Tips on How to Effectively Use Your Car AC this SUMMER!

Tips on How to Effectively Use Your Car AC this SUMMER!

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Tips on How to Effectively Use Your Car AC this SUMMER!

“Summertime brings joy, leaving the sadness behind the sky sparkle the brightest shine”

Oh, wait!

Yes! Yes, it does feel like the brightest shine, but not at the moment when you are walking up to your car after work in the evening, you open the car door, and a gush of boiling hot air comes tickling your senses and make you feel like you are on planet ‘fire’. Parked under the hot summer sun, the interior of the car could get heated on alarming levels. The next step you will take in this situation is to switch on the air conditioning (AC) system on your vehicle, only to realise that the AC is not throwing out sufficient cool air off its vents.

This is how you can keep your car's AC feel like a breeze!

We are here to help you understand simple DIY maintenance tips to keep your car air conditioning (AC) system work properly during the ongoing harsh summer months.

Use your car’s air conditioning every day

This is how you can keep your car's AC feel like a breeze!

This seems to be the obvious tip but it is crucial to understand here that the air-vents and other mechanisms involved in the air conditioning system will remain intact only if they are used regularly no matter how the weather is. Make sure to keep the AC running for about 10-15 minutes, at least once a week.

Check Refrigerant level

The air that comes out of the AC vents in your car is temperature cooled with the help of a refrigerant. It is mandatory to keep a check on the level of refrigerant in the air conditioning system of your car to keep the AC working well and maintain a cool temperature inside the cabin. Make sure to bring this to your mechanics notice to check the refrigerant level of your car AC because this step is not generally included in the regular service schedule of your car.

Get the car AC serviced regularly

This is how you can keep your car's AC feel like a breeze!

Machines are designed in a way that they will perform the best when maintained at regular intervals. Same is applicable to your car air conditioning system as well. Make sure to take your car for an AC service before the start of summer months to avoid long waiting time at the service station and also cut maintenance cost. I am sure you are aware of the dilemma called “more the demand, higher the prices”.

Replace cabin air filter regularly

Air is drawn into your car’s cabin and passes through the air filter. It protects the interior of your car by trapping the dust, pollen, and detritus from the outside air. When your cabin filter gets dirty and plugged, it can trap moisture in its layers as well. That moisture and dirt in the filter is a breeding ground for bacteria. The longer it sits, the more the bacteria spreads and festers in the filter. It is advised to change the air filter of your air conditioner every year to be safe from bacteria-borne diseases and infections.

Learn the correct steps to use your car’s air conditioning system

This is how you can keep your car's AC feel like a breeze!

Maintenance is one way to ensure a constant flow of cool air through the AC vents of your car but it is also very important to understand the right way to use the air conditioning system of your car for maximum efficiency and proper cooling inside the cabin.

Steps to use the car AC correctly:

  • The moment you step inside the car, the first step should be to open the windows half way down and put the fan blower on high with the dial set to fresh air. This will push out the hot air from inside the car and will cool the interior quickly.
  • After a couple of minutes, close the windows and let the air system lower the interior temperature. Once the temperature inside the cabin come down to normal, reduce the fan speed from high to a lower speed. Also, change the dial from fresh air to recirculating air. Recirculated air takes the cooler air from inside the cabin and processes it through the receiver dryer. The receiver dryer takes more moisture from the air and pushes colder air into the cabin. Not only will you get the coldest air possible by this, but you’ll also find that the air conditioning compressor won’t need to operate as often. This will result in better fuel economy on your car.

Common steps involved in a car air conditioning system service schedule:

  • Check the air vent temperature
  • Reclaim, recycle or replace the operating (refrigerant) gas
  • Replace or check  receiver drier / filter
  • Adjust drive belts and pulleys
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Test system lines and components for leaks and damages
  • Inspect various hoses and components
  • Clean the condenser fins.
  • Deodorize and sanitize the air conditioning system