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When to shift gears for the BEST fuel economy – Know it here!

The economy of your car is generally the most concerned part of the package. The projected image of the fuel economy makes the process of understanding the dynamics more complex. This is why we at CARS24 are here to explain when to shift gears for the best fuel economy from your car. The concept of driving a manual transmission vehicle to achieve maximum fuel economy involves keeping the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the engine as low as possible. The faster you rev the engine of your car, the fuel economy of your car will go for a toss.

When to shift gears for the BEST fuel economy

When to shift gears for the BEST fuel economy

The science behind getting the best fuel economy out of your car revolves around the concept of Brake Specific Fuel Consumption. This term explains how much fuel is required under different loads and at different RPMs. The biggest cause of good fuel economy at lower RPMs is because less friction is produced at lower RPMs. An engine which is revved at over 6000 RPM has to overcome a lot of friction. This friction is produced when the pistons rub against the cylinder walls, the bearings in the crankshaft and drag from the valve train and water pump.

The higher loads on the engine affect the fuel economy of the vehicle indirectly. This means If you’re cruising along a highway with a light load on the engine, there is a possibility that you are using only five percent of the throttle. In this scenario, the engine has to work a lot harder to suck air through a throttle that’s mostly closed. While cruising at the wide open throttle, there’s less restriction on the intake air. In this situation, the engine isn’t working so hard to keep pushing the vehicle forward.

The ideal spot to get the best fuel economy is when you are cruising on the road at high load (a wide-open or nearly-wide-open throttle) and low RPM. The throttle of the engine in this situation will be wide-open. But everything is not so rosy even in this position. There are limitations to this such as, if you shift the gears too early, you are running at the cost of dragging your engine and making it move at a very low RPM.

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