How to File a Complaint Against an Incorrectly Issued Traffic Challan?

How to File a Complaint Against an Incorrectly Issued Traffic Challan


As you navigate India’s bustling streets, you might encounter e-challans – digital reminders of traffic violations. But what if you receive an e-challan for a mistake you didn’t make? That’s where e-challan complaints step in.

In this blog, we will simplify the process and help you learn how to smoothly cancel traffic challans, understand filing complaints against traffic police, and confidently challenge challan errors. We’re here to guide you through the process, making e-challan disputes a breeze to handle.

What is an E-Challan Complaint?

An e-challan complaint is a formal recourse available to vehicle owners who seek to dispute a traffic challan that they believe to be unjustly issued. Imagine this: you get an e-challan in your email or on your phone for something you didn’t do. That’s where this complaint steps in – it’s your way of saying, “Hey, this isn’t right!” 

E-challans are like virtual tickets. But if the virtual ticket points at you by mistake, this complaint is your virtual voice. The beauty is, this process isn’t a headache. It’s designed to help you get things right without tons of trouble. Just fill in the necessary information, choose your grievance, and attach any proof if you have it. It’s like sending a super easy email to clear up the mess.

As traffic authorities transition to digital practices, e-challans are now commonly used for violations. When these e-challans are issued in error, the e-challan complaint mechanism serves as a means to rectify the situation without undue hassle.

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Common Reasons for E-Challan Complaints

Let’s explore some of the most common reasons e-challans can go astray, resulting in the need to file a complaint: 

  • Number Plate Mistakes
  1. Technology or human lapses might wrongly capture your vehicle’s number plate
  2. This can result in an e-challan meant for another vehicle being sent to you
  • Location and Time Errors
  1. Cameras and data entry can have slip-ups
  2. This might lead to an e-challan citing a place and time when you weren’t present
  • Confusion in Vehicle Type
  1. E-challans can get confused about your vehicle’s type
  2. This could lead to mismatched violations based on incorrect assumptions
  • Duplicate Challans
  1. Technical hitches can cause repeated e-challans for the same violation
  • Technical Glitches
  1. Connectivity problems or camera glitches might result in wrong e-challans
  • Data Entry Mistakes
  1. Humans enter the data behind the scenes
  2. Rarely, errors might lead to wrong information linked to your vehicle
  • Stolen or Misused Vehicles
  1. If your vehicle is stolen or misused, you might wrongly get e-challans
  2. Reporting this swiftly is crucial
  • Misinterpreted Violations
  1. At times, the violation itself might be misunderstood, causing an inaccurate e-challan

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Step by step Process of Initiating an E-Challan Complaint

Dealing with incorrect traffic challans can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In this section, we will explain how you can initiate an e-challan complaint, a process that has been made easy and hassle-free by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. 

Follow these steps to navigate the process with ease and rectify the situation: 

  1. First, go to the Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution website for e-challans. You can find it here:
  1. Once you’re on the website, look for the ‘Grievance System’ section
  1. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking on the “Create Account” button
  1. Log in with your account and fill up the details like your name, phone number, challan number, and a copy of your driving licence or registration certificate
  1. If you have any proof to show that the challan is wrong, you can add them here
  1. After you put in all the details and proof, click on ‘Submit’, which will make your complaint official
  1. You will also receive an email confirmation with a reference number for your complaint

Here are some additional tips for initiating an e-challan complaint:

  • Make sure that you enter the correct challan details, as this will help the traffic police department to process your complaint quickly
  • Provide a detailed explanation of why you believe the e-challan is erroneous, as the more information you provide, the easier it will be for the traffic police department to investigate your complaint
  • Attach any supporting evidence to your complaint, as this will help strengthen your case
  • Keep a copy of the complaint form and the supporting evidence, as this will come in handy if you need to refer to them later

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Required Information for Complaint Lodging

When it comes to lodging an e-challan complaint, being armed with the right information can greatly increase your chances of success. Here’s a breakdown of the essential details you’ll need before filing your complaint:

