Wondering How to Sell a Car with a Damaged RC? We can help

Wondering How to Sell a Car with a Damaged RC? We can help

Team CARS24
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Wondering How to Sell a Car with a Damaged RC? We can help

Team CARS24

Selling a car is already a cumbersome process but have you ever wondered how bad it can getif you end up damaging your RC? So, today we are gonna ease you up by telling you the correct way to sell a car with damaged RC. To start with, what is an RC? Registration Certificate (RC) is the identity of your vehicle which contains all the vital information related to your car such as the chassis number, colour, date of manufacture etc. If your RC has any misprints, defects; if it is broken or in the worst case scenario, if it is lost then until you get a duplicate RC made, you will not be able to sell and transfer your car.

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How To Sell A Car With A Damaged RC

Selling a car with a damaged RC is a two-step process:

  • Firstly, you need to get all the documents that are needed to sell a car.
  • Secondly, you need to collect the specific form (FORM 26) which is needed to get a new RC and apply for one. This might sound like an easy thing. Wait till you get to know about the whole process!

Click here to download Form 26 online: FORM 26

The documents needed to sell a car can be divided into three main categories:

  • Car Documents
  • Individual Documents
  • RTO Forms
Type of Document What is its use? No. of copies
Registration Certificate (RC) It is proof that that your vehicle is registered under government of India 1
Pollution Under Control certificate (PUC) It certifies that the toxic emissions from your vehicle are under control. 1
Insurance The insurance policy covers the damage on the vehicle and provides claims against it. It is mandatory to drive a car with an insurance. 1
Pan card Pan card is mandatory for all transactions. Provide one self attested photocopy. 1
Address proof Govt. issued ID proofs establish the identity of the seller along with his address.

Accepted proofs are:

1. Voter ID

2. Aadhar card

3. Passport

(Rent agreement, Telephone bill and electricity bill are also accepted in some states)

The ID proof should be self attested)

Photographs Two self attested photographs are mandatory 1
RTO FORMS REQUIRED TO SELL CAR (Click on each form to download it)
Form 28 Application for NOC from RTO 3
Form 29 Notice of sale of car. To be filled by seller 3
Form 30 Notice of sale of car. To be filled by buyer but requires the signature of both buyer and seller 3

When do you need to get a duplicate RC made?

Now, since you know the documents that are needed to sell a car, let’s check out the four different cases where you might need to get a new RC made.

1. If seller’s details are misprint on the RC

If the seller’s details are misprinted on the RC, then you need to submit an affidavit stating your correct details along with an ID proof when you plan to sell car. However, in this case if you need a new RC then you can fill Form 26 in duplicate and submit it along with other documents.

2. If car’s details are not printed properly on the RC

If the car’s details are misprinted then a copy of the original invoice of the car needs to be submitted along with other documents when you plan to sell car. Similar to the above case, if you need a new RC, then submit a duly filled Form 26 to get a new RC made. Two copies of Form 26 are required.

3. If RC is damaged

Other than that, if your RC is damaged, you would need Form 26 from the RTO. This document needs to be duly filled in and submitted in duplicate (two copies).

4. If RC is lost

In case you have lost your RC, then you need to file an FIR and submit the copy of an FIR along with Form 26. If you are based in Delhi and don’t have time to visit a police station, you can submit online FIR too.

Two duly filled copies of Form 26 are required to be submitted along with the other documents when you plan to sell car with damaged RC.

This whole process can turn out be quite cumbersome a lot of buyers might just not buy your car if you have a broken RC and they can even might ask you to provide the new RC. That clearly means, you will end up wasting a lot of time for the new RC to come. Not just that, even if your buyers agree, you will still be wasting a lot of your precious time and effort in the process. Why? Well, you will have to battle the horde of people at the counter to deposit the fee and submit your documents and trust us when we say, with the summer season approaching, you will not want to waste 1-2 hours standing in the queue without a fan on your head.

In that case, we at CARS24, can definitely help you in selling your car with a damaged RC. All you need to do is visit one of our branches and get the individual and car documents mentioned above. We will not just guarantee the best price for your car but you will not even waste any of your precious time.

However, that being said, if by chance you do own a company owned car with a damaged RC then you should definitely check out our article on How to sell a company car. For more such informative blogs related to selling your car, keep following our blog. Cheers!