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How To Sell An Interstate Car?

What Is An Interstate Car?

A car that has been registered in a particular state and has to be sold/ moved to another state on a permanent basis is called an interstate car. It is easy to identify as it contains the number plate of the original state it is registered in.

Documents Required To Sell A Car Interstate

If you have a car that is registered in some other state than the one where you want to sell it in, here are the documents that you will need to sell your car in the other state

Individual Documents Required
PAN Card One Self-Attested Copy
Address Proof One Self-Attested Copy
Passport Size Photographs Two Self-Attested Copies
RTO Documents Required To Sell Car
Form 28 Three Copies With Chassis Imprint
Form 29 Two Copies
Form 30 Two Copies
Form 35 and NOC One Copy With Bank Stamp On Form 35
Sale Affidavit One Copy
Clearance Certificate One Copy
Car  Documents Required
RC Mandatory
PUC Mandatory
Insurance Mandatory
Application of Insurance Transfer Only required if  insurance is to be transferred to the buyer
Invoice of the car Only required if there is mismatch in the RC details
Ownership Manual
Duplicate Car Keys
Additional RTO Documents Required To Sell A Car Interstate
NOC from the RTO in which car is registered originally Mandatory
Road Tax receipt of the new state in which the vehicle is registered Mandatory

interstate car

How to get your vehicle registered in the new state?

For your car to get registered in the new state, first you have to get it deregistered from the state it was originally registered in. The process of doing that is quite simple:

  • Apply for the NOC by submitting RTO Form 28 to the RTO of the original state. You can download the RTO Form 28 here
  • If you plan on selling your car in the new state already, you would need the RTO Form 29 from the original RTO
  • Submit the NOC to the new RTO
  • Pay the road tax as applicable in the new state/RTO
  • Get a new number plate for the new RTO

After this, you can drive your car freely on roads of the new state without the fear of being charged heavy penalty. And you can easily sell your car in the new state if you want to.

It can take some time to get the NOC from the RTO. When you submit the NOC to the original RTO, they will verify it with the police to ensure if your vehicle is involved in any sort of criminal activities or if there are any fines/ challans due.

It can be done in one to two weeks but can also extend up to four to five weeks. So, you should apply for it in due time as a stitch in time saves nine. After you get the NOC, the new state documentation process might take up to four to six months (depending upon the state).

Just in case(s):

There can be cases where you have moved to the other state without completing the due formalities or did not get your vehicle registered in the new state or you didn’t pay your road tax etc. In such cases, you have to follow a different process altogether.

1) NOC taken but not transferred

If you have taken the NOC and choose not to transfer your vehicle and it remains in the original state, then you have to go to the RTO and get your NOC canceled. This is done by paying the NOC cancellation fee.

2) Road tax not submitted:

If you have taken the NOC from previous RTO and have been driving the vehicle in the new state for a considerable time without paying your road tax, you need to submit the Non-migration certificate along with the penalty as per the norms of the new state.

3) Selling your vehicle in the new state:

You would need to submit the NOC to the new state RTO along with the road tax receipt. If anyone of the above is missing, you can’t sell your vehicle in the new state. After submitting these, the process is pretty much like selling a normal car and all documents required to sell a car are also the same.

NMC and NOC Charges And The Validity:

STATES NMC NOC Cancellation

(In Rs.)

(In Days)

(In Rs.)

(In Days)
DELHI 5000 30 5000 30  
HARYANA 1500 7 3000 10
UP 10000 7000
KARNATAKA 6500* 12500*
HYDERABAD 3000 4000

In Delhi, NOC cannot be cancelled for cars registered before 2008
In Karnataka, NOC can be cancelled for all cars

The road tax charges vary according to vehicle cost. The cost that is taken into account is the ex-showroom price of the vehicle. Here is a list of road tax for some states and the additional costs that might incur.  

State Road Tax*

Additional Fee*


Andhra Pradesh <10L- 12%

>10L- 14%

<10L- 12%

>10L- 14%

+2% RTO tax if you are buying the second vehicle in AP
Chandigarh <20L-6%

>20L- 8%


>20L- 8%


Delhi <6L-4%






Municipal corporation parking charges may apply

  • <4L – 2000
  • >4L – 4000
Haryana <6L-5%






Regional charges may apply as per the village/ town.
Karnataka <5L-15%








  • <5L – 15%
  • 5-10L – 16%
  • 10-20L – 19%
  • >20L – 20%
Maharashtra <10L-9%






For CNG-

  • <10L – 5%
  • 10-20L – 6%
Punjab 6% for all vehicles 6% for all vehicles
Uttar Pradesh <10L- 8L <10L- 8L

Additional charges may apply

CARS24 Advantage:

If you plan to sell an interstate car, chances are that you will get a low price for your car as the buyers wouldn’t want to get into the RTO hassle. You might not get the best deal for your vehicle proving selling an interstate car to be a hassle. You would not want to get all the documentation done in the span of months where you have to keep track of dates and visit the RTO time and again.

Man Filling the RTO Form

Don’t worry we have that sorted for you. CARS24 guarantees the best price for your interstate car and takes care of all the paperwork free of cost. We buy all the interstate cars and you fetch the best price too. You can call 1800-112233 for more. We hope this piece of writing was informative for you. Keep reading our blogs for more.

*These are indicative costs and may change over time.

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