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First established in 1909 in Zwickau East Germany, Audi was one of a number of German car makers that united to form Auto Union in 1932, along with Horch, DKW and Wanderer. This was when the four interlinked rings recognisable as the modern Audi badge was first used. Read More

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Audi A3 Car Buying Guide

The Audi A3 shares its underpinning MQB platform with the Volkswagen Golf so the two compact models definitely drive with some similarities.

If that puts you off the A3 a bit, don"t let it, because it is a lovely refined car to pilot or sit in. Little extra touches of luxury and some cool tech also give the Audi a lift. For example, from the 2016 update there’s the Audi Virtual Cockpit which turns the instrument panel into a sat-nav screen.

The jurists at World Car of the Year certainly saw the differences between the Golf and the A3, as they plucked out the latter for the top going in 2014.

And there’s a level of performance from the RS 3 models that no Golf can truly match. With its barking five-cylinder engine it really is something special.

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