How to get the vehicle owner information of a car you plan to buy?

How to get the vehicle owner information of a car you plan to buy?

As you may already know, the used car market is flourishing, and how. That said, many people opt to purchase a second-hand car owing to the higher financial sense they often make. With new car depreciating like there’s no tomorrow, one can save some money by purchasing a used car that is just a few months old but still in pristine condition. Also, those with a limited budget can easily fulfil their dream of owning a car by bringing home a pre-owned vehicle. Still, however, there are many who prefer to stay away from the used car market owing to the uncertainty about the vehicle owner information.

Most used car brokers are sweet-talkers who can’t be trusted. In fact, they often have the car you want in ready stock and are more than happy to close a deal, but it’s the same uncertainty that keeps one from putting his money on the vehicle. It’s actually of great importance to check the vehicle owner details before you decide to purchase a second-hand car. At times, the vehicle you wish to purchase could have been owned by a serial offender or someone who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some dealers even try to hide the number of owners a car has had in the past. The middleman can try to avoid revealing the various details of a vehicle until he has trapped a customer by obtaining at least a part of the payment. Well, fret not, as it’s easy to check vehicle owner name by registration number. People can even find other details of the vehicle before they buy used cars.

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What are the other details that you can find along with the vehicle owner information?

Other than the car owner details, one can find a lot of information on a used car. This includes –

  • Date of Registration
  • City and State of Registration
  • Make and Model
  • Vehicle Class
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Fuel Type

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How to get the vehicle owner information by the registration number?

It doesn’t take much to find out the vehicle owner information online. Initially, one was required to find out the information via text message services offered by the Government. Now, however, the SMS-based service has been replaced with an online portal called ”Parivahan”, where one can check car owner details of any vehicle in India.

Here’s how you can find the vehicle owner information by the registration number –

Step 1:


Step 2:

Here you will see three fields, which you will have to fill with relevant information –

  • Enter the vehicle’s registration number
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an OTP for confirmation
  • Enter the Verification Code from the Captcha Image

Click on “Generate OTP” to proceed

Step 3:

Soon, you’ll receive an SMS from ‘VK-VAAHAN’ with the OTP

Enter the OTP in the required field

Press the “Check RC Status” button

Next, you’ll be able to view full vehicle owner information of whose car’s registration number you have provided. Other than the vehicle owner details, you will be able to see registration date and city, vehicle make and model, the number of owners the vehicle has had, and a lot more.

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