Jeep Compass vs Creta: Detailed Comparison of The Important Aspects

Jeep Compass vs Hyundai Creta Detailed Comparison

jeep compass vs creta feature

As apparent as it is, the compact SUV segment in India has evolved at an absolutely rapid rate. Once upon a time, the idea of a small SUV would sound almost ridiculous. But as time progressed, people realized that a compact SUV makes a lot of sense. Our country was recently introduced to the legendary American marquee, Jeep. With a 65% localization level, they launched the Jeep Compass in late 2017 which ran off to an immediate success. On the other hand, you have the current segment leader from the Hyundai, the Creta. The Creta is the most successful car in this segment that is averaging a sales figure of around 10000 cars a month. Today, we will compare both these cars on their different attributes and find out which one reigns superior. So let’s start with our Jeep Compass vs Creta face-off.

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Jeep Compass vs Creta: Dimensions

Measurements Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
Length 4395 mm 4270 mm
Width 1818 mm 1780 mm
Height 1640 mm 1665 mm
Wheelbase 2636 mm 2590 mm
Tyre Size 215/65 R17, 225/60 R17 205/65 R16, 215/60 R17
Ground Clearance 178 mm 190 mm
Boot Space 438 Litres 400 Litres
Weight 1457 to 1654 Kg 1265-1386 Kg

For round 1 we’ll start off with the dimension comparison as usual. Despite being made for different primary purposes, both cars are quite close in terms of size. In length and width, the Compass has a clear advantage, implying it has more leg room and can seat 3 passengers at the rear more comfortably. The Creta however, takes the advantage in height with 15mm which is a decent amount of extra headroom.

In terms of wheelbase, the Compass is ahead but for a compact SUVs, that’s a negative point. This added wheelbase gives the Compass a large turning radius making it less maneuverable than the Creta. Moving on to tyre size, the Compass wins again with a 10mm wider tyre through both options. Shockingly enough, the Compass loses out to the Creta in ground clearance! It takes back the boot space round but again loses out in terms of kerb weight with at least 199 kilograms more weight than the Creta.

Jeep compass vs creta dimensions

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Engine Performance and Mileage

Engine Specifications (Petrol):

Parameters  Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
Capacity 1368cc 1591cc
Power 163bhp@5500RPM 123bhp@6400RPM
Torque 250Nm@2600-4000RPM 151Nm@4850RPM
Transmission 6-Speed Manual/7-Speed Auto 6-Speed Manual/6-Speed Auto
Fuel Tank 60 Litres 55 Litres
Mileage 14 Km/l 15 Km/l

Engine Specifications (Diesel):

Parameters  Jeep Compass Hyundai Creta
Capacity 1956cc 1582cc (1396cc)
Power 173bhp@3750PM 128bhp@4000RPM (90bhp@4000RPM)
Torque 350Nm@1750-2500RPM 260Nm@1600-2500RPM (220Nm@1500-2750RPM)
Transmission 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual/6-Speed Auto (6-Speed Manual)
Fuel Tank 60 Litres 55 litres
Mileage 16 kmpl 18 kmpl (20 kmpl)

Jeep Compass vs Creta compass engine

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Engine Variants and Options

Coming to the performance round, both cars come in diesel and petrol variants and different permutations of transmission options. The Compass gets two different primary engines, a 1.4-litre petrol and a 2.0-litre diesel. Only the petrol variant gets an option of a 7-speed DDCT automatic. The diesel only comes with a 6-speed manual. The Creta, on the other hand, gets a total of 3 engine choices, a 1.6-litre petrol, a 1.4-litre diesel and a 1.6-litre diesel. The 1.6-litre petrol and diesel options get a torque converter 6-speed automatic variant but the 1.4 only gets a manual 6-speed option. The Jeep Compass gets a major advantage with its 4×4 option. The Creta only comes in 4×2 which means off-road enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere.

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Engine Performance

Seeing the numbers, it’s not too hard to decipher which car has the upper hand. The Compass is a clear-cut winner. Despite the excess weight it carries, it puts out some really impressive power and torque figures. The Creta does put out a generous amount of both for its engine. However, the Compass still remains a clear victor by a very good margin.  The Creta is no doubt a very capable vehicle in both the city as well as the highway. The turbo lag on the diesel is also very well managed. However, the Compass feels a notch superior in every aspect. The mild turbo lag that the Creta suffers from is almost completely absent here. The Compass with its abundance of power and torque simply tears through every road with barely any effort. The excess wheelbase works wonderfully here in giving the car on-road stability.

