12 Quick Fuel Efficiency Hacks to Get 20KMPL Average from Any Car
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10 Tips To Get The Best Mileage From Your Car

Team CARS24

20+ kmpl from a car in real world conditions? Sounds absurd, right? Well, it’s no rocket science to improve your fuel efficiency dramatically. Manufacturers quote ARAI figures in their brochures and those figures are calculated under ideal test conditions and not real world conditions.  We live in a market obsessed with mileage and the first question that pops up in the mind of an average Indian car buyer is ‘kitna deti hai’ ?

You don’t need to do any modifications to your car, just follow these simple steps:

1. Coasting Technique

Car speedometer

What exactly is Coasting?

Basically, it’s a simple technique using which you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency and also reduce the brake wear.  When you are not accelerating, the kinetic energy produced by your car will take the car forward. You can use this momentum instead of accelerating constantly.  For example, if you see a red light coming up from a distance, accelerating towards it doesn’t make sense. Instead, you can simply let your car roll smoothly towards the traffic junction and let the car come to a stop/reduce speed on its own.

You should also try to anticipate the movement of the vehicles around you and try to use the energy already developed by your car to cover more distance.

2. No AC = 30 % More Mileage

Car's AC button showing AC off


On a hot summer day, constant use of air conditioner on its maximum setting can decrease the average of your car by up to 30%. To put it simply, if you do 500 km on a full tank of fuel with the AC on, you can approximately do almost 600-625 km with the AC switched off. Obviously, it won’t be very comfortable to drive with the AC off but if mileage is purely what you are looking at, then you have to lose the AC.

3. Tyre Pressure

Person checking the tyre pressure
Correct tyre pressure plays a vital role in improving the fuel efficiency of your car. You simply need to follow your manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure. A car without proper tyre pressure will return almost 10-15 % percent less fuel efficiency.

4. Right Gear Changes

Five speed manual gear box
Sudden bursts of acceleration can reduce your car’s efficiency quite drastically. Always accelerate in a linear manner and the higher the gear, the better the average. Your fuel efficiency will go up if you keep your RPM needle in between 1500-2000 range i.e drive at around 80 kmph in 5th gear for most cars.

5. Keep The Windows Shut

A black car with a rear left side open window

Losing the AC and rolling down the windows might not always be the most efficient way to drive your car. The wind blast that will come in from open windows will hamper the aerodynamics of your car and you’ll burn more fuel/put more stress on your engine at high speeds. So at speed above 50 kmph, opening the windows fully will reduce your car’s fuel efficiency. Instead, you can use your car’s air blower at ‘fresh air setting’ without the AC switched on.

6. Plan Your Route Beforehand

A phone with a route in Google maps

Lesser the stops, the better the average you’ll get. Also, don’t mind taking a couple of extra kilometers vs a congested city road. You will still save on fuel.  Check out the available route options online before your start your trip and choose the one with fewer stoppages. Combined Trips- less-start-stop- less fuel burnt. Also,  try and avoid driving in the rush hours. You will end up putting more strain on your car’s clutch in stop and go traffic and also reduce your car’s fuel efficiency quite dramatically. You should figure out your route beforehand by using navigation apps such as Google Maps.

7. Don’t Idle

Speedometer showing engine at idle

Idling your car is basically getting 0 kmpl. You end up going nowhere and burn fuel pointlessly. So whenever you have to stop your car for more than 45 seconds, you should turn the ignition off. Also, using the air conditioner while idling the car will also affect your car’s fuel efficiency quite dramatically.

8. Keep It Serviced

car service centre
Regular service, clean air filter, and fuel filter will help in giving better fuel efficiency.  A choked air filter will feed in the dirty air inside the engine which will result in more fuel being burnt that translates into poor fuel efficiency. The difference might not be a lot but every little step contributes in increasing the overall fuel efficiency of your car.

9. Fuel Up In The Morning

Person filling up fuel in his car
Science ! Yes, according to science, if you fuel up in the morning, the cooler temperature will ensure that you get more fuel for your buck due to a better fuel density. We know that we have digressed from our main pointers drastically here but HEY ! 20 KMPL !

10. Tanking Up = More Weight

Fuel meter showing full fuel

1 Litre of fuel = I Kilogram of added weight and more weight = more fuel burnt( no rocket science here)

When you fill up fuel, fill up halfway and try to keep your tank above one-quarter full. However, the downside to this is that if your fuel runs low, you could put added stress on your car’s fuel pump. But still, a half-full tank may increase your mileage. ANYTHING FOR 20 KMPL.

Drive efficiently, save on fuel bills and save the ENVIRONMENT. Also, these pointers might be too aggressive (even impractical for some) but you gotta do what you gotta do to achieve 20 kmpl !

P.S. – The writer is a hardcore petrol head and usually doesn’t obsess a lot over fuel efficiency.  It’s just that he can be efficient and patient when he wants to be, just like he was while writing this long article.

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  1. Thanks to the author for giving such useful information about the car mileage. Car mileage really depends on the maintenance and regular service. We must use appropriate tire pressure so that it may not create any problem in future. We must use proper gear at an appropriate time when needed and for avoiding stress on the engine. Cars are having proper mileage run very smooth and last for many days. I am having a Baleno diesel car which is having best mileage and is marketed as a premium hatchback.

    1. Thank you Caitlin for this piece of information. We are glad that you liked the post. Keep following us for more such informative yet fun stuff. Drive safe! Cheers 🙂

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