Upcoming Audi Cars in India 2020-21 - Expected Price, Launch Dates, Images, Specifications
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Upcoming Audi Cars in India 2020-21

Audi is a name that is known around the world for their premium quality automobiles and ever since they entered the Indian market in 2007, the German company has excelled in almost every segment they offer. They sell cars that feature exceptional build quality, superior engines, and luxurious interiors which make them some of the most sought after vehicles in the world. From sports cars to sturdy SUV’s, Audi has it all and they are about to launch a fresh new lineup that will be available in the upcoming months. Here are some of those expected releases and their specifications.

Audi Q3 2020 Rs. 40.0 Lakh
Audi e-tron Rs. 1.50 Crore
Audi Q7 2020 Rs. 80.0 Lakh
Audi Q5 2021 Rs. 55.0 Lakh
Audi TT 2021 Rs. 80.0 Lakh
Audi A3 2021 Rs. 35.0 Lakh

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Audi Q3 2020

Expected Launch 10 October, 2020
Engine 2.0L Turbo-Petrol
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic

When it comes to SUVs from Audi, the Q3 has always delivered and the Q3 2020 is destined to bring a lot more to the table as well. The design of the upcoming Q3 2020 is relatively the same as its previous iteration. The front grille is large and hexagonal with vertical chrome stripes and the Audi branding. The large air dams sit below the new LED headlamps which now come in a sharper design. In the rear, the LED taillights have also be changed with almost a Lamborghini look to it. Powering the Q3 2020 will be a 2.0L, 4-cylinder Turbocharged-petrol engine that generates 228Ps of power and 258Nm of torque. The engine is also mated to an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox that also features All-Wheel-Drive. Inside, the Q3 2020 comes with the latest features such as a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto connectivity, a high-quality audio setup, and automatic climate control to name a few. The Audi Q3 2020 will also carry some of the best safety features including 8 airbags, power locking, ABS with EBD, and rear parking cameras.

Audi e-tron

Expected Launch 25 October, 2020
Power Dual Electric Motor with 95kWh Lithium-Ion Battery
Range 400 Km

While Audi is known for their sports cars and luxury sedans, the e-tron is their first shot at an all-electric vehicle and was first made public in 2018. The car is set to hit Indian roads sometime in 2020 and a second hand car evaluation tool can be used to easily get your hands on one when it launches. The e-tron will get its power from a large 95kWh Lithium-Ion battery that will run the dual electric motor setup. The 561Nm of torque produced by the motors will take the e-tron from 0-100 kmph in just 6.6 seconds. With Boost Mode on, that number is significantly reduced to 5.7 seconds which is better than some regular cars in the market right now. On a full charge, the battery of the e-tron is said to provide a range of over 400 km and comes with a quick charge feature that takes the vehicle from 0-80 per cent in about 30 minutes.

Audi Q7 2020

Expected Launch 30 October, 2020
Engine 2.0L TFSI Petrol, 3.0L TFSI Petrol
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic

The Audi Q7 2020 will take the place of the previous Q7 SUV in India and it is expected to come loaded with features and a performance that will be very hard to match. Under the hood of the upcoming Q7 2020 will either be a BSVI-compliant 2.0L TFSI petrol engine that will produce 248Ps of power and 273Nm of torque or a 3.0L TFSI petrol engine that generates 335Ps of power with 369Nm of torque. Both engines will be paired with an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission system with Quattro All-Wheel-Drive functionality. In terms of features, the Q7 2020 will come fitted with a 12.3-inch LCD digital instrument cluster known as the Audi Virtual Cockpit. The infotainment system will comprise two touchscreens including a 10.1-inch and an 8.6-inch monitor which will come with Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The audio system will come with 3D Surround Sound and high-quality HD Radio Technology. The Q7 2020 will also feature advanced keyless entry, rain sensor windshields, cruise control, auto drive, hill descent assistance, 360 degree camera, and panoramic sunroof. While the previous Q7 was one of the most used cars in the Audi lineup last year, the upcoming model could quite easily lead the charge in the SUV segment.

