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Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cars in India 2021

Maruti Suzuki already holds its place as one of the best-selling automobile manufacturers in India and they are looking to stride ahead in 2021 as well. With the current situation being as it is, there are not a lot of people looking to buy new cars in the country. However, with Maruti Suzuki, interested buyers don’t have to worry about spending excessive amounts of money as the majority of the manufacturer’s vehicles are budget-friendly and affordable. The pandemic has slowed a number of manufacturers down in terms of production this year already, but Maruti Suzuki does have a number of cars that they have planned for release in 2021 and 2022. Let’s dive deeper and check out what’s on offer in the coming months.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 2021Rs. 3.00 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki Grand VitaraRs. 22.70 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki XL5Rs. 5.00 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki WagonR ElectricRs. 8.00 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki JimnyRs. 10.0 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki Swift HybridRs. 10.0 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki Futuro-eRs. 15.0 Lakh
Maruti Suzuki SolioRs. 6.00 Lakh

Maruti Suzuki Alto 2021

Expected Launch15 June, 2021
Engine0.8L Petrol

If there was ever a single iconic Maruti Suzuki car, the Alto would have to be the number one option out there. From the time it was first launched, the Alto has given middle-class families the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of owning a vehicle. The upcoming Alto 2021 is expected to carry that very same excitement and we can all look forward to seeing some upgrades in the compact hatchback. Under the hood, the Alto 2021 is expected to come with the same 0.8L petrol engine that should be mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox – just like the one sported on the current model. However, we can expect the 2021 model to come with an automatic transmission option as well. In terms of power, the Alto 2021 should also produce 48Ps of power and 69Nm of torque as is found on the current variant. There is also expected to be a CNG model that could generate 41Ps of power and 60Nm of torque. We can expect the Alto 2021 to be built around the Heartect Platform that is seen on the Swift, WagonR, and other models from Maruti but with a slightly bigger size for added interior space. Some of the features we can expect on the Alto 2021 include ABD with EBD, a touchscreen infotainment system, and air-conditioning, power windows in the front, remote locking, parking sensors, and dual airbags.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

Expected Launch1 August, 2021
Engine1.6L Petrol, 1.6L Diesel
Transmission5-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Automatic

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara is one of the most popular compact SUVs in the Indian market and it looks like the company is ready to introduce a brand new variant into its lineup. Variants of the Maruti Grand Vitara have already made their way to Europe and an expected launch date of August means that people could finally get a look at one of the most anticipated compact SUVs of the year. Although the new Grand Vitara is designed around the iV-4 concept that was unveiled back in 2013, the finished product looks quite similar to the previous Grand Vitara. Under the hood, the European Grand Vitara houses a 4-cylinder 1.6L petrol engine that is capable of generating 120Ps of power. There is also a 1.6L diesel engine option that can produce 320Nm of power. In terms of transmission, the petrol engine is mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic whereas the diesel engine will only be mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. In the feature department, the new Grand Vitara is expected to come with a new touchscreen infotainment system, a new digital instrument cluster, and wireless charging capability for smartphones.

Maruti Suzuki XL5

Maruti XL5 (WagonR-based EV) Spotted Testing
Expected Launch8 September, 2021
Transmission5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic
Engine1.2L Petrol

The entire world has felt the harmful effects of Covid-19 and some are continuing to do so at the time of this writing. The automobile industry is just one of the biggest-hit industries and even affordable names like Maruti Suzuki took a severe hit. From delayed launch dates to unexpected cancellations, Maruti Suzuki has overcome a lot during this time. Considered as an upgraded WagonR, the Maruti XL5 has gained a lot of popularity across the country over the past few months. Although it was expected to launch back in September 2020, the pandemic has delayed that to this coming September. The upgraded WagonR-esque automobile is set to feature 15-inch alloy wheels, newly designed LED headlamps, a new front grille, updated fog lamps, and a new air dam positioned on the front bumper. Expected to power the XL5 is the same 1.2L petrol engine that is already featured on the newest WagonR. The engine produces 83Ps of power and 113Nm of torque and is set to be mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic transmission system. Some of the other features found on the upcoming XL5 include a push-button start, LED DRLs, and automatic climate control.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Electric

