VIN stands for vehicle identification number of the vehicle. Each vehicle has a seventeen digit VIN number which is the whole sole identity of a vehicle, depicting all its necessary features like manufacturing, registration, guarantee, warranty etc. It not only links all the details to your vehicle but also stands as a testimony to the criminal history or the theft cases your vehicle was involved in along with insurance of the vehicle. Vin number for any vehicle has to be a 17 digit/ character number to get all the above-mentioned information.

Vin Number and Vahan check

The VIN number is not just any random combination of characters but, all the numbers here and alphabets have a different relevance last six digits are your car’s serial number, some characters represent the manufacturer, model etc. of the car.

Have you ever seen your VIN number? In case you did not pay much heed, it is right on the dashboard on driver’s side. You can also find the VIN number on your vehicle registration form or your insurance papers.

Many companies claim to offer such free services of getting a VIN report. You can always try to get a VIN report from there or, in India, we have the luxury of finding such trivial details through a public site called “Vahan”

Vahan check also gives small details as given by the VIN number report after entering the car registration number and chassis number.

To try out vahan website, the following links work state-wise

1)  Delhi

2)  Haryana:

3)  Chandigarh:

4)  UP:

5) Bangalore:

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9)  Pan-India:


If you specifically want to know the challans and legal pendency, you can visit the following websites state wise:

1) Delhi:

2) Bangalore: BANGALORE

3) Hyderabad:

A sustainable option:

In case Vahan website is not working, an alternate method to check vehicle details including Hypothecation/loan status is by SMS.   The number for the service is 7738299899. All you have to do is,  

The format for the SMS is ‘vahan’ followed by the registration number of the vehicle. e.g. vahan DL3CA0000. This service will notify you about the present status of hypothecation on the vehicle.

Why is VIN check important before purchasing or selling a car?

Vehicle history reports assure one of the authenticity and genuineness of a vehicle. It is a good way of knowing each minute detail from ownership history to everything in just a matter of seconds. If you want to sell your car, you can also check that everything on the VIN check report is fair or not. If everything is genuine to proceed with, you can use it to your advantage in order to pitch your vehicle to the customer. Authenticity and trust will come your way easily.

Vin Number and Vahan check

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