Audi Q5 2021

Expected Launch 10 January, 2021
Engine 2.0L Turbo-Petrol
Transmission 7-Speed S Tronic DCT Automatic

Since the SUV segment in the India has been doing extremely well over the past couple of years, Audi has officially announced that the Q5 2021 will make it to the country some time in 2021. The SUV has already gained a lot of popularity in other countries around the world like the US and UK and it is expected to bring that same excitement to India when it is finally launched. Powering the Q5 2021 is a BSVI-compliant 2.0L TFSI Turbocharged-petrol engine that is capable of generating 248Ps of power and 273Nm of torque. Mated to the Q5 2021 engine will be a 7-speed S Tronic DCT automatic gearbox that also features Quattro All-Wheel-Drive technology. With the latest tests, the Q5 2021 has provided an acceleration of 0-100 kmph in just under 6 seconds. Some of the features we can expect to see on the Q5 2021 will include a large touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, Bluetooth audio connectivity, high-end speakers with WiFi, and an all-digital instrument cluster.

Audi TT 2021

Expected Launch 15 February, 2021
Engine 2.5L Turbo-Petrol
Transmission 7-Speed Automated Manual

Although not a lot is known about the upcoming Audi TT 2021, the company has hinted that we can expect similar specifications to the previous model. Nevertheless, there are some leaked rumours that we can follow to gain a little more information about the coupe. Powering the new TT 2021 is a new BSVI-compliant 2.5L Turbocharged-petrol engine that will produce a maximum of 394Ps of power and 354Nm of torque. Paired with the powerful engine will be a 7-speed automated manual transmission that will give the TT 2021 a top speed of around 250 kmph and an acceleration of 0-100 kmph in 3.6 seconds. While the TT 2021 is built for speed, Audi has ensured that the car comes with a number of safety features that include ESC or Electronic Stability Control, Panic Alarm, Driver-Assist Program, Occupant Sensing Airbags, and Four-Wheel, ABS. Even though we don’t know a lot about the Audi TT 2021, what we can expect is that the coupe will have a lot of people preparing their RC transfer papers when the car is launched.

Audi A3 2021

Expected Launch 9 April, 2021
Engine 2.0L Petrol, 2.0L Diesel
Transmission 7-Speed DCT

If there was one car that was majorly anticipated in India, it has to be the A3 2021. The previous iteration has already done extremely well in the country and the updated version is ready to bring even more. Audi is expected to include a BSVI-compliant 2.0L Turbocharged-petrol engine in the A3 2021 which is expected to produce an impressive 245Ps of power. There could also be an option for a 2.0L diesel engine that might make it to India but we are not certain about that since diesel cars are quite popular in the country. The Audi A3 2021 engine will be paired with a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT auto). The biggest change we can expect from the upcoming A3 2021 is its looks. The new A3 2021 will come with an aggressive-looking front grille with a hexagonal shape to it. The new LED headlamps look extremely stylish and sleek and the large air dams below that also carry a geometric shape to it. The body of the A3 2021 now features sharp curves and angular lines that give it a very aggressive look overall.

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Q: What are the upcoming Audi cars in India 2020?

A: The upcoming cars from Audi in Indian in 2020 are the Q3 2020, the e-tron, the Q7 2020, the Q5 2021, the TT 2021, and the A3 2021.

Q: What are the upcoming Audi hatchback cars in India?

A: There are currently no hatchback cars from Audi set to be launched in India in 2020.

Q: What are the upcoming Audi sedan cars in India?

A: The upcoming sedan cars from Audi set to be launched in India in 2020 are the Audi TT 2021 and the Audi A3 2021.

Q: What are the upcoming Audi SUV cars in India?

A: The upcoming SUV cars from Audi that are set to be launched in India in 2020 are the Audi Q3 2020, the Audi e-tron, the Audi Q7 2020, and the Audi Q5 2021.

Q: What are the upcoming Audi cars under 10 lakhs?

A: Currently, there are no Audi cars priced under Rs. 10 Lakhs. The lowest priced Audi car in India today is the A6 which comes in at Rs. 55 Lakhs.

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