MG Comet EV: Top 5 Things That Make it a Great Commuter

MG Comet EV: Top 5 Things That Make it a Great Commuter

MG Comet EV Top 5 Things That Make It A Great Commuter

MG Motor launched the Comet EV in India with a very specific buyer in mind — one who already has a car in their garage and is looking to buy a secondary vehicle for everyday use. Needless to say, it has to be a great commuter — one that is easy to drive in the city, has enough juice for your office commute, and can ferry your (small) family around or do quick grocery runs. And it does that to a great extent. Here are the top 5 things that make the MG Comet EV a great everyday commuter:

1. Tiny Dimensions:

MG Comet EV Technology and Infotainment

The MG Comet EV is under three metres long and just over 1.5 metres wide. That is properly compact, even by small hatchback standards! This makes the Comet EV the perfect car to drive in bumper to bumper traffic. Add to that a small turning radius of 4.2 metres and you will never need to worry about finding parking or going through those narrow city streets again.

Length2,974 mm
Width (Excluding mirrors)1,505 mm
Height1,640 mm
Wheelbase2.010 mm
Turning Radius4.2 metres

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2. Tech Features

MG Comet EV Interior Design

The MG Comet EV gets two 10.25 inch screens, which are huge for a car of its size. While the instrument cluster screen isn’t as functional, the infotainment unit more than makes up for it, by packing in wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The infotainment also gets voice commands, and you can use it to change various settings in the car, including drive modes and regen levels. Using MG’s smartphone app, you can use your smartphone as a key to unlock your car, and you can also digitally share the key with someone using the app. In addition to this cool little trick, the MG Comet EV also packs over 55 connected car features. All of these really come in handy on a day-to-day basis.

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3. Zippy Motor

MG Comet EV Interior

The MG Comet EV is powered by a 41 bhp electric motor, which puts out 110 Nm of instantaneous torque. While these figures may sound small, they translate much better in real world conditions given the use case of the Comet EV. Acceleration up to 60 kmph is brisk, and the Comet feels very zippy to drive in the urban environment. Quick dashes through slow moving traffic are effortless, and the motor doesn’t leave you wanting for more. It also gets three driving modes — Eco, City, and Sports. While there’s a perceivable difference in the performance in every mode, even the Eco mode is enough for most city commutes. Sports mode on the other hand can propel the Comet EV up to triple digit speeds.

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MG Comet EV Fornt Look

4. Low Running Costs

MG Comet EV Exterior Side

While being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in your turbocharged compact SUV will start to burn a hole in your pocket within minutes due to fuel consumption, the same isn’t the case with EVs. Until you get going in one, there is barely any energy being consumed — save for your air conditioning, music system, and lights. And when you stop, regen also adds a considerable amount of energy back to the battery. On top of that, the Comet EV is one of the most economical EVs since it has a small motor, and if you charge it at home, it can return a running cost of under a rupee per km! Compare it to your compact SUV, and you could do a commute that would ordinarily cost you over ₹200 in under ₹20.

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5. Premium Interior

MG Comet EV Premium Interior

While this may not be the biggest factor when you consider buying a commuter vehicle, we certainly feel it is an important one as you will probably end up spending more time in this car than your primary bigger car. The MG Comet EV by far has the best interiors of a hatchback EV in India. Most surfaces are finished well, and all dials and buttons are also of a good quality. The two displays really add to the premiumness of the cabin, and there aren’t many bits in the car that feel cheap. The lighter coloured materials also make the cabin feel airy, though they may end up being hard to maintain.

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All of these factors combined make the MG Comet EV a great car for the urban jungle. The initial investment cost isn’t too high either, and a claimed range of 230 km should be more than sufficient for most everyday commutes. So if you are in the market to buy a car purely for urban use, then you should definitely have the MG Comet EV on your shortlist.