  • E-Challan Number
  1. This unique identification number is typically found on the e-challan itself
  2. It serves as a key reference point for the authorities to locate and review the specific challan in question
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  1. Your vehicle’s registration number is like its identity card
  2. It helps authorities match the challan to the correct vehicle, ensuring accuracy in the proceedings
  • Date and Time of Alleged Violation
  1. Pinpointing the exact date and time of the alleged violation is crucial
  2. This information helps authorities cross-reference the alleged violation with the records, ensuring that all details align
  • Location of Alleged Violation
  1. Providing the precise location of the alleged violation helps verify the authenticity of the complaint
  2. It also allows authorities to examine the specific location for any potential discrepancies
  • Comprehensive Explanation of Challan Inaccuracy
  1. Clearly articulate why you believe the challan to be inaccurate
  2. Explain the circumstances, discrepancies, or errors you have identified
  • Supporting Photographs or Documents
  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it can be a powerful tool to support your complaint
  2. If you have photographs or documents that back your claim, make sure to include them
  3. These visual aids can significantly strengthen your case
  • Witness Statements (if applicable)
  1. If there were any witnesses to the incident, their statements can provide additional credibility to your complaint
  2. Their contact information and statements could be valuable additions

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Legal Considerations in E-Challan Complaints 

When it comes to raising an e-challan complaint, there are some crucial legal considerations that you should keep in mind. These guidelines ensure that your complaint process is smooth and abides by legal standards. 

Let’s break down these key legal aspects in more detail:

  • Deadline Awareness
  1. Every complaint has a timeline within which it must be submitted
  2. It’s essential to be aware of this timeframe, as traffic police departments often set specific windows for complaint submissions
  3. Missing this window could lead to your complaint being dismissed
  4. This deadline is put in place to ensure that complaints are filed promptly, and it’s vital to respect this requirement
  • Factual Accuracy
  1. When you file a complaint, it’s of utmost importance to provide accurate and truthful information
  2. Falsifying information in your complaint can create confusions and may have serious legal consequences
  3. Make sure to present the facts as they are and avoid any embellishments or false claims
  4. Your complaint should be a factual representation of the situation to ensure fairness in the process
  • Clarity in Drafting the Complaint
  1. While drafting your complaint, maintain a professional and courteous tone
  2. Express your concerns clearly and concisely without resorting to any unparliamentary language
  3. A professional approach demonstrates your commitment to resolving the issue amicably and reinforces the credibility of your complaint
  • Document Retention
  1. Keeping thorough records of all communications is a vital aspect of the complaint process
  2. This includes documenting your complaint submission, any reference numbers provided, and any responses you receive from the authorities
  3. These records serve as valuable evidence in case there are any disputes or follow-up actions required
  • Supporting Evidence
  1. In addition to these legal considerations, having strong supporting evidence for your complaint can significantly strengthen your case
  2. Attach photographs, videos, or any relevant documents that support your claim
  3. This evidence can help authorities understand the situation better and expedite the resolution process

The Bottom Line

Challenging an inaccurately issued e-challan is not only a right but a responsibility of every conscientious vehicle owner. The digital revolution in India’s traffic management system has rendered the complaint process user-friendly and efficient. 

By adhering to the steps mentioned in this blog and furnishing accurate information and evidence, you can enhance your prospects of successfully contesting a misdirected traffic challan. Remember, staying informed and proactive empowers you to safeguard your rights on the road.


Q. Can I dispute an e-challan online?

Yes, you can dispute an e-challan online by visiting the official website of the traffic police department of your state and submitting a complaint form.

Q. How can I provide evidence for my complaint?

You can provide evidence for your complaint by attaching photographs, documents, or other supporting materials to the complaint form.

Q. What happens after I submit a complaint?

After you submit a complaint, the traffic police department will investigate your complaint and issue a decision. If your complaint is accepted, the e-challan will be cancelled. If your complaint is rejected, you can appeal the decision.

Q. Can I appeal if my complaint is rejected?

Yes, you can appeal if your complaint is rejected. To appeal the decision, you will need to submit a written appeal to the traffic police department.

Q. How long does it take to resolve a complaint?

The time it takes to resolve a complaint varies depending on the complexity of the complaint and the workload of the traffic police department. However, most complaints are resolved within a few weeks.

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