Affordable electric car Ami revealed by Citroen for smart urban mobility

Affordable electric car Ami revealed by Citroen for smart urban mobility

Affordable electric car Ami revealed by Citroen for smart urban mobility

What comes to your mind when we talk about Smart Urban Mobility? Probably Monorails, Metro or electric scooters. While these might be options for smart urban mobility, they are definitely not the answer. How do we find answers in this cramped little world, just like our roads? We make better use of the space available to us. Citroen is smart and maybe this is why France loves them like some French renaissance poetry. Defining mobility, Citroen launched Ami, a sweet little cousin to the 2CV.

Ami is a 100% electric car priced at just $6,000 which roughly translates to INR 4.76 lakhs. Ami is small, smart or as they say it in french, ‘le petit’. Termed as a ‘light quadricycle’, this two-seater car can be driven by 14-year olds across Europe. In India, you do get 14-year olds driving cars but to disastrous consequences, with pedestrians under the car for obvious reasons. (You just don’t trust Robin to drive the Batmobile, right?) 

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Just like how Jack wanted Rose in his paintings, Citroen also wanted everything to the bare minimum. We are pretty sure this decision by Citroen was not sexual in nature but to keep the costs in check instead. With nothing to soothe down your ears, you will have to connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speakers inside Ami. Even the interiors are kept to the bare minimum. 

Now, let us jump back to the smart urban mobility we were talking about. 2410mm long, 1390mm wide and 1520mm high, Ami is smart and easily maneuverable in city conditions. With dimensions in check, Citroen also offers affordable solutions to own this vehicle. Ami will be available on a monthly subscription which will cost you about $22(INR 1500) and for around INR 20/minute.

Vincent Cobee, the Brand CEO, Citroen, said, “For 100 years, Citroen has always been innovative and creative in democratizing freedom of movement. This year, Citroen has come up with a new urban mobility solution accessible to everyone: compact, protective, 100% electric, without driving license, and affordable. Ami – 100% electric aims to be a real breakthrough in enabling urban mobility, a solution in sync with new modes of consumption. This great idea was a concept one year ago. We are proud that we have made it happen today.”