Jeep Compass vs Creta creta engine

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Gearbox Comparison

Both cars get 6-speed manuals but the automatic mechanisms are starkly different. The Compass gets a DDCT (Dual Dry Clutch Transmission) while the Creta relies on the good ol’ torque converter mechanism. In another surprising turn of events, the 7-Speed DDCT on the Compass falls short of the Creta’s 6-Speed torque converter. It is a well-known fact that Dual Clutch transmissions are the best in the industry. Sadly the Compass’ auto is just not up to the mark of a Volkswagen DSG. It hesitates a lot while shifting and makes the car’s otherwise concealed turbo lag very apparent. In comparison, the Creta’s torque converter sure asks for more throttle input but the shifts are perfect and on point. The gearbox has a really good understanding of how you intend to drive. In the manual option, both cars are equally competent with a light clutch effort and slick sure-slotting shifts.

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Features and Looks

Jeep Compass Equipment and Appearance:

The latest generation Jeep Compass was launched in India in July 2017. In top trim, it boasts of the following equipment:

  • Trademark 7-Slot Grille with Chrome Rings
  • Body Coloured Mirrors with Indicators and Door Handles
  • Integrated Rear Spoiler
  • Integrated Roof Rails
  • Bi-Xenon HID Projector Headlamps with LED DRLs
  • LED Tail Lamp and LED Position Lamps
  • Front Fog Lamps with Cornering Function
  • Customizable 3.5-inch Driver Information Display
  • Full-Length Front Console with Sliding Armrest
  • Rear Armrest with Integrated Cup Holders
  • UConnect 7-inch Touchscreen Infotainment Display with Navigation Controls, Integrated Voice Command, Bluetooth Audio and an In-Built Compass (Pun not intended).
  • Frequency Selective Damping Suspension
  • Dynamic Steering Torque
  • Keyless Entry and Push-Button Start
  • Acoustic Windshield
  • Capless Fuel Filler
  • Jeep Active Drive with Selec-Terrain Management System
  • Reverse Parking Camera with Sensors
  • Safety Net comprising of Electronic Parking Brake, Active Turn Signals, All-Speed Traction Control System, ABS with ESC and EBD, Electronic Roll Mitigation, Hill Start Assist, Front and Rear Fog Lamps, Double Crank Prevention System and 6-Airbags

Jeep Compass vs Creta compass Interior

As far as appearance goes, the Compass has loads of character. It looks really striking with its Grand Cherokee inspired front. Despite being slightly down on height, it looks very muscular and has a good street presence. There are numerous bulges and creases running across the car with a sloping roofline which give it a somewhat sporty appearance as well. The rear section of the Compass also looks very neatly executed with the bold Jeep logo standing out in the middle. Jump inside the Compass and you are greeted to a very plush interior. There are a few niggles like the button blanks which are quite an eyesore, but the car looks really good overall from the inside as well. Two things it’s sorely missing is a sunroof and cruise control which we hope do get added in the future.

Jeep Compass vs Creta compass looks

Hyundai Creta Equipment and Appearance:

The Hyundai Creta was launched in 2015 and recently received a majorly cosmetic facelift earlier this year. The top model of the Creta consists of the following equipment:

  • Redesigned Grille with Chrome Inserts
  • Silvered Front and Rear Skid Plates
  • Bi-Functional Projector Headlamps
  • Cornering Lamps
  • LED DRL with LED Position Lamps
  • Integrated Roof Rails
  • 17-inch Diamond Cut Alloy Rims
  • Body Coloured ORVM’s and Side Moulding
  • Chrome Finished Door Handles
  • Shark Fin Antenna
  • Metal Finished Inner Door Handles
  • Electric Sunroof
  • 6-Way Power Driver Seat
  • Front and Rear Door Map Pockets
  • Follow-Me-Home Headlamps
  • Keyless Entry with Push Button Start
  • Sliding Front Armrest
  • Electric Tailgate Release
  • 7-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System with Audio Control and Bluetooth Mode
  • Wireless Charger Port
  • 4-Speaker Arkamys Mood Sound
  • Safety Net Comprising of 6-Airbags Vehicle Stability Management Control (VSM), Hill Start Assist, Electro-Chromic Mirrors, Lane Change Indicator, Impact Sensing Door Lock, ABS with EBD and ESC

