Toyota Urban Cruiser Safety Rating: Adult & Child Protection Score

Toyota Urban Cruiser Safety Rating: Adult & Child Protection Score

Toyota Urban Cruiser Safety Rating

Developed as a collaborative effort between Toyota and Suzuki, the Urban Cruiser brings together Toyota’s renowned reliability and Suzuki’s expertise in compact car manufacturing. The Urban Cruiser combines a stylish exterior, spacious interiors, and smooth overall handling to cater to the demands of urban and modern lifestyles. 

As a compact SUV, the Urban Cruiser is well-suited for navigating through city streets and tight parking spaces. Its compact dimensions make it agile and easy to manoeuvre, while still offering ample interior space for passengers and cargo. 

What remains to be discussed is its impeccable safety kit that has been awarded a 4-star rating by the Global NCAP, reaffirming its coveted spot as one of the safest compact SUVs in the Indian market.

Occupant Safety RatingProtection Score
Adult Occupant Protection Rating5/5 Stars13.52/17 Points
Child Occupant Protection Rating3/5 Stars36.68/49 Points

Toyota Urban Cruiser NCAP Rating

Toyota Urban Cruiser Adult Occupant Protection Rating 

The Global New Car Assessment Programme (GNCAP) tested the Toyota Urban Cruiser for both, adult occupant protection and child occupant protection. In the adult occupant protection category, the Urban Cruiser has earned a 5-star rating with 13.52 out of 17 points in its frontal-offset crash test.

The safety assessment revealed commendable safeguarding of both the driver’s and front passenger’s head, chest, and neck. However, there were concerns about marginal protection for the driver’s and passenger’s knees, which could come into contact with potentially hazardous structures behind the dashboard, supported by the Tranfascia tube. 

The testing body also observed that the bodyshell was robust and capable of enduring additional stresses, making the car a safe choice for buyers.

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Child Occupant Protection Rating 

In the test for child occupants’ safety, the Urban Cruiser scored 36.68 out of 49 points leading to a 3-star child protection score. 

The testing body noticed that ISOFIX anchorages ensured sufficient protection for the chest with controlled forward movement of the head. However, the anchors did not adequately protect the child’s neck. GNCAP also noted that the recommended CRSs were quite compatible and ensured the child’s safety during the crash. 

Toyota Urban Cruiser Safety Assist Test

As part of the Global NCAP’s #SaferCarsForIndia campaign in 2022, the Toyota Urban Cruiser was also tested to determine its ability to reduce the risk of an accident. GNCAP noted that this SUV was well-equipped with safety features like ABS with EBD, airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), vehicle stability control (VSC), all-wheel disc brakes, a 360-degree camera, and ISOFIX mounts that make for improved assistance while trying to deter an accident.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Motorcyclist Safety Test

The Global NCAP also evaluates the protection offered to vulnerable road users like pedestrians and motorcyclists in its tests. In the Motorcyclist Safety Test, the car is evaluated for its ability to prevent injuries to the rider and the passenger in case of a collision.

The Urban Cruiser comes equipped with features like vehicle stability control (VSC) that enhances grip, ABS with EBD that adjusts brakeforce, and all-wheel disc brakes that prevent overheating of the disc and improve braking even in frequent hard braking situations. These features help prevent accidents with motorcycles and other vulnerable road users.

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Safety Features

The Urban Cruiser is packed with an array of safety features, such as ABS with EBD, airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), vehicle stability control (VSC), all-wheel disc brakes, a 360-degree camera, and ISOFIX mounts.

Here’s a glance at some of the key safety features of the Toyota Urban Cruiser:

Safety FeatureDescription
6 AirbagsProtects passengers in case of a collision
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)Prevents wheels from locking up during hard braking
Vehicle stability control (VSC)Stabilises vehicle during cornering and prevents skidding
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)Alerts the driver if any of the tires are underinflated
360-degree cameraShows a surround view of the vehicle to help with parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces
All-wheel Disc BrakesPrevents overheating of the disc and improves braking in hard braking situations
ISOFIX AnchorsProvides a secure attachment for child seats
Seat Belt WarningAlerts passengers when seat belts aren’t fastened

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Key Specs

The Toyota Urban Cruiser, available at an ex-showroom price between ₹9.03 Lakh – ₹11.73 Lakh has the following specifications:

Maximum Power103.26bhp
Maximum Torque138 Nm
Engine1462cc K-series 1.5L
Transmission5-speed manual, 6-speed automatic
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage17.03 km/l 
Body TypeSUV
Seating Capacity5

The Bottom Line

The Urban Cruiser’s 4-star safety rating unveils a vehicle that comes with impressive safety features, robust structural integrity, and commitment to safeguarding both drivers and passengers. This compact SUV asserts itself as a reliable and secure companion for every journey. 

Whether navigating bustling city streets or embarking on adventurous escapes, the Urban Cruiser’s dedication to safety ensures that your well-being remains a priority. As you take the wheel of this reliable compact SUV, rest assured that you’re driving not only with style and performance but also with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in a vehicle that prioritises your safety above all else. 


Q. What is the Global NCAP safety rating of Toyota Urban Cruiser?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser has a 4-star Global NCAP safety rating.

Q. Which are the standard safety features of Toyota Urban Cruiser?

Premium airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), vehicle stability control (VSC), all-wheel disc brakes, a 360-degree camera and ISOFIX mounts are some of the standard safety features of Toyota Urban Cruiser.

Q. Does the Urban Cruiser come with 6 airbags?

The Toyota Urban Cruiser offers two airbag setups to enhance safety. 6 variants come with dual airbags whereas the top-end Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder V Hybrid model comes with 6 Airbags