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5 Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs in India

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5 Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs in India


When it comes to big cars, it’s a no-brainer that a diesel engine is always preferred. However, with the ever-increasing fuel prices, manufacturers have strongly begun focussing on bringing in diesel variants for their smaller cars as well. For people who commute in excess of 70 kilometres a day, a diesel-powered hatchback or compact sedan makes a lot of sense. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 best diesel cars under 8 lakhs for sale here.

So without any further ado let’s start with our list of the best diesel cars below 8 lakhs INR.

Top 5 Best Diesel Cars Below 8 Lakhs:

Hyundai Grand i10

Parameter Value
Price Range Rs.6.08 to Rs.7.52 Lakhs
Mileage 24.0 kmpl
Torque 190.24Nm@1750-2250RPM
Power 73.97bhp@4000RPM
Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs - Hyndai Grand i10 -
The Grand i10 is nearly flawless diesel small car for city driving

Commencing our list of the best diesel cars under 8 lakhs is the infamous Hyundai Grand i10. The original first generation i10 was a tremendous success for Hyundai and sold like hotcakes in its era. The Grand i10 in many ways is a thorough improvement in every aspect over the classic i10. From the looks to the quality to the interiors and equipment, everything is just a notch better with the Grand i10. Along with that, this is also the first time the i10 is available in India with a diesel powered motor.

Its motor isn’t exactly the most refined in the segment since it gets 3 cylinders instead of 4. However, it is certainly ahead of most of the competition. Hyundai has focused a lot on city drive-ability by giving it a very flat torque curve, imparting it with a jerk-free driving experience. Turbo lag is also very nicely controlled and the requirement of frequent gear shifts is non-existent. The Grand i10 diesel is an almost unbeatable urban-commuter and its 24 kmpl fuel efficiency is a major brownie point.

Tata Tiago

Parameter Value
Price Range Rs.4.21 to 6.05 Lakhs
Mileage 27.28 kmpl
Torque 140Nm@1800-3000RPM
Power 69bhp@4000RPM
Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs - Tata Tiago -
The Tiago is unlike any other Tata previously sold in India

The next car on our list of best diesel cars under 8 lakhs is from the house of Tata Motors. The Tata Tiago has been doing wonders for the company in terms of sales similar to what the Indica did. The Tiago in actuality is a wonderful car and completely different from what Tata had been making so far. The Tiago emphasizes a lot on quality and creature comforts. It’s also a really stylish car which is a major shift from the more plain and mundane looking Tata cars of yore.

It comes packed to the brim inside with features such as driving modes, a cooled glovebox, full MID screen. The highlight of the equipment is certainly the 8-speaker Harman audio system. The Tata Tiago has a very generous ARAI rated fuel efficiency figure of 27 kmpl. The most astonishing bit here has to be the price. Starting at 4.21 lakhs, the Tiago simply screams VFM considering the equipment it packs and the overall quality. It is also the most affordable car on our list of best diesel cars below 8 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Parameter Value
Price Range Rs.6.51 to 8.5 Lakhs
Mileage 27.39 kmpl
Torque 190Nm@2000RPM
Power 74bhp@4000RPM
Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs - Maruti Suzuki Baleno -
Peppy performance, great looks and impressive fuel efficiency make the Baleno a very desirable option

The small car kings, Maruti Suzuki finally make an appearance on our list of best diesel cars under 8 lakhs. Their latest premium hatchback launched in India was the brand new Baleno. The new Baleno is a completely brand new reincarnation of the simple classic Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The new Baleno takes birth as a gorgeous looking premium hatchback which exudes style and substance. Although it is a small car, its stylish appearance ensures that it catches a few eyeballs wherever it goes. Adding to that, its also generously laden with features and equipment. Powering the Maruti Suzuki Baleno is Maruti’s signature DDiS 190 engine which finds its place on so many other Maruti cars as well. It’s a tried and tested bulletproof engine that has very little to fault with. Thanks to the much lighter weight the Baleno has to carry around, the performance feels very peppy too.

Honda Amaze

Parameter Value
Price Range Rs.6.91 to 8.79 Lakhs
Mileage 27.21 kmpl
Torque 200Nm@1750RPM
Power 98.6bhp@3600RPM
Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs - Honda Amaze -
The Honda Amaze is quite a looker both inside and outside in its latest avatar

Japanese giant, Honda makes it to our list of best diesel cars under 8 lakhs with their brand new Amaze compact sedan. The new 2018 Amaze is almost an entirely brand new car. Starting from the aesthetics, the Amaze now gets a more family inspired design and looks very similar to the City. Move to the inside and there is absolutely nothing carried forward from the previous design. The new Amaze features loads of fresh modern equipment like a touchscreen ICE, paddle shifters, cruise control, and a reverse camera.

Honda has emphasized quite a lot on safety as well with dual airbags, parking sensors, and ISOFIX child seats as standard. The Amaze’s 1.5-litre iDTEC engine is simply supreme to be summed up in one word. It is tuned almost entirely for low-end torque and the way it performs, highlights the same. The Honda Amaze simply blows away the competition when it comes to city driving capabilities. With an ARAI rated mileage of 27.21 kmpl, it has a lot to show in the fuel efficiency department as well.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift

Parameter Value
Price Range Rs.5.99 to 8.29 Lakhs
Mileage 28.4 kmpl
Torque 190Nm@2000RPM
Power 74bhp@4000RPM
Best Diesel Cars Under 8 Lakhs - Maruti Suzuki Swift -
With an ARAI rated mileage of 28.4 kmpl, the Swift is one of the most fuel-efficient cars for sale in India!

Maruti Suzuki makes another entry in our list of best diesel cars below 8 lakhs with the immensely popular Swift. The Swift was launched in India way back in 2005 and has established an extravagantly strong presence in the Indian market. It has sold in excess of 2 million cars which gives it major bragging rights. The latest 3rd generation Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched here in India in 2018. Simply said, this is perhaps the best iteration of this car so far. The first thing that immediately comes to your mind when you see the Swift on the road is its appearance.

Off late, Maruti Suzuki has been on a roll when it comes to manufacturing good looking cars. The new 2018 Swift very strongly reinforces the same fact. Be it the inside or outside, the new Swift looks absolutely beautiful. The Swift is equipped with Maruti Suzuki’s trademark DDiS 190 engine just like the Baleno. While it doesn’t feel as punchy as the Baleno, it has a very strong mid-range. It is the perfect car for leisurely highway drives. To top everything off, at 28.4 kmpl, the Swift has the best mileage figure on our list of best diesel cars under 8 lakhs.

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