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How Potholes Can Damage Your Car And How To Avoid Them

Most of us have been travelling on the daily. Love it or hate it, road travel is an inherent part ...

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When Should I Replace My Brake Pads? – Here’s How to Know

The most critical mechanics in your car is the car brakes. Here is When You Should Replace the Brake Pads ...

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Driving Tips: How to Deal with Brake Failures in a Car?

Suppose you’re driving your car at 80 kmph. When you apply the brakes to decelerate, you realize there’s a failure. ...

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10 Most Expensive Cars in the World in 2022

From Lamborghini to Rolls, automobile makers do not disappoint when it comes to offering the most luxurious and beautiful cars ...

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5 Most Google Searched Cars In India In 2021

The SUVs have created a mega impact on the Indian auto sector, with SUVs flooding the streets and asserting dominance ...

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India Car Sales Dec 2021: Maruti Leads, Tata Beats Hyundai To Second Spot And More.

The year 2021 has been the golden year for the Indian auto manufacturer Tata Motors, the incredible performance of the ...

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Top 5 Misconceptions When Buying A Used Car

Are you buying a used car and concerned about the misconceptions that exist when buying a second-hand car? You don’t ...

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Types Of Automotive Paints, Step By Step Painting Process Explained In Detail

Whoever said looks don't matter definitely wasn't talking about cars, that's for sure. Whenever we look at buying a new ...

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Why Selling Your Car is More Profitable Than Exchange This Festive Season

A car is considered to be an asset by a majority of the population in India. In fact, it was ...

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5 Best Seven Seater Cars to Buy in India

Seven-seater cars could be your dream, your reality, or your second purchase in the line of SUVs. In this article, ...

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Best 4×4 Cars In India – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Images, Colours

Cars and adventure reside as the earth and the moon. Revolving around it, driving an adventure-fueled vehicle is the lust ...

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Safest Cars In India Under Rs 10 Lakhs

List of Safest cars in India Under Rs 10 Lakhs in 2021 The Indian car market has seen immense growth ...

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Best Diwali Offers on Cars 2020

The most awaited period of the year, the 2020 festive season is here, and some of us have been eagerly ...

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India’s 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

Mileage of fuel efficiency plays a huge role when it comes to buying a car – especially in India. The ...

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India’s Best Used Sedan Cars Under 2 Lakhs

Thinking of buying a second-hand sedan car? Want to know the best used cars under 2 lakhs? Here is our ...

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Lockdown2: BS4 Vehicle Registration Date Likely to Be Extended

While addressing the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared an augmentation of country lockdown till May 3, 2020. The lockdown ...

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5 Best PC and PS4 Car Racing Games to Play During Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus Lockdown in India has been very difficult for auto enthusiasts, especially the diehard car and bike lovers who ...

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6 Must Watch Online Series For Die-Hard Car Enthusiasts On Netflix And Prime

Let's be honest. The lockdown has put a serious hamper on all our movements. A tough time for die-hard car ...

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How to Close a FASTag account?

FASTag is an innovative electronic toll collection system that works with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Toll payments can be ...

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What’s The Impact Of GST On Car Prices In India?

It's important to understand the role and implication of levying of the GST rates on different cars in India. That ...

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