How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?

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How to Find Vehicle Owner Details Online?

Team CARS24

If you have ever been in a hit-and-run accident or even witnessed it, you probably would be looking for a way to catch them and bring them to justice. While the process to eventually get the driver’s information and reach out to them would take forever by approaching the RTO, there is one other way that can speed up the process and get the information you need almost instantly. That process is called VAHAN and it only requires the registration number of the vehicle in question.

VAHAN was introduced back in 2011 as a way to record vehicle information by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and National Informatics Center. There are more than 25 Crore vehicles registered with VAHAN and more are being registered regularly. It works by collecting information from vehicle registration certificates as well as driving licenses that are registered at the various RTO’s and DTO’s (District Transport Offices) in the country. VAHAN is the best way to check vehicle owner name by registration number only and get the results quickly.

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What are the other details that you can find along with the vehicle owner information?

Other than the car owner details, one can find a lot of information on a used car. This includes –

  • Registration date
  • Owner’s name
  • Manufacturer and model of the vehicle
  • Engine number
  • Type of fuel
  • Vehicle insurance details
  • Emission standards
  • Registration Certificate status
  • Pollution Under Control certificate or PUC
  • Chassis number
  • Financer’s name
  • Motor Vehicle tax details

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How to get vehicle owner details by registration number using “Parivahan” portal?

It doesn’t take much to find out the vehicle owner information online. Initially, one was required to find out the information via text message services offered by the Government. Now, however, the SMS-based service has been replaced with an online portal called ”Parivahan”, where one can check car owner details of any vehicle in India.

Here’s how you can find the vehicle owner information by the registration number –

Step 1:


Step 2:

  • Enter the vehicle’s registration number
  • Enter the Verification Code from the Captcha Image

Click on “Check Status” to proceed

How to get vehicle owner details by registration number using “Vahan” portal?

In order to get the information, you need to visit the official VAHAN website at From there, you can click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” that is found on the top menu. Then you will have to enter the registration number and enter a verification code before clicking on “Search Vehicle”. You will find all the information and details about the vehicle that is registered at the RTO. Since all the details correspond to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is a must that is registered in all Indian States.

Next, you’ll be able to view full vehicle owner information of whose car’s registration number you have provided. Other than the vehicle owner details, you will be able to see registration date and city, vehicle make and model, the number of owners the vehicle has had, and a lot more.

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What else can VAHAN be used for?

Apart from catching people who don’t follow the law, VAHAN is a useful tool for a number of different things. For instance, if you find yourself in a situation where the documents of your car have been left at home and the police would like to see them, you can use VAHAN to prove that the vehicle belongs to you. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways are looking for technologically-advanced ways to go about their jobs and have therefore made carrying the vehicle’s papers optional in the country.

Another handy way VAHAN can be used is when you want to move your vehicle from one state to another. Previously, it was mandatory to have a NOC or No Objection Certificate when you moved to another state for more than a year. Now, since RTO’s have all the information in their database, you don’t have to have a NOC with you at all times. With VAHAN offering the vehicle owner name and the vehicle registration details online, it is impossible to hide anything from the law. So, if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to trace vehicle owner name by vehicle number only, VAHAN is the best option to get all the details you or the police need.

How to Find Vehicle Registration Details with an SMS?

While you may not get quite a few details, you will not get the vehicle registration details with address so as to keep the owner’s personal life private. Getting the details and information of the owner has become increasingly easy thanks to the advancements in technology in the industry. In fact, you can actually get some registration details of a vehicle by simply sending an SMS.

Here is the process:

  • Type VAHAN <space> Registration Number of the vehicle
  • Send that message to the VAHAN SMS No: 77382-99899
  • You will receive a message back with some of the important details of the owner such as the State where the vehicle is registered, the name of the owner, fuel type of the vehicle, name of the vehicle, and the registration certificate expiry date.

The SMS method is a great way to quickly get the driver’s information and vehicle details by number plate access only. In most situations, there isn’t a lot of time to remember the brand and model of the vehicle or the color of it as well. A quick glance at the license plate will give you all the information you require to get all the car owner details.