Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet Comparison – Price, Features & Performance

Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet Comparison – Price, Features, Safety & Performance

Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet Comparision

Get ready to dive into a turbocharged comparison that’s as exciting as a race to the finish line! But this time, we have the dynamic duo from Kia’s lineup: the versatile Kia Seltos and the compact powerhouse Kia Sonet, competing for a slice of your attention.

These vehicles aren’t just your average modes of transportation; they’re companions for your road-tripping dreams. While the Kia Sonet brings affordability to the forefront without skimping on the thrill factor, the Kia Seltos charges in with a spirit that’s ready to ignite the roads. It’s like comparing a brisk morning jog to an adrenaline-pumping sprint – both promising a rewarding outcome.

We’ll uncover engine distinctions, compare their specifications, and even dissect their safety features – all in a language that speaks to your inner car enthusiast. 

Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Price And Variants

Kia Seltos Kia Sonet
Starting Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi)₹10.90 lakh₹7.99 lakh

In the battle of Kia’s finest, the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet step into the arena, ready to vie for your attention and admiration. The Kia Seltos makes its grand entrance with a starting price of ₹10.90 lakh, bringing to the table its premium allure and a range of variants that cater to discerning tastes. 

On the other side of the ring, the Kia Sonet offers an attractive starting price of ₹7.99 lakh, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a compact yet capable SUV. With its own set of impressive variants, it stands as a formidable contender in this duel.

Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Engine, Gearbox, and Performance 

Kia SeltosKia Sonet
Engine1.5L Gamma Petrol,1.5L Gamma Turbocharged Petrol,1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel1.2L MPi Petrol,1.0L GDi Turbo Petrol, 1.5L CRDi Diesel
Maximum Power115 bhp(1.5L P)160 bhp (1.5L TP)116 Nm (Diesel)81.8 bhp (1.2L P)118 bhp (1.0L GDi)115 bhp (Diesel)
Peak Torque144 Nm (1.5L P)253 Nm (1.5L TP)250 Nm (Diesel)115 Nm (1.2L P)172 Nm (1.0L GDi)250 NM (Diesel)
Transmission6-Speed Manual (1.5L P)7-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic (1.5L TP)6-Speed Automatic (Diesel)5-Speed Manual (1.2L P)6-Speed iMT, 7-Speed DCT (1.0L GDi)6-Speed iMT, 6-Speed AT (Diesel)
Mileage16.5-19.1 km/l (Petrol)20.7-21.0 km/l (Diesel)17.27 km/l (1.2 P MT)18.20 km/l (1.0 GDi MT), 18.30 km/l (1.0 GDi DCT)24.10 km/l (D iMT), 19 km/l (D AT)
Fuel Tank50L44L

The Kia Seltos steps into the spotlight with an array of engine options that promise power and versatility. With choices ranging from the efficient 1.5L Gamma Petrol to the potent 1.5L Gamma Turbocharged Petrol and the reliable 1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel, the Seltos caters to every driving style.

In the other corner, the Kia Sonet makes its presence felt with a lineup that includes the zippy 1.2L MPi Petrol, the turbocharged 1.0L GDi Petrol, and the fuel-efficient 1.5L CRDi Diesel. With the Sonet’s engines offering impressive torque figures and a punchy 118 bhp from the 1.0L GDi engine, it promises spirited drives on any terrain.

Both contenders offer a variety of transmission options, ensuring you can tailor your driving experience to perfection. Whether you prefer manual or automatic, these SUVs have you covered. As we dive deeper into this battle of engines, gearboxes, and performance, you’ll discover which of these Kia marvels aligns with your need for speed and driving preferences.

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Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Design and Dimensions

Kia SeltosKia Sonet
Length4,365 mm3,995 mm
Width1,800 mm1,790 mm 
Height1,620-1,645 mm1,642 mm
Wheelbase2,610 mm2,500 mm
Boot Space433L392L
Seating Capacity55

Now it’s time for the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet to go head-to-head in a battle of design and dimensions. The Kia Seltos, with its bold and imposing presence, stands tall with dimensions that command attention. At 4,365 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and a height range of 1,620-1,645 mm, it offers a spacious and striking exterior.

