How To Know The Location Of Car Boot Release Button
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How To Know The Location Of Car Boot Release Button

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Even though we may think we have mastered the art of understanding and driving our car, sometimes even basic functions like opening the car boot can get tricky. Different cars have a different way of doing this and if we have multiple cars in the family, recalling how to open the car boot at the last minute can sometimes take minutes. This can also get tricky if you are driving a friend’s car or have taken a self-drive rental while on a vacation. Imagine driving to a shopping mall’s parking and looking all lost the moment you are asked to unlock the car boot by the security staff!

This problem is similar to the issue of location of the fuel tank lid opener lever. But worry not, we have come up with simple steps to solve this little problem easily. Here are all the possible ways of locating the boot release button or lever inside your car.

The Conventional Way To Open The Car Boot

opening a car boot
We all remember these levers, don’t we?

The good old location of the boot release lever has been on the floor of the car, just ahead of the driver’s seat, on the right. There are usually two levers placed here, one for opening the fuel lid and second is for popping open the boot hatch. Pull this lever gently to release the car boot lock.

Examples of cars which have the lever: Maruti Dzire and Hyundai i20

Some cars will have these two levers of opening the boot and fuel lid located above the pedals, below the steering, slightly on the right – see image attached for reference.

car boot opening lever

By Unlocking The Car

The boot of modern day cars can also be opened by simply unlocking the central locking mechanism of your car. By doing this, all doors, including the boot hatch, get unlocked. By simply pulling the lever located outside the boot, you can lift it up.
If you are inside the car, unlock the car from the driver’s side to unlock all other doors. In case you are outside the car, to access the boot, just unlock the car using the key-less entry fob.

Example of cars which have this feature: Volkswagen Polo and the Hyundai i20

Hands-free Access

Some high-end cars and top-end version of smaller cars come with true key-less entry and start-stop feature. This allows you to keep the key fob in your pocket while entering the car. The system works via a proximity sensor that is placed in the car. Once you enter the sensor’s zone, simply press the black button located on the door handles (including the car boot) to open the car and gain access.

Example of car which has this feature: Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The Cool Way Out

car boot key for skoda

Some high-end cars as well as top-end versions of smaller cars, have the function to open the boot integrated into the key fob itself as shown here in the picture. Simply press this button and the boot will pop open! Example of cars which have this feature includes the

Example of car which has this feature: Skoda Octavia

Key Hole

If none of these work, simply insert the key into the hole provided on the boot’s door and open it. Do note that this might initiate the security alarm in some cars, especially if you had previously locked the car using the security system. However, in smaller and older cars like the Maruti Gypsy, Maruti 800 etc, this works just fine.

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