Delhi Traffic Police To Cancel 1,50,000 e-Challans Issued Toward Overspeeding

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Updated on: 26th October, 2023 IST

Delhi Traffic Police To Cancel 1,50,000 e-Challans Issued Toward Overspeeding

In a first of its kind, the Delhi Traffic Police have decided to cancel challan's which were issued to lakhs of people for overspeeding.

It appears that the Traffic Police is all set to withdraw as many as 1,50,000 different instances of e-challans that had been issued toward instances of overspeeding across the NCR region.

Weird as it may sound, at this point in time:

1)There is no clarity on what might happen to the amount that has already been collected as fines

2) Moreover, there were a lot many instances where e-challans were issued on the NH-24 between the Nizamuddin Bridge and Ghazipur region.

In addition to the above, what's also been confirmed is that the said cases of challans were issued between the period of August and October 10.

So far, no one in particular from the stable of the Delhi Traffic Police has come forward to shed some light on a piece of development that's rather surprising and unprecedented.

But in what appears to be an exception, a Joint-Commissioner-level traffic police officer has expressed some views on the developing story, " Delhi Traffic Police is withdrawing about 1.5 lakh challans issued in two and a half months between August and October 10. Most of these were related to overspeeding on National Highway 24."

Furthermore, speaking strictly on the condition of anonymity, another Delhi Traffic Police officer who kept his identity veiled said, "In fact, these challans were issued on National Highway 24 between Nizamuddin bridge and Ghazipur, which is close to Delhi-UP border."

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But all of the above told, it remains to be seen as to what pushed the Delhi Traffic Police to withdraw all their challans?

On this note, another officer shared some insight: " The reason behind the withdrawal of these challans was that the PWD had put up a signboard of the speed limit of 70 km/hr while the challans were issued for speeding over 60 km/hr on the national highway. We decided to take back the challans after receiving a lot of complaints."

It is also believed that a person charged with a challan had approached the court with public interest litigation citing the very fact that they weren't in the wrong when challan-ed and have, therefore, maintained their innocence.

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