Maruti WagonR Electric
Expected Launch9 September, 2021

As we move towards a cleaner world, the objective is to sell cars that don’t destroy our environment, and embrace healthier alternatives. Maruti is one such manufacturer that strives to make a difference, and a big step towards that is the WagonR Electric or WagonR EV. The Japanese version of the electric WagonR is already on sale in the country and features a petrol and hybrid engine. The all-electric version though, is set to take India by storm by September 2020. Maruti is already testing the EV on Indian roads to collect data and evaluate whether it is capable of taking on the different weather and road conditions in the country. Maruti is also working on a Lithium-ion battery plant to produce the best possible power sources for the electric WagonR.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny side profile
Expected Launch15 September, 2021
Transmission5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic
Engine1.5L Petrol

Another one that faced the delayed outcome of the pandemic, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny was initially supposed to be launch in March 2021 but is now pushed back to September. There are some mixed feelings when it comes to the Maruti Jimny, however, as the company announced that it wouldn’t be launching the car in India, but has not completely ruled it out. While the current model has a 3-door design, the Jimny, if launched, will most probably have a larger 5-door design. The car will almost certainly come with the same 1.5L petrol engine that is found on the newest Ciaz, Vitara Brezza, and Ertiga. The engine is set to produce 105Ps of power along with 138Nm of torque and will be mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission system. Coming standard in all models will be a Four-Wheel-Drive system for better control on all terrains. Some of the other features that could make it onto the Jimny are 6 airbags, a 7-inch infotainment system, automatic LED headlamps, automatic climate control, ESP or Electronic Stability Program, hill hold and hill descent control, and TC or Traction Control.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

Expected Launch15 December, 2021
Transmission5-Speed Automatic
Engine1.2L Petrol

We all know how popular the Swift is from Maruti Suzuki and there is no stopping it, especially in India. Going further, Maruti is all set to release an upgraded model called the Swift Hybrid. In terms of design, the Swift Hybrid could be quite similar to the current Swift 2020 with a few tweaks and changes. Powering the Swift Hybrid is an expected 1.2L petrol engine that will be coupled to an electric motor and a Lithium-Ion battery. In terms of power, the 1.2L engine is set to produce 91Ps of power and 118Nm of torque whereas the electric motor is capable of generating 13.5Ps of power and 30Nm of torque. Mated to the powertrain of the Swift Hybrid will be a 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Some of the features expected to come on the Swift Hybrid include cruise control, ventilated seats in the front, and paddle shifters.

Maruti Futuro-e

Expected Launch10 February, 2022

The future is already here and Maruti is embracing it with arms wide open as they revealed the Futuro-e concept car at the Auto Expo 2020. The Futuro-e is designed to look like a coupe and has some extremely sharp lines across the entire body of the vehicle. Despite the sharp lines, the Futuro-e is extremely smooth and flows from the front to the rear. Inside the Futuro-e is a two-toned, ivory and blue themed design that gives it a very futuristic look. The majority of the features in the car will be controlled through touchscreens. The Futuro-e will also be the first Maruti car to feature autonomous driving technology. In this way, the front seats are designed to swivel 180 degrees and face the rear seats. There will also be a number of screens around the car for passengers to enjoy entertainment of their liking. Although Maruti has discussed the future of the Futuro-e, the company is still working on it and it could be years before it is officially launched.

Maruti Solio

Expected Launch22 February, 2022
Mileage22 Kmpl
Engine1.2L K12 Petrol

Currently sold in Japan, the Maruti Suzuki Solio is a popular mini-MPV that was also unveiled in India back in 2012 at the Indian Auto Expo. The Japanese version is a 5-seater while the one unveiled in India was a 7-seater. However, it seems that the 5-seater is the option that will be launched in India as it was seen tested on Indian roads. In the rear, the Solio will have sliding doors that were a seen on the Omni. Powering the Solio will be the same 1.2L K12 petrol engine that is found on the latest Maruti Swift with a petrol-hybrid changeup. In terms of power, the engine is capable of generating 92Ps of power and 118Nm of torque. The upcoming Solio is expected to have a mileage that is set at 22 kmpl which is matched to the current Swift on sale.

If you are in the market for a new car this year or next, Maruti Suzuki has a number of exciting options that could soon hit the Indian roads. If you are on a budget and are looking for a car that brings performance and affordability together like no other, then consider one of these above-mentioned cars from Maruti Suzuki.

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