Jeep Compass vs Creta Creta Interior

The Creta already has a well-established prowess in the market despite being just 3 years old. The Creta doesn’t have the brawny muscle of the Jeep but does have a very elegant appearance. It isn’t anything eye-catchy but looks really good on the road. With the facelift it received earlier this year, the car now looks a lot more pleasing, especially with those gorgeous rims. The interior is the same as the previous car with a welcoming Fluidic 2.0 design structure. All the luxury equipment bits that the Jeep is devoid of are present here. However, the Creta doesn’t have any off-road aids like the Compass and is strictly only for the road. That said, it’s quite a good-looking car and packs in a lot of equipment as most of the other Hyundais.

jeep compass vs creta creta looks

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Pricing

Jeep Compass Variants and Price:

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom)
Sport 1.4 Petrol Rs.15.34 Lakhs
Sport 2.0 Diesel Rs.16.55 Lakhs
Longitude 2.0 Diesel Rs.17.87 Lakhs
Longitude 2.0 Diesel (O) Rs.18.72 Lakhs
Limited 1.4 Petrol Rs.19.91 Lakhs
Limited 2.0 Diesel Rs.19.57 Lakhs
Limited 2.0 Diesel (O) Rs.20.16 Lakhs
Limited  1.4 Petrol AT (O) Rs.20.50 Lakhs
Limited Plus 2.0 Diesel Rs.21.07 Lakhs
Limited 2.0 Diesel 4×4 Rs.21.35 Lakhs
Limited Plus 1.4 Petrol AT Rs.21.41 Lakhs
Limited 2.0 Diesel 4×4 (O) Rs.21.94 Lakhs
Limited Plus Diesel 4×4 Rs.22.85 Lakhs

Hyundai Creta Variants and Price:

Variant Price(Ex-Showroom)
E 1.6 Petrol Rs.9.50 Lakhs
E Plus 1.6 Petrol Rs.9.90 Lakhs
E Plus 1.4 CRDi Diesel Rs.9.99 Lakhs
S 1.4 CRDi Diesel Rs.11.79 Lakhs
SX 1.6 Petrol Rs.12.03 Lakhs
SX 1.6 Dual Tone Petrol Rs.12.53 Lakhs
S 1.6 AT CRDi Diesel RS. 13.26 Lakhs
SX 1.6 CRDi Diesel Rs.13.33 Lakhs
SX 1.6 Petrol (O) Rs.13.66 Lakhs
SX 1.6 CRDi Dual Tone Rs.13.83 Lakhs
SX 1.6 AT Petrol Rs.13.53 Lakhs
SX 1.6 AT CRDi Diesel Rs.14.93 Lakhs
SX 1.6 CRDi Diesel Rs.15.10 Lakhs

Jeep Compass vs Creta: Conclusion

  • Dimensions: Very very close match-up despite the vast differences in which the cars are built. Both cars get the upper hand in 3 different aspects. This round is a draw.
  • Performance: No comparison whatsoever, the Compass has a dominating performance output straight up. While the Creta does have a better Automatic Transmission, the Compass wins in everything else. As an added plus it has tremendous off-road capability where the Creta isn’t even remotely close.
  • Mileage and Range: The Creta has a more fuel-efficient engine owing to its smaller engine. However, the Compass’ petrol variant reigns better marginally in terms of range. But in the diesel variants, both engine options on the Creta have the superior range. This round goes to the Creta.
  • Features and Equipment: The Jeep Compass is sorely missing out on certain key creature comfort elements like a sunroof, cruise control and automatic wipers which are present on the Creta. On the other hand, the Compass gets a load of terrain management and driver aids which massively boost its off-road capabilities. On top of that, it gets a 4×4 system which is not even available as an option on the Creta. This round is again a draw.
  • Price: Even the topmost variant of the Creta is more affordable than the lowest variant of the Jeep. Hands down, the winner is the Hyundai Creta
  • Final Verdict: Before commencing with this article, you may feel that the Jeep is going to be the victor without any difficulty whatsoever. But after comparing the intricate aspects of both, the verdict comes out to be starkly different. In this Jeep Compass vs Creta comparison, the Compass emerges victorious in only one aspect which is the performance. The Creta comes out superior in 2 and the rest two are a draw. There is no denying that the Compass probably has better off-road capabilities than some bigger SUVs. However, unless you are a very hardcore enthusiast, you will be spending more than 90% of your driving time on the road only. Hence, taking the holistic overview into consideration, the winner of our Jeep Compass vs Creta comparison is the Hyundai Creta.