lakh
Engine Options: 2.2 diesel
Pros: Road presence, features, off-road ability
Cons: Weight hampers performance
Units sold in Jan & Feb 2017: 2524family cars
We told you about ‘5 reasons to buy the Tata Hexa‘ a while back and the same car gets featured in this list of India’s best family cars as well. The Hexa comes with a seating configuration of 6 or 7. There is ample space on the inside and you can also opt for an optional 4×4 as well as a 6-speed automatic. The biggest plus point is the way it cocoons you in comfort and luxury for this price point. Pricing is good and you can also do a fair bit of off-road adventure with this family car!

Mahindra XUV5OO
Price Range: Rs 12.46 – Rs 17.5 lakh
Engine Options: 2.2 diesel
Pros: Fantastic interiors, features, performance
Cons: Still not as comfortable as the Innova Crysta
Units sold in Jan & Feb 2017: 4334family cars
One of the best all time 7 seat family cars is the Mahindra XUV. In terms of value for money, it tops the Hexa and the Innova. Further, Mahindra is offering good discounts on the car, you get optional AWD and automatic and the top-end W10 version comes loaded with features like a sunroof. The XUV is also easy to drive on a daily basis, fairly efficient for a big car and has excellent cabin space. Highly recommended.

Toyota Innova Crysta
Price Range: Rs 13.98 – Rs 21.19
Engine Options: 2.7 petrol, 2.4 diesel, 2.8 diesel
Pros: Reliability, unbeatable comfort, interiors
Cons: Expensive, no 4×4 unlike XUV and Hexa
Units sold in Jan & Feb 2017: 11067tata innova
The Toyota Innova has been India’s largest selling MPV for decades now. Inspite of carrying an expensive sticker price, the Innova Crysta sells in huge numbers. If you can stretch your budget, do not look elsewhere. The Innova offers you bullet proof reliability and will work like a dependable workhorse for a minimum of 2,00,000 km. And then there is the comfort factor – drive the Innova and other MPVs back to back over bad roads (with a full load of passengers) and you will be surprised with its abilities. In the Rs 15-20 lakh bracket, the Innova Crysta tops the list of best family cars.

If you are in the market to sell your old car and upgrade to a family MPV, we hope this list helps you out! Do check out this related article on cars with the best re-sale value.




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