Tata Nexon Safety Rating: Know Global NCAP Crash Test Results

Tata Nexon Safety Rating: Adult & Child Protection Score

tata nexon safety rating global ncap

Since its introduction in 2016, the Tata Nexon has been a popular compact SUV, delivering a variety of features and a comfortable ride. One of the most crucial components of any car, though, is its safety rating. In this blog, we’ll go over the Tata Nexon’s safety rating in 2023 and why it’s an important consideration for anyone seeking to buy this vehicle. The Global

New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), a non-profit organization that tests car safety globally, provides the safety rating. Let’s look at the specifics of Tata Nexon’s safety rating to see how it ranks in several categories.

Tata Nexon NCAP Safety Rating: 

In 2023, the Global NCAP conducted crash testing to assess the safety of the Tata Nexon. These tests assess the vehicle’s safety in a variety of categories, including adult and child occupant protection, safety assist, and motorcycle safety.

The testing was carried out on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle, simulating a head-on collision at 64 km/h. The safety rating of the Tata Nexon was remarkable, with a 5-star certification for adult and 3-star child occupant protection. The vehicle also received a three-star rating for safety aid and a two-star rating for motorcycle safety.

You may view the official NCAP safety rating video on YouTube to get a sense of how the Tata Nexon performs in crash tests: 

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Tata Nexon Adult Occupant Protection Rating: 

In the event of an accident, the adult occupant protection rating assesses the safety of the driver and front passenger. The Tata Nexon received a 5-star rating for adult occupant protection, reflecting the strength of its safety features. 

Seatbelts, airbags, and structural integrity all contribute to the car’s high safety rating. The frontal and side-impact testing found that the driver and passenger had a low risk of head, chest, and leg injury, which is critical for minimizing the severity of any potential injuries. The vehicle includes kid safety features such as ISOFIX anchorages and top tethers to guarantee that child seats are securely installed. The car provided good protection to the child occupants in the frontal and side impact tests, with a low risk of head and chest injuries.

Tata Nexon Child Occupant Protection Rating: 

The Tata Nexon has been awarded 3 stars by Global NCAP for child occupant protection, reflecting the vehicle’s high safety requirements for youngsters in the back seat. The car has child seat installation facilities, such as ISOFIX anchorages and top tethers, to ensure the secure attachment of child seats. The car provided good protection to the child occupants in the frontal and side impact tests, with a low risk of head and chest injuries.

Tata Nexon Safety Rating Adult & Child Protection Score

Image SourceGlobal NCAP

Safety Assist Test:

The safety assist test evaluates a vehicle’s safety features that assist the driver in avoiding or mitigating an accident. In this category, the Tata Nexon received a 3-star rating, suggesting that it has some safety features, but there is space for improvement.

The automobile has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and seatbelt reminder, all of which contribute to its safety assist rating. The ABS in the car helps to keep the wheels from locking up during hard braking, while the ESC helps to steady the vehicle during fast bends or loss of control.

The automobile, however, lacks features like as automated emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), and blind-spot recognition, which are becoming more popular in newer vehicles. These characteristics help to prevent or lessen crashes, making them crucial for guaranteeing optimal road safety.

While Tata Nexon’s safety assist rating is satisfactory overall, there is potential for development in terms of implementing more advanced safety measures.

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Motorcyclist Safety Test: 

The motorcyclist safety test assesses a vehicle’s ability to protect motorcyclists in the case of a collision. In this category, the Tata Nexon received a two-star rating, meaning that it might do better in terms of protecting motorcyclists in the event of an accident.

The front design of the car is critical in preventing serious injury to a motorcyclist in the case of a collision. The front bumper of the Tata Nexon adequately protected the motorbike rider’s leg, but the hood and windshield lacked appropriate energy-absorbing capacity, increasing the danger of severe head injuries. In addition, the A-pillar and roof of the automobile were determined to be insufficient in protecting the biker from being flung over the car in the case of a collision.

Overall, Tata Nexon’s result in the motorcycle safety test should be improved. Incorporating advanced safety technologies like pedestrian and cyclist detection systems, which are becoming more widespread in current cars, could boost the car’s safety rating in this category.

Tata Nexon Safety Features List:

The Tata Nexon comes with a host of safety features that contribute to its high safety rating. Here is a table of some of the essential safety features and their functions:

Safety FeatureFunction
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden braking, improving steering control and stability.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)Helps stabilize the car during sharp turns or loss of control, reducing the risk of rollover accidents.
Dual AirbagsProtects the driver and passenger from head and chest injuries in the event of a collision.
Seatbelt Pretensioners and Load LimitersTightens the seatbelt during a collision, reducing the risk of injury, and limits the force of the seatbelt on the occupant’s body.
ISOFIX Anchors and Top TethersSecurely attaches the child seats to the car, reducing the risk of injury to children in the event of a collision.
Rear Parking Sensors and CameraAlerts the driver of objects behind the car while parking and provides a clear view of the car’s surroundings.
Engine ImmobilizerPrevents the car from starting without the correct key, reducing the risk of theft.
Central Locking SystemLocks and unlocks all doors of the car with a single button, providing convenience and security.


Finally, the Tata Nexon has a 5-star adult occupant protection rating and a 3-star child occupant protection rating. The automobile has a good safety assist rating, but it needs sophisticated safety technologies like automated emergency braking and blind-spot recognition.

The car’s motorcyclist safety test rating is low, but its front design protects motorbike riders’ legs. Adding pedestrian and cyclist detection systems could boost the car’s safety rating.

ABS, ESC, dual airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters, ISOFIX anchors, and top tethers make the Tata Nexon a safe car. Drivers and passengers benefit from the car’s rear parking sensors, camera, engine immobilizer, and central locking system.


Q: What is the Global NCAP rating of Tata Nexon?

The Tata Nexon has a 5-star safety rating for adult occupant protection and a 3-star safety rating for child occupant protection from the Global NCAP.

Q: Which Tata car has a 5-star safety rating?

The Tata Nexon is the only Tata car with a 5-star safety rating from the Global NCAP.

Q: What are the standard safety features of Tata Nexon?

The Tata Nexon comes with a range of standard safety features, including an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), dual airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters, ISOFIX anchors and top tethers, rear parking sensors and camera, engine immobilizer, and central locking system.