Renault Kiger Safety Rating Revealed by Global NCAP - Full Details

Renault Kiger Safety Rating Revealed by Global NCAP – Full Details

renault kiger safety rating

If you want to take on your city’s streets safely, and in style, the Renault Kiger is the ideal car for you. This compact SUV is big on performance and sports a bold exterior with advanced technology features that make it a complete car for consumers.

The Renault Kiger has an impressive 4-star safety rating that makes it a promising option for Indian buyers looking for a safe and effortless drive. Equipped with four airbags, anti-braking systems (ABS), and parking sensors, the Kiger delivers a safe and responsive driving experience.

So, buckle up and read on as we discuss what makes the Renault Kiger a great choice for people looking to purchase a compact and reliable ride. 

Renault Kiger NCAP Rating

Renault Kiger Adult Occupant Protection Rating 

The Global New Car Assessment Programme (GNCAP) rates cars for both adult and child occupant protection. In the adult occupant protection category, the Kiger has earned an impressive 4-star rating. 

The SUV scored 12.34 out of 17 points in the crash test, proving to be a highly reliable ride in case of an unfortunate high speed crash or collision. The testing body noted that the car offers good protection to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck whilst providing adequate protection to the occupant’s chest. 

GNCAP noted that the weak bodyshell and marginal knee protection were areas that the Kiger needed an improvement in. Overall, the car did exceedingly well in the adult occupant protection category and scored more compared to its counterparts. 

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Source: GNCAP Fact Sheet

Renault Kiger Child Occupant Protection Rating 

In the child occupant protection category, the Kiger did not fare well and scored 21.05 out of 49 points. The testing body ranked this car with just two stars in this category and noted that the Kiger was not adequately equipped to avoid excessive forward movement.

Renault Kiger Safety Assist Test

As part of the Global NCAP’s safety test, the Renault Kiger was assessed to see how equipped it is to avoid an accident. The testing body observed that the car had hidden ISOFIX anchorages that would be difficult for a consumer to find, leading to high risk of injury to children in an event of excessive forward movements.

However, the GNCAP noted that the Kiger was adequately fitted with other safety equipment like dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, front parking sensors, hill-start assist, and electronic stability control (ESC). 

Renault Kiger Motorcyclist Safety Test

The Global NCAP evaluates the safety offered to vulnerable road users like pedestrians and motorcyclists in its tests. In the Motorcyclist Safety Test, the car is evaluated for its ability to prevent injuries to the rider and the passenger in case of a collision.

The Kiger comes equipped with a traction control system to improve grip, ABS and EBD with brake assist, and parking sensors to avoid collisions or deter them. This car also has good body control, and when coupled with its decent grip, helps avoid accidents.

Renault Kiger Safety Features

The Renault Kiger comes equipped with airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), electronic stability control (ESC), hill-start assist control and ABS with EBD, front parking sensors, and traction control to ensure a safe driving experience.

Here’s a glance at some of the key safety features of the Renault Kiger:

Safety FeaturesDescription
Electronic Stability ControlHelps maintain control of the vehicle in challenging driving situations
Hill-Start Assist ControlPrevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline
Traction Control SystemHelps improve grip during sudden manoeuvres
Parking SensorsHelp with parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces
Rear-View CameraProvides a view of what’s behind the vehicle to assist with reversing
ISOFIXProvides a secure attachment for child seats
Four AirbagsDriver, front passenger, driver side, front passenger side 
ABS with EBDHelps prevent wheels from locking up during hard braking
Emergency Brake AssistApplies maximum brake pressure in the event of an emergency

The Bottom Line   

As we conclude our analysis of the Renault Kiger’s safety rating in 2023, it’s evident that this car, with advanced safety features like airbags, ABS with EBD, parking sensors, seat belt reminders, and ISOFIX seats, improves body control, protects passengers in the event of a collision, and offers a secure drive.


Q: What is the Global NCAP rating of Renault Kiger?

A: The Renault Kiger received an incredible 4-star Global NCAP rating.

Q: Which Renault car has a 5-star safety rating?

A: None of the Renault cars have a 5-star safety rating yet. However, the Kiger has earned a 4-star safety rating.

Q: Which are the standard safety features of the Renault Kiger?

A: The standard safety features of the Renault Kiger include premium airbags, ABS with EBD, front parking sensors, seat belt reminders, and a traction control system.

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