In the other corner, the Kia Sonet brings its sense of style and compact charm. With a length of 3,995 mm, a width of 1,790 mm, and a height of 1,642 mm, the Sonet is designed to navigate urban streets with ease. While it may be more compact, it still offers ample space for your adventures.

Inside, both SUVs offer seating for five and practical boot space, with the Seltos providing a generous 433 litres, while the Sonet offers a commendable 392 litres. As we delve into the intricacies of their design and dimensions, you’ll uncover which Kia model aligns perfectly with your style and space requirements.

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Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Interiors and Features

Kia SeltosKia Sonet
HeadlampsHalogen Projector HeadlampsLED Headlights
Keyless Entry And Push Button Start/StopYesYes
Driving ModesYes – Eco, Normal, SportYes – Eco, City, Sport
Paddle ShiftersYes (turbo petrol variant)Yes
Infotainment System26.03 cm HD touchscreen infotainment with Kia26.03 cm HD Touchscreen System
Apple CarPlay And Android AutoYes, WirelessYes
Audio System8-speaker Bose sound system7-Speaker Bose Premium Sound System
In-Built NavigationYesYes
Digital Instrument ConsoleYesYes
Driver Seat Adjustment8-way power adjust6-Way Manual Adjustment
Seat VentilationYes (top-spec variant)Yes
SunroofPanoramic Smart SunroofYes
Automatic Headlamps and WipersYesYes
Surround View CameraYesRear-View Camera
Electronically Adjustable ORVMsAdjustable & foldableAdjustable And Foldable
Auto-dimming IRVMsYesYes
Connected Car TechKia ConnectKia Connect
Voice Recognition And CommandsYes, Amazon Alexa SupportYes, Amazon Alexa Support
Air PurifierYesYes
Front ArmrestYesYes
Cooled StorageYesYes
Foldable Rear Seat60:40 Split Folding60:40 Split Folding
Ambient LightsYesYes
Automatic Climate ControlYesYes
Wireless Charging PadYesYes
Cruise ControlYesYes
Rear AC VentsYesYes

Inside the Kia Seltos, you’ll be greeted by LED Projectors that illuminate your path with precision. The 26.03 cm HD touchscreen infotainment system with Kia ensures a seamless connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while the 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat caters to your comfort. Stay refreshed with seat ventilation and enjoy a panoramic smart sunroof. The Seltos also boasts a 7-speaker Bose premium sound system, making every drive a concert on wheels.

On the other hand, the Kia Sonet offers LED headlights, a 26.03 cm HD touchscreen system, and the convenience of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It features adjustable and foldable electronically adjustable ORVMs, automatic climate control, and a wireless charging pad. The Sonet’s interior promises a comfortable and tech-savvy driving experience.

Both models come equipped with Kia Connect, voice recognition, and an air purifier. Whether you prefer the Seltos’ premium sound or the Sonet’s wireless charging, these vehicles offer a range of interior features to elevate your driving experience.

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Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Safety

Kia SeltosKia Sonet
AirbagsUp to 6Yes, Up to 6
Traction Control, Electronic Stability ProgramYesYes
Hill Hold ControlYesYes
Roll Over MitigationNoNo
ISOFIX MountYesYes
Tyre Pressure Monitoring SystemYesYes
ADAS Safety SuiteYesNo
Speed Sensing Auto LockYesYes
Cornering LampsYesYes
Safety Ratings3-Star GNCAPNA

When it comes to safety, the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet are well-prepared to keep you and your co-passengers protected on the road.

Both models offer up to 6 airbags, including dual-front airbags for the driver and co-driver. They are equipped with essential safety features such as traction control, an electronic stability program, hill hold control, and a tyre pressure monitoring system. These features ensure stability, control, and the prevention of potential mishaps.

While the Seltos comes with an ADAS safety suite, the Sonet is expected to get these features in the facelift model. Both cars feature speed-sensing auto lock and cornering lamps to enhance your safety during your journeys.

Though the safety ratings for the Kia Seltos are rated at 3 stars by GNCAP, specific safety ratings for the Kia Sonet are not available at this time.

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Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Warranty, Reliability, and Resale

Standard Warranty Coverage
Kia Sonet3 Years/ Unlimited Km Standard Warranty, 3 Years/ Unlimited Km Roadside Assistance/ Up to 5 Year Optional Extended Warranty
Kia Seltos 3 Years/ Unlimited Km Standard Warranty and Roadside Assistance (RSA), Up to 5 Years Running Repair Package, Up to 5 Years Maintenance Package, Up to 7 Years Extended Warranty

The Kia Seltos offers a 3-year unlimited kilometre standard warranty and roadside assistance, accompanied by optional packages like the running repair package and maintenance package, both extendable up to 5 years. For those seeking an even longer-term commitment, the Seltos extends its warranty up to 7 years, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

On the other hand, the Kia Sonet matches its counterpart with a 3-year unlimited kilometre standard warranty and roadside assistance, with the added advantage of an optional extended warranty for up to 5 years. These comprehensive warranty packages contribute to the reliability of both vehicles and bolster their resale value, making them trustworthy choices in the automotive world.

Kia Seltos vs. Kia Sonet: Which is the right SUV for you?

In the electrifying duel of Kia’s SUV lineup, the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet emerge as distinct personalities, each tailored to different driving styles, budgets, and aspirations. The Seltos dazzles with its spacious elegance, promising an engaging ride packed with cutting-edge features. On the flip side, the Sonet exudes youthful exuberance, offering a more compact yet equally feature-rich option.

As you make your decision, consider your priorities. The Seltos leans towards a capacious, family-friendly journey, while the Sonet entices with its urban-friendly charm. Both models lock horns in the safety department, with advanced tech ensuring your peace of mind.

While the Seltos and Sonet differ in size, they share the same DNA of innovation and performance, making every drive a joyful escapade. So, whether you’re a Seltos enthusiast drawn to its grandeur or a Sonet aficionado captivated by its compact stance, your choice is the one that matters. Buckle up, and let your driving story unfold with the Kia SUV that resonates with your spirit.


Q. Which one has better mileage, the Kia Seltos or Kia Sonet?

The Kia Sonet holds the advantage in terms of mileage, offering fuel efficiency ranging from 18.2 km/l to 24.3 km/l, whereas the Kia Seltos provides a slightly lower range of 17.0 km/l to 20.7 km/l.

Q. Which car is cheaper, the Kia Seltos or the Kia Sonet?

The Kia Sonet holds the price advantage, with its starting price at ₹7.79 lakh for the HTE variant, while the Kia Seltos starts at ₹10.90 lakh for the HTE variant.

Q. How do the safety ratings of the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet compare?

Both the Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet have earned 3-star safety ratings from Global NCAP, showcasing their commitment to passenger safety through standardised crash testing.

Q. Which variant offers the most advanced features in Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet?

In the Kia Seltos, the X-line variant offers an array of advanced features including a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a BOSE premium sound system, a panoramic sunroof, and ventilated front seats. For the Kia Sonet, the GT variant takes the lead with features such as a 10.25-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system, BOSE premium sound system, front parking sensors, and drive and traction modes. 

Q. What are the engine options available in Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet?

The Kia Seltos offers a range of engines including a 1.5L Gamma Petrol, 1.5L U2 CRDi Diesel, and a 1.4L Gamma Turbo GDI Petrol. The Kia Sonet comes with a 1.2L Kappa petrol engine, a 1.0L turbo-charged GDi petrol engine, and a 1.5L U2 CRDi diesel engine.

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