Best Lamborghini Cars in India
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Best Lamborghini Cars in India in 2021 – New and Used

In the vast world of automobiles, there are quite a few names that stand out from the rest. However, there might be one name that tops the charts, especially when it comes to sports cars, and that is Lamborghini. The Italian car manufacturer might be relatively new in India but they have been designing and producing some of the most exotic sports cars in the world for over a quarter of a century. Although Lamborghini doesn’t release all their current models in the country, here are the best available cars you can get your hands on in 2021.

Lamborghini Urus

Initially launched back in 2018, the Lamborghini Urus is the only SUV from the Italian giant available in the country. Normally we would associate Lamborghini with sleek sports cars but the Urus knows how to bring its own style to the SUV segment. The Urus is powered by a 4.0L Twin-Turbocharged V8 petrol engine that is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. With so much power on show, the Urus can reach 100kmph in just 3.6 seconds from a complete standstill. Clocking in at a maximum speed of 305kmph, the Urus is quicker than most SUVs available in the market. With a 75-litre fuel tank, this car offers a mileage of 8.0kmpl at a 3996cc displacement. Although the Urus is technically an SUV, the design of the car has “sports car” written all over it. The front of the car features a large grille with air dams built into it while the sleek LED headlamps are reminiscent of what other Lamborghini models have to offer. Even the rear of the car looks familiar with the sporty bumper and sleek taillights that give the car a recognizable design. On the inside, the Urus houses an all-digital dashboard with touchscreens for the control panel and infotainment system along with plush leather seats and a flat-bottom leather-encased steering wheel.

Lamborghini Urus New Car Price in Popular Cities

CityEx-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.62 – 3.94 Crore
MumbaiRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.71 – 4.04 Crore
ChennaiRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.62 – 3.94 Crore
HyderabadRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.62 – 3.94 Crore
BengaluruRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.93 – 4.28 Crore
KolkataRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.62 – 3.94 Crore
PuneRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.71 – 4.04 Crore
KochiRs. 3.15 – 3.43 CroreRs. 3.62 – 3.94 Crore

Lamborghini Urus Used Car Price in New Delhi

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Lamborghini Urus201918,000Rs. 3.75 Crore

Lamborghini Aventador

Considered as one of the most popular sports cars in the world, the Lamborghini Aventador is sleek, stylish, and extremely powerful. All that power comes from the 6.5L V12 petrol engine that sits under the hood and offers a top speed of 351 kmph. The transmission on offer is a 7-speed automatic gearbox that can take the car from 0-100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. The Aventador comes in three different variants including the S, S Roadster, and the SVJ mode which brings the most power to the table. In terms of looks, the Aventador features a slim bumper and grille on the front while the stretched LED headlamps give the car a sleek look. Below the headlamps sit two air dams that help keep the massive engine cool while the large vents on the side offer superior cooling and aerodynamic properties. The car features suicide doors for the two-seater vehicle and a boot space of 110 litres. In the back, the Aventador is fitted with the same taillights found on all Lamborghini models while the rear bumper and centrally-positioned exhaust give the car a sharper, sportier look.

Lamborghini Aventador New Car Price in Popular Cities

CityEx-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
MumbaiRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
ChennaiRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
HyderabadRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
BengaluruRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
KolkataRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
PuneRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore
KochiRs. 6.25 CroreRs. 7.18 Crore

Lamborghini Aventador Used Car Price in Mumbai

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Lamborghini Aventador201220,000Rs. 2.50 Crore

Lamborghini Huracan EVO

2021 Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD Spyder

Being a limited edition car, the Lamborghini Huracan EVO carries some of the most powerful specifications the brand has to offer. Firstly, the exterior of the car gets a slight change from the regular Huracan as it gets a sleeker look with a lower grille and sharper air dams on the side. The rear of the car now features dual exhaust caps that sit below a new grille and new LED taillights. Powering the Huracan EVO is the same 5.2L Naturally-Aspirated V10 petrol engine that is mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. The engine gives the car a top speed that is set at 325kmph and an acceleration that can take the car from 0-100kmph in 2.9 seconds only. Inside, the Huracan EVO has plush leather seats, as well as a leather-covered digital dashboard. The instrument cluster is also digital and offers various customizable driving options that can be accessed with a push of a button.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO New Car Price in Popular Cities

CityEx-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.68 – 5.73 Crore
MumbaiRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.78 – 5.88 Crore
ChennaiRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.68 – 5.73 Crore
HyderabadRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.68 – 5.73 Crore
BengaluruRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 4.01 – 6.23 Crore
KolkataRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.68 – 5.73 Crore
PuneRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.78 – 5.88 Crore
KochiRs. 3.21 – 4.99 CroreRs. 3.68 – 5.73 Crore

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Used Car Price in Bengaluru

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
Lamborghini Huracan EVO201416,000Rs. 2.15 Crore
Lamborghini Huracan EVO20201,200Rs. 3.00 Crore

There isn’t getting past the fact that Lamborghini has some of the most eye-catching cars in their lineup and is capable of turning heads in an instant. From their stellar looks to their iconic sound, Lamborghini cars are the envy of many car enthusiasts and general admirers alike. Which of these Lamborghini cars would like to own if you had the opportunity?

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