5 Upcoming Cars to be Launched in India in September 2019
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5 Upcoming Car Launches In India During September

Dev Tyagi

The automotive sector is, by far, one of the most enterprising, dynamic and competitive segments in the country. A growing automobile space almost always brings in great contributions toward the GDP of a nation. And even more so in a rising economy like India, currently the third-strongest in all of Asia. Despite being challenged by a paradigm shift in car ownership, much of the urbanized world gravitating toward ride-sharing services at a time where governments are increasingly putting an emphasis on electric cars, there seems to be no dearth in new car launches in India.

That said, what are the cars to be launched in India in September? Let’s find out about the enterprising options that are all set to hit the Indian roads soon:

2019 Volkswagen Vento

VW Vento 2019

It appears that the mass-market German brand, a hot seller for all seasons, has given a facelift to the famous Vento, a mid-segment car. Although this is not the first time that the Volkswagen Vento has received an upgrade in looks and features, it is believed that the soon-to-be-launched car will be priced between Rs 8.6 lakh to 14.5 lakh.

The launch will more likely be in parallel to another leading produce from the house of Volkswagen: Polo. Both cars have been updated with a BS6 Petrol Engine.

The new engine upgrade, it is confirmed, will be a new turbocharged 1.0-litre engine.

2019 Renault Kwid

2019 Renault Kwid

A pocket-friendly, reliable machine, the Kwid is the celebrated French carmaker’s highly popular market offering in the mid-car segment. It happens to be among the most popular cars to be launched in India in September.

The new machine, with a facelift, is priced at a competitive, affordable price band of Rs 2.8 Lakh to Rs 4.75 lakh.

While much of the updates are down to the design component of the car- the new arrival all set to carry a heavily reworked design- the features in the new car seem sizeably similar to the existing car out there.

An interesting feature, nonetheless, is the LED elements in the design, expected to lend a touch of premium quality to the car.

Hyundai Elantra 2019

2019 Hyundai Elantra

One of the smoothest, finest make from Hyundai ever, the mere thought of a new facelift version of the Elantra serves a fitting throwback of the period between the late nineties-and-early 2000s, where Hyundai first launched the automatic version of the sedan.

Equipped with what was touted as one of the smoothest gearshifts ever in a car in that segment, Elantra was a lean and elegant drive. Therefore, in the light of the brand’s unmatched consistency and design upgrades over the years, the facelift version of the same is expected to be among the most exciting cars to be launched in India in September.

Expected to hit the Indian roads sometime soon with the new 1.5-litre diesel engine, the same as that of Seltos, Elantra has already made headlines in the global markets.

One can’t wait to see how it will be received in one of the most competitive terrains there is for the automobile segment. The Expected price is between Rs 14- 20 Lakh.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

A rather interesting name for a car, one can’t wait to interact with Maruti Suzuki’s latest upcoming offering for the Indian market. Somewhere a hatch-back meets mini-SUV, the S-Presso will be expected to counter the rise of existing brands on Indian roads, such as the Renault Kwid and the likes.

It’s being said that the car will be priced at an affordable Rs 4 lakhs.

Tata Harrier Dark Edition

Tata Harrier Black Edition

One of the finest offerings from the ever-bankable Tata, the Harrier cuts a powerful and robust presence out on the road.

Its smooth drivability adds a swift balance between looks and functionality. Implicit in the yet-to-be-launched machine is the exquisite unique Atlas Black exterior paint shade, with carves an imposing presence for the big car.

The all-new Blackstone dashboard finish pays a sizzling compliment to the Benecke-Kaliko Blackstone seatbelts. Upon arrival, the car is expected to carry the same mechanical set-up as the existing Harrier. Among the other features that stand out are the arresting grey headlamp inserts and the 17-inch Blackstone alloy wheels.

A car that’s impeccably designed on the outside as well as finely crafted on the inside, it looks as if Tata is all set to add more gravitas to the Indian roads.

What’s your favorite Upcoming Car in India? Leave a comment below.

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