Best Jeep in India 2020 – Top Jeep Cars

Best Jeep in India 2020 – Top Jeep Cars

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Best Jeep in India 2020 – Top Jeep Cars

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While ‘Jeep’ is an American SUV manufacturer owned by the FCA group, in India, every rugged SUV, including entry-level models like the Mahindra Bolero, is often referred to as a Jeep. This is simply because the first-ever off-roader sold in the country by Mahindra was manufactured under license by Jeep and had the badging. Anyway, without further beating around the bush, here’s a list of best Jeeps in India 2019.

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar

The first model in our list of best Jeeps in India is the Mahindra Thar, a model that draws its lineage from the original Jeep CJ3B. The Thar impresses with its rugged looks and great 4×4 hardware, which makes it a favourite of both lifestyle vehicle buyers and off-roading enthusiasts. The Thar is the model to buy if you crave for a high street presence and enough capability off the road.

Mahindra Thar New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 9.6-9.99 lakhRs 11.30-11.57 lakh
MumbaiRs 9.52-9.99 lakhRs 11.74-12.11 lakh
BangaloreRs 9.51-9.99 lakhRs 11.95-12.34 lakh
ChennaiRs 9.57-9.99 lakhRs 11.55-11.85 lakh
HyderabadRs 9.49-9.99 lakhRs 11.68-12.08 lakh
PuneRs 9.53-9.99 lakhRs 11.58-11.93 lakh
KolkataRs 9.92-10.37 lakhRs 11.37-11.7 lakh
KochiRs 9.6-9.99 lakhRs 11.37-11.86 lakh

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Mahindra Thar Used Car Prices in Delhi-NCR

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
2018 Mahindra Thar CRDE 4X4 BS IV201812,843Rs.8,20,000
2018 Mahindra Thar CRDE 4X4 BS IV201816,858Rs. 7,80,844
2015 Mahindra Thar CRDE 4X4 BS IV201525,956Rs. 5,09,281
2015 Mahindra Thar CRDE 4X4 BS IV201547,988Rs. 5,20,478
2017 Mahindra Thar CRDE 4X4 BS IV201715,950Rs. 7,50,000

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Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

The next model on our list is another Mahindra model, which is the Scorpio small SUV. The Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the most recognisable faces on the road as its popularity has been quite high due to its rugged and reliable nature, butch looks and high affordability. Also, the SUV has been in the market for long enough to be available in both new and used car markets.

Mahindra Scorpio New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 9.99-16.63 lakhRs 11.84-20.16 lakh
MumbaiRs 9.95-16.15 lakhRs 12.08-19.65 lakh
BangaloreRs 9.99-16.7 lakhRs 12.35-21.09 lakh
ChennaiRs 10.14-16.84 lakhRs 12.67-20.74 lakh
HyderabadRs 9.99-16.84 lakhRs 12.09-20.57 lakh
PuneRs 9.91-16.11 lakhRs 11.84-19.32 lakh
KolkataRs 10.2-16.97 lakhRs 11.52-18.87 lakh
KochiRs 10.18-16.84 lakhRs 12.18-20.78 lakh

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Mahindra Scorpio Used Car Prices in Mumbai

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
2016 Mahindra Scorpio S220161,07,148Rs. 6,05,099
2011 Mahindra Scorpio SLE BS IV20111,60,447Rs. 3,10,000
2015 Mahindra Scorpio S2201598,307Rs. 6,65,599
2011 Mahindra Scorpio EX20111,40,173Rs. 3,42,950
2012 Mahindra Scorpio LX BS III201211,549Rs. 3,90,000

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Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero

While the Mahindra Bolero has been quite old now, it’s definitely one of the most robust UV models around. The Bolero also scores highly due to its great reliability and low maintenance costs. Combined with a punchy and a sufficiently fuel-efficient engine, the Bolero has been a favourite for the rural car buyers. The Mahindra Bolero has a sufficiently spacious cabin that can seat eight people, while its rugged design helps it tackle the rough roads. Also, as it has been available for over a decade now, it’s not too tough to find well-maintained examples of this UV in the used car market.

Mahindra Bolero New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 7.49-9.08 lakhRs 11.84-20.16 lakh
MumbaiRs 7.3-9.08 lakhRs 12.08-19.65 lakh
BangaloreRs 7.45-9.08 lakhRs 9.30-10.97 lakh
ChennaiRs 7.56-9.08 lakhRs 8.71-10.48 lakh
HyderabadRs 7.49-9.08 lakhRs 8.98-10.60 lakh
PuneRs 7.3-9.08 lakhRs 8.64-10.36 lakh
KolkataRs 7.58-9.08 lakhRs 8.77-10.36 lakh
KochiRs 7.52-9.08 lakhRs 8.86-10.36 lakh

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Mahindra Bolero Used Car Prices in Hyderabad

ModelYearKms DrivenAsking Price
2018 Mahindra Bolero Power+ ZLX201825,221Rs. 7,50,000
2011 Mahindra Bolero SLE20111,07,733Rs. 3,00,000
2018 Mahindra Bolero Power+ ZLX201849,867Rs. 7,74,000
2008 Mahindra Bolero SLX200878,999Rs. 2,37,000
2011 Mahindra Bolero SLX20111,41,094Rs. 3,60,000

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Force Gurkha

Force Gurkha

The Force Gurkha is one of the stand-out 4×4 cars in the country and has been giving drivers a thrilling driving experience ever since it was first launched. Under the hood of the Gurkha sits a 2.6L petrol engine that is capable of generating 85Ps of power with 230Nm of torque. In the diesel department, the car also features a 2.2L unit that produces 140Ps of power and 321Nm of torque. Both the variants are fitted with 5-speed manual transmissions systems and drive the power to all 4 wheels for maximum control on any surface.

Force Gurkha New Car Price in Popular Cities

City Ex-Showroom Price On-Road Price
New Delhi Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.30 – 12.82 Lakh
Mumbai Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.67 – 15.95 Lakh
Hyderabad Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.57 – 15.95 Lakh
Pune Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.67 – 15.95 Lakh
Chennai Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.38 – 16.08 Lakh
Bengaluru Rs 9.75 – 13.30 Lakh Rs 11.77 – 16.35 Lakh

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Force Gurkha Specifications
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Jeep Wrangler

The fourth-generation Jeep Wrangler is available in India only in the Unlimited trim. It is powered by an all-new 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine that is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The Wrangler also offers its company’s excellent SelecTrac 4×4 off-road system. and a low-ratio gearbox. The features list of the Wrangler includes an 8.4-inch UConnect touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 7.0-inch MID in the instrument cluster, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, auto-engine start-stop, rear parking sensors, rear view camera, four airbags, electronic stability control and ABS with brake assist as standard.

Jeep Wrangler New Car Prices in Popular Cities

CityEx-showroom PriceOn-road Price
New DelhiRs 63.94 lakhRs 73.76 lakh
MumbaiRs 63.94 lakhRs 74.36 lakh
BangaloreRs 63.94 lakhRs 78.83 lakh
ChennaiRs 63.94 lakhRs 76.91 lakh
HyderabadRs 63.94 lakhRs 76.27 lakh
PuneRs 63.94 lakhRs 74.36 lakh
KolkataRs 63.94 lakhRs 73.72 lakh
KochiRs 63.94 lakhRs 80.04